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"Citation CJ3+, Information!"

The CJ3+ comes standard with seating for nine: two pilot seats, six main cabin seats, and one belted potty.

Future owners are given several prepackaged interior combinations from which to choose, making the interior spec’ing process more like choosing a car interior, compared to the often complicated and time-consuming process of specifying each individual component.

In addition to a newly styled cabin interior, Cessna installed the new M2-style seats in the CJ3+, giving passengers additional articulating features and a more modern look.

The fully enclosed lavatory, located in the aft cabin, gives passengers complete privacy and doubles as a certified seating area for all phases of flight.

New cabin options include airborne wireless Internet, sat phones, Cessna’s Clarity cabin entertainment system, and Airshow in-flight information display.

The wings and explain that the shape of the airfoil is very important to the performance of the airplane. The wing skins are built to be very rigid, and indeed.

The story of the CJ3+ starts long before the Mustang, back in 1993, with the delivery of the first Cessna Citation Jet—the original CJ.

At the time, it was a revolutionary jet that was made possible by new 1,900-pound-thrust Williams FJ44-1A turbofan engines and a new laminar-flow wing perfected by Cessna.

With nearly straight wings, the CJ had relatively docile low-speed handling characteristics, a respectable top cruise speed of 381 KTAS and a range of 1,285 nm.

Right out of the gate, the CJ was certified for single-pilot operation, and it proved to be an instant hit with both owner-pilots and business operators.

In 2000, Cessna delivered the first CJ1, which added another 200 pounds of useful payload, and the CJ2, which stretched both the fuselage and the range.

The CJ3+ is equipped with a fully digital, dual-channel autopilot (AP) system equipped with many features for added safety, redundancy and reliability. Integrating data from the avionics system, the AP is built to inspire confidence while ensuring smoothness and comfort.

Recognizing the demand for even more room and range, Cessna also rolled out the first CJ3 in that same year.

The CJ3 featured FADEC, a stretched fuselage and more fuel capacity than the CJ2+.

Enjoy in-flight entertainment with the standard 110- volt power supply. An optional upgrade to the CJ3+ is Clairity™ wireless, our intelligent cabin technology developed specifically for the Citation line.

The Citation CJ3+ (Plus) Private Jet start’s at $2,500 per hour and up. The Citation CJ3+ (Plus) Private Jet.

Citation CJ3+, Private Jet Charter!"

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"Cessna Citation CJ3 Plus, Private Jet Charter!"

The CJ3+ fits nicely between the short-cabin CJs and the larger CJ4, priced about $1-million less than the CJ4 and offering a relatively-familiar step-up for already-typed CJ and CJ2 owners.

"Citation CJ3+ (PLus) Interior"
citation cj3 plus inside, private jet charter, Aircraft Charter
Its new Garmin G3000 avionics represent the biggest change over the CJ3, which carried the Rockwell Collins ProLine 21 suite.

The new CJ3+ features a long list of improvements, starting with a completely redesigned cockpit featuring the three-screen Garmin G3000 touch-screen avionics package, which includes the superb GFC-700 autopilot.

The noise levels are quite low, and normal conversation is easy. It's quieter than most airliners and the windows let in a lot of light, so the cabin feels very open.

"Citation CJ3+ Cabin"
citation cj3 plus interior, jet charter, private jet charter
The comfort level is superb. The rear club seats are mounted on an extra long rail, so that if no one's occupying the rearmost seats, the middle seat can slide way back to provide tremendous legroom.

Cessna’s hot-selling Citation Jet CJ3 has long been a highly sought-after light jet, representing as it does one of the most-capable airplanes on the market.

Easily cruising at over 400 knots and delivering a range of 1800-2000 nautical miles, it can fill the bill for small corporate flight departments and individuals.

Even though the weight of the CJ3 had grown to more then 12,500 pounds, Cessna successfully certified it for single-pilot operation under the 14 CRF Part 23 commuter category rules.

Adjustable in-cabin LED lighting supplements the natural light provided by 14 triple-pane, noise reducing windows.

"Private Jet Charter Citation CJ3+ (PLus)"
citation cj3 plus, jet charter, private jet charter
After a successful 10-year run, Cessna announced a new and improved CJ3+ in April 2014, with first customer deliveries starting at the end of the year.


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