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"Travel Agents" in response to this evolving market demand and the desire to help travel agents become more competitive in the private aviation market place, "Central Jet Charter Inc.", is proud to offer travel agents direct access to true wholesale pricing. Pricing that allows the travel agent to offer their clients below market prices and thus increasing their own bottom line.

"TRAVEL AGENTS" and "CHARTERING A PRIVATE PLANE" is just a phone call away. We look forward to working with "Travel agents" and doing "Plane charters."

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"TRAVEL AGENTS" help to ensure that the trip goes great and everything is taken care of for the client and the "Private Jet Charter."…

"The Phenom 100, Inrterior."
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The Phenom 100 is could even be considered a Light Jet versus a Very Light Jet

"Hawker 400XP Inrterior."
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The Hawker 400xp is immaculate, with very comfortable leather captains chairs.

"The Hawker 400xp Interior."
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The Hawker 400xp has plush double club seating and is a great choice for trips up to three hours.

"The Learjet 35 Interior."
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The Learjet 35 Aircraft Charter. The Learjet is known for its speed as and durability.

"Learjet 60 Interior"
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The Learjet 60 has a range of about 2700 miles.

"Learjet 60 Aircraft Charter&…
Cirrus Vision Jet
Citation Mustang
Eclipse 550
Eclipse 500
Honda Jet Elite
Honda Jet
Phenom 100 EV
Phenom 100E
Phenom 100
Premier II (2)
Premier IA
Premier I (1)
Stratos 714 Jet
Beechjet 400A
Beechjet 400
Citation II (2)
Citation CJ3 (PLUS)
Citation CJ3
Citation CJ2+ (PLUS)
Citation CJ2
Citation CJ1+ (PLUS)
Citation CJ1
Citation Bravo
Citation Encore
Citation Jet
Citation M2
Citation V (5)
Citation Ultra
Eclipse 700
Falcon 10
Hawker 400XPR
Hawker 400XP
Learjet 36A
Learjet 35A
Learjet 35
Learjet 31A
Nextant 400XTi
Phenom 300e
Phenom 300
Westwind Jet 2
Westwind Jet
Astra SP
Citation CJ4
Citation CJ3+ (PLUS)
Citation Encore+ (PLUS)
Citation Excel
Citation XLS
Learjet 45XR
Learjet 45
Learjet 40XR
Learjet 40
Learjet 75
Learjet 70
Pilatus PC-24
Astra SPX
Citation VII (7)
Citation VI (6)
Citation Latitude
Citation Sovereign
Citation XLS+ (PLUS)

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We offer luxury-minded and high-profile clientele on-demand Jet Charter services for both domestic and international travel.

We know that no detail regarding your trip is unimportant. All the Private Aircraft come with such an amazing selection of Aircraft Amenities.

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Our Aviation Specialist's help clients choosing their aircraft option easy because we know which private aircraft is the best for the trip.

It is, of course, the most comfortable and productive way to travel.

To ensure this remains true for every client on every trip, we offer 24-hour concierge services to every prospective traveler.

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Our prices are very competitive because we try to mat…


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Air charter safety and PRIVATE JET CHARTERING could not be safer! Our RATES & COSTS are very competitive, please Call for a Quote!

Security and Safety at C.J.C. Inc.,is very important and our client services representatives are knowlegeble and professional

This ensures that all aspects of a client’s protection and security are addressed by evaluating your situation and tailoring a service to best suit your needs.


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At Central Jet Charter Inc., ensuring the safety of our Members is our number one priority.

We work with only the top private jet operators, exceeding FAA Part 135 requirements, ensuring a commitment to best practices in pilot training and experience, progressive aircraft maintenance, and a flawless safety history.

We are also able to offer a comprehensive package of…

Private Jets start at $800 per hour and up. Private Jets.


TOLL FREE #: 1-(800) 717-1062

"Very Light Jets"
"Light Jets"
"Super-Light Jets"
"Midsize Jets"
"Super-Midsize Jets"
"Heavy Jets"
"Long Range Jets"
"V.I.P. Airliners"
"Turbo Props"
"Piston Aircraft"

"Private Jet Charter Services!"

Private Jets are made up of hundreds of Private Aircraft that we have access to with un-compromised safety and luxury. Choose from our diverse fleet of Charter Jets and Turbo Prop Aircraft and many other types of "Air Charter Aircraft."

You’ll still need your ID to board. A driver’s license works for domestic, and a passport for international.

Running late? While you shouldn’t change your departure time if you don’t have to — the pil…

7. "FORCE MAJEURE:" Central Jet Charter Inc. will not be deemed to be in breach of its obligations hereunder or have any liability or responsibility for any delay, cancellation or damage arising in whole or in part from any weather condition, act of God, act of nature, acts of civil or military authority, civil commotion, war or warlike operations, terrorist event, or imminence thereof, strike or labor dispute, blockage, embargo, government regulation, law, rule or authority, acts or omissions of government authorities, breakdown or accident to the aircraft, mechanical failure, lack of essential supplies or parts or if the safety of the passengers and/or property is deemed by the aircraft commander or carrier’s operational supervisors to be in jeopardy, or for any cause beyond the direct control of Central Jet Charter Inc.


TOLL FREE #: 1-(800) 717-1062

"Very Light Jets"