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The Gulfstream G5 has one of the longest ranges of all private jets and now is proceeded by the Gulfstream G650.

GULFSTREAM V, Information!

The Gulfstream G-V (5) fuselage’s cross-section has had many revisions and redesigns to fill the gap for a larger, intercontinental Ultra Long Range Jet.

"Gulfstream G5 Private Jet Charter"
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A longer fuselage, modified wing and new engines are the most noteworthy changes.

With a width of 7 feet 11 inches/2.41 meters and a height of 6 feet 4 inches/1.93 meters, the all-new Gulfstream G50 cabin is the optimal size and shape to help produce best-in-class speed, maneuverability and fuel efficiency, yet it’s still large enough to carry 18 passengers.

"Gulfstream G5 Information"
"Fully reclineable chairs."

"Excellent flight range."

"Fully equipped hot and cold food / drink area."

The Gulfstream G4sp is the upgrade from the G4. It can seat up to 16 passengers depending on seating configuration and charters for $5k an hour and up.

"GULFSTREAM GIV SP, Information!"

A full service galley can be located in the forward compartment, as you enter the airplane, or in the aft section. The most popular configuration is the aft galley.

"Gulfstream G4-SP Exterior"
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The baggage compartment is accessible in flight. The GIV-SP fleet is over 300 aircraft with corporate operators including EMC Corporation, Procter & Gamble, and Drummond Company.

The Gulfstream Private Jet is one of the most well known and popular brands in the world of Private Jet Charter Aviation. Give one a try and we promise you won't be disappointed.

"Inside Gulfstream G4-SP"
gulfstream g4sp inside, private jet charter, gulfstream g4sp in…
The Gulfstream G450 can seat up to 12 passengers comfortably and charters for $5k an hour and up.

"Charter a Private Flight, the GULFSTREAM G450"

The cabin is roomy enough for three living areas, two lavatories and a full-size galley, which can be located forward or aft.

"Exterior Gulfstream G450"
gulfstream g450 exterior
If you need a private jet experience with enhanced range, this jet will take you almost 5000 miles away with comfort and class.

An improvement on the popular Gulfstream G400/GIV-SP, the Gulfstream G450 comes with upgraded engines, updated avionics technology, and aerodynamic enhancements.

Fourteen passengers (thirteen passengers for the GIV-SP) fly in a spacious and comfortable cabin which includes a full-service galley.

"Cabin Gulfstream G450"
cabin gulfstream g450, g450 interior, private jet Charter Aircraft
The G450 is one of the few large-cabin aircraft capable of flying eight pas…
The Gulfstream G4 is probably one of the most popular Heavy Jets in history.  It can seat up to 15 passengers depending on seating capacity and charters for $4500 an hour and up.
"GULFSTREAM GIV, Charter Air Service!"

The Gulfstream IV-SP (G-IV) is a high altitude, high speed, twin turbofan jet aircraft acquired by AOC in 1996.

"Gulfstream G4 Private Charter Jet"
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The Gulfstream G4, offered to you by us as part of our business activities together with other private airlines, is considered among the leading business jets and larger, and is suitable for 14 passengers.

This plane is considered among the most successful produced, which provide such services, it serves as a model plane built and manufactured aircraft from the same series.

At Aviation Bridge we want to offer you the maximum comfort and range of various services, whether for business private fligh…
The Gulfstream g350 is the upgrade from the G3, and this jet can seat up to 16 depending on configurations, and cost $4500 an hour and up to charter.

"GULFSTREAM G3, Charter Plane Service!"

The Gulfstream III was built at Savannah, Georgia in the United States and was designed as an improved variant of the Grumman Gulfstream II.

"Gulfstream G3 Private Flights"
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The Gulfstream III is an all-weather, long-range, high-speed aircraft that comfortably seats 12 within a spacious cabin, amid luxurious accommodations and in-flight amenities.

This business class jet is designed and developed by Gulfstream Aerospace. It’s superbly outfitted, both technologically and aesthetically.

This promotes genuine productivity and full relaxation as per the individual needs of any traveler.

The Gulfstream G3 is a Heavy jet that can fly almost 4k miles…
The Gulfstream G3 is one of the most popular Private Jets and can seat up to 18 depending on configurations.

Standard amenities include a full-sized galley with a refrigerator, coffee, maker, and the usual food preparation equipment.

The Gulfstream G3 is equipped with a heads-up display and runway incursion safety system that gives pilots additional information for passenger safety, making this Gulfstream III one of the finest aircraft available for charter.

The Gulfstream 300/350 has the ability to carry 8 passengers, travel 3800 nautical miles at Mach 0.8 and cruise at 45,000 feet.

"Gulfstream G3 Exterior"
gulfstream g3 exterior
This aircraft is no different, the cabin offers fully reclining chairs or divans, forward or rear lavatory, fully sized galley, large in flight accessible baggage compartment.

"Gulfstream G3 Information"
"6-8seat configuration."


"Fully equipped hot an…
The Gulfstream G280 is a Super Midsize Jet that some would even consider a Heavy Jet.  This jet cost's $5k per hour and up to Charter, and can seat up to 9 comfortably.

"GULFSTREAM G280, Aircraft Charter!"
The Plane View 280 cockpit incorporates state-of-the-art flight and navigation systems while auto throttle and auto braking set new standards for aircraft control and handling.

"Charter Flights Gulfstream G280"
inside gulfstream g280, interior gulfstream g280, private jet interior
The Gulfstream G280 is an aircraft so powerful and aerodynamic it redefines the performance and capabilities of super-midsize business aircraft.

And the interior? Light, quiet and exquisitely comfortable―everything one would expect from Gulfstream, The World Standard.

Increased range and fast, powerful climbing ability are two ways the Gulfstream G280 outperforms its original design goals and contributes to class-leading performa…
The Gulfstream G200 could even be considered a Super Midsize Jet, because of its range and cabin size.  This jet can seat up to 9 passengers very comfortably.

"GULFSTREAM G200, Chartering a Private Jet!"

The Gulfstream G200, formerly known as the IAI Galaxy is a twin-engine business jet.

gulfstream g200 interior,jet charter, private flights, heavy jet, private jet charter aircraft
In 2005, Gulfstream began designing a follow-on aircraft. The new model, known as the G250 was launched in 2008. It was later renamed the Gulfstream G280.

The changes made to the G200 were not cheap or easy, but they paid off. Today, G200 owners generally give Gulfstream's industry-leading product support high marks.

"Gulfstream G200 Airplane Charter"
gulfstream g200 exterior, airplane charter, private aircraft charter
Properly retrofitted and maintained used G200s, while not perfect, are good values.

The Gulfstream G200 is a Super…
The Gulfstream G150 is the smallest Private Jet that Gulfstream makes, and it is a midsize Private Jet.

"Private Aircraft Charter Flights 24/7!"

"Aircraft Charter Services"
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We also provide luxurious seating, exceptional service and full privacy in full contrast to regular Flights lacking those amenities.

"Private Aircraft Interior"
jet charter seating, aircraft services, private jet seating
Private Aircraft come in many shapes and forms, and we can help you get the best Private Aircraft for your Trip.

Many different factors come into play when picking the right Private aircraft for your needs. One of the most important factors is the distance of the trip, the number of passengers.

"Jet Aircraft Interior"
interior midsize jet
We are further committed to meeting or exceeding industry best practices.

We work closely with indus…
The Gulfstream G100 is a Midsize Private Jet that can travel 3k miles and costs $4k an hour and up!

"GULFSTREAM G100, Jet Charter Flights!"

gulfstream g100 charter jet, charter flights
The Gulfstream G100, formerly known as the IAI Astra SPX, is an Israel Aerospace Industries-manufactured twin-engine business jet, now produced for Gulfstream Aerospace. The United States Air Force designation for the G100 is C-38 Courier.

This variant was renamed G100 from September 2002 following Gulfstream's acquisition of Galaxy Aerospace, which held the Astra certifications, in May 2001.

"Jet Charter Gulfstream G100"
gulfstream g100, jet charter
In September 2002 Gulfstream announced the improved G150, based on the G100. This latest variant features a wider and longer fuselage, updated avionics and an increase in maximum takeoff weight.

"Private Jet Gulfstream G100"
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Let us set up your ground transportation for your private jet charter trip.
We can set up any type of ground transportation and have it pull right up to the jet on landing or departing.

"GROUND TRANSPORTATION up to the Private Aircraft!"

For your family, business, or your own personal enjoyment, Central Jet Charter Inc., can provide custom ground transportation on demand as part of your Jet Charter Flight.

"Drive right up to the Aircraft"
private jet boarding
Whether it’s an exotic automobile or luxury coach we will make sure your vehicle is waiting to take you to and from your aircraft.

At most airports vehicles can even drop you off inches from your Jet Charter.

We believe flying should be a peaceful, stress-free experience.

Our flight coordinators will monitor your aircraft and communicate with your ground transportation to ensure a fluid and convenient process.

Pre-arranged ground transportation to any where you like can be reserved at the time of booking your flight.

Whether …
The Grand Caravan EX has been upgraded with new engines and can seat up to 12 depending on seating configurations.

"GRAND CARAVAN EX, Turboprop Air Charter!"

The new model will maintain its 208B designation, but it will give operators a great deal more power, thanks to a new Pratt & Whitney turboprop engine — the PT6-140 — which Pratt developed expressly for the EX.

"Interior Grand Caravan EX"
grand caravan EX interior
After a quick certification test program, Cessna earned FAA approval for the big bird early in the new year (2013).

The Caravan formula is legendary, and for good reason. Customers keep lining up for it because the airplane makes them money.

"Grand Caravan EX Plane Charter"
grand caravan EX planes, private plane charter, aircraft charter flight
With the Caravan, you get a roomy cabin, the economy of a single-engine airplane, the ruggedness of a super cub and the simplicity of multip…

The Global Express come in many different models.  The newest one will be the Global Express 8000.

"GLOBAL EXPRESS 8000, Jet Charter!"

The Bombardier Global 7000 and Global 8000 are ultra long-range corporate and VIP high speed jet aircraft under development by Bombardier Aerospace.

"Global Express 8000 Air Charter"
inside global express 8000, private jet, Private Jet Charter
The program has been delayed by 24 months, although some clients are delayed by up to 36 months.

Entry into service for the Global 7000 is expected in 2018, and the Global 8000 in 2019.

The Global 8000, planned to be able to fly farther than any other existing business jet, will feature a three-zone 2,236 cu.ft. (63.32 cu.m.) cabin and a range of 7,900 nmi (14,631 km) at Mach 0.85.

It is planned to be able to connect Sydney to Los Angeles, Hong Kong to New York, and Mumbai to New York non-stop with eight passengers, and to reach a high-speed…
The Global Express XRS has one of the furthest ranges of all private jets and costs $6k an hour and up to Charter.


Passenger Capacity: 8 – 19

Lavatory: Full

Airspeed (knots): 513

Range (nm): 6,300

Cabin Width: 8′ 2″

Cabin Height: 6′ 3″

Cabin Length: 48′ 4″

Baggage Capacity: 226 cu. ft.

Rate $5,200 – $6,200/hr.

The Global Express XRS ultra long range jet improved its already successful Global Express when it introduced the upgraded XRS in 2003. The Global Express XRS bears all of the qualities of its Ultra Long Range Jets older sibling, but with greater range and a modified design.

Image The Global Express 8000 is due out sometime next year or in 2018.  This will be a jet that has one of the longest ranges of any jet, well over 7k miles.


Passenger Capacity: 10-19

Lavatory: Full

Airspeed (knots): 517

Range (nm): 7,800

Cabin Width: 8’2″

Cabin Height: 6’3″

Cabin Length: 42’6″

Baggage Capacity: 194 cu. ft.

Rate $5,500 – $6,500/hr.

The Global Express 8000 Business Jet delivers unsurpassed range, speed and short field capabilities, connecting leaders to more destinations faster, and with greater efficiency than has ever previously been achievable. The incomparable "Global 8000 Business Jet" leads the evolution of business aviation with its consummate cabin comfort and remarkable non-stop range capability.

global express 8000
The Global Express 8000 ultra long range jet which Bombardier calls the Global 8000 the world’s fastest Ultra-Long R…

The Global Express 7000 has a range well over 6000 miles and can seat up to 12 comfortably.

The Global Express 6000 is a very impressive aircraft.  Able to fly over 6k miles and it can also seat up to 15 passengers comfortably depending on seating configurations.

Passenger Capacity: 10-19

Lavatory: Full

Airspeed (MPH): 517

Range (nm): 6,300

Cabin Width: 8’2″

Cabin Height: 6’3″

Cabin Length: 42’6″

Baggage Capacity: 194 cu. ft.

Rate $5,200 – $6,200/hr.

The Global Express 6000 ultra long range jet family of business aircraft is designed to keep you ahead of the curve. Ultimate comfort begins with the space and flexibility to design your cabin, your way. work, eat, relax, and sleep in the Aircraft you optimize as both your definitive business tool and perfect home away from home.

global express 6000
The Global Express 6000 private jet is the elite of the elite in the private jet charter industry, with one of the most spacious cabins and longes…
The Global Express 5000 is one of the biggest Private Jets available for Private Jet Charter Today!

global express 6000 speicifications
There are currently five variants, the original Global Express, the Global 5000, "Global 6000, Global 7500 & Global 8000.

The Global Express 6000 flies faster and farther and climbs quicker than any other business jets in its class.

The Bombardier Global Express 6000 aircraft offers spacious cabins that provide maximum flexibility for VIP transport and air ambulance requirements.

Bombardier Global Express 6000 Aircraft is the performance benchmark in the ultra-long-range Jet category.

The Global Express 6000 cruises majestically through the sky, and this private aircraft is the performance benchmark in the ultra long range jet category.

global express 6000, private air charter, aircraft flight charter

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private jet…

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"Your personal commitment to quality is obvious in everything you do."

"Attitude is Everything Theme."

"Not everyone is a creative thinker… but you are."

"Your dedication to seeing a jet charter trip through is second to none."

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Feedback for Private Jet Charter Flights: Some thoughts on Feedback, and we would definitely welcome yours! Central Jet Charter is all about the Best possible service, give them a try you will not be disappointed"

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We have all the answers for your Private Jet Charter trip so please give us a call and than give us some feedback!



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) for Private Jet CharterFAQ's = FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: What would you like to know about our Private Charter Flights?


private jet charter
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) for Private Jet Charter: We have all of answers to all your questions. There are numerous, private jet services but we stand out because of our commitment to your service and ability to answer any of your questions.

Before deciding on which one to entrust with your safety and well-being, especially those of your family friends and colleagues you need to ask some questions about your "Charter Flight."

1) "Who is the FAA certified operator that will do your CHARTER FLIGHT?"

At your request we …
The Falcon 900lx is one of the newer Private jets out by Dassault, and can be chartered for $5k an hour and up.  It can also hold up to 12 passengers comfortably.

"FALCON 900LX Private Plane Charter"

The 900LX will make one of the most popular Falcon series much more capable, economical and environmentally responsible to operate – an issue that means more today than ever before."

"Facon 900LX Interior"
falcon 900lx interior, private jet charter, heavy jets, private aircraft flights
The 900LX's improved aerodynamics makes it 55 to 70 percent faster than other airplanes in its class, extending the plane's range, and saving on fuel.

Since 1997 when Dassault debuted their first three-engine supersonic business jet, the company has made several breakthrough developments contributing to the success of today's midsize Falcon aircraft.

Most notably, the revamped 900LX offers record-setting efficiency thank…
The Falcon 900ex is the biggest and Best that Dassault makes.  The Falcon 900lx and Falcon 900dx are also in the same category of heavy jets.

"FALCON 900EX Jet Charter"

The Falcon 900EX is part of the heavy group category. It is significantly larger than the Falcon 50EX.

"Falcon 900EX Charter Services"
falcon 900ex, jet charter, private flights, aircraft charter service, falcon 900ex interior
No matter how you look at it, the Falcon 900EX is an impressive private jet. With ranges of over 5,000 miles, an incredibly comfortable cabin, and an innovative three engine configuration, it is an enviable machine.

It is ideal for transoceanic and transcontinental trips and offers great versatility in flight planning.

"Airplane Charter Falcon 900EX"
Its well-appointed interior includes over six feet of headroom and a flexible configuration of seating options.

falcon 900ex exterior, private jet charter, aircraft flig…
The Falcon 900dx is the newer jet based on the Falcon 900.  This Jet can seat up to 12 passengers very comfortably and cost $5k per hour and up to Charter.

"FALCON 900DX, Jet Charter!"
nbaa org, falcon 900dx, charter jets, charter planes
The Falcon 900 is a development of the Falcon 50, itself a development of the earlier Falcon 20. It is one of only two tri-jets in production. The other one is the 7X.

At EBACE 2008, Dassault announced the Falcon 900LX incorporating high Mach blended winglets

The Dassault Falcon 900 is a three-engined corporate jet aircraft made by Dassault Aviation.

It, along with its smaller sibling the Falcon 50, and the Falcon 7X, an advanced development, are the only corporate jets currently produced with more than two engines (excluding larger airliner-type aircraft produced in business-transport configuration), also featuring an S-duct central engine.

With its high cruise speed the Falcon-900DX is bes…

The Falcon 900c is the newer model based on the Falcon 900 and Falcon 900b. This aircraft can seat up to 12 passengers comfortably.

"The Falcon 900C, Aircraft Charter!"

14 passengers: 4 forward club seats, 4 places mid-cabin dining group with electrical table with credenza opposite, 2 aft 3 places divans (berthable).

It has Fwd & Aft lavatories, and a jump seat. Galley and AFT cabin pocket doors. Crystal Liquid R/H AFT bulkhead.

"Falcon 900C Private Jet Charter"
charter falcon 900C
Off-white leather seats, beige fabric sofas, Flat Cut Cherry wood veneer (glossy). Brushed Aluminium metal plating. Round Look Design.

Multi Standard VHS, DVD player, 2 ea. 15" and 1 ea. 18" LCD monitors, TIA High Temp Oven, 1 ea. add 1 small electrical oven, Nespresso Coffee Machine, 220 VAC, 1200 VA, 50 Hz outlets, 2 ea.

Dual wing tip nav lights, Oxygen Bottle, 2 ea. 12 Man Life Rafts, Dual Nav. Lights, Telescopic Towbar.

The Falcon 900b is the upgrade of the Falcon 900 and can seat up to 12 passengers comfortably.  It goes for $5k and hour and up.

"FALCON 900B, Aircraft Charter!"

falcon 900b,
This executive interior features club & conference seating with executive tables.

Interior comfort includes: oven, coffee maker & beverage dispenser, flat screen video monitor & entertainment systems, Full vanity aft lavatory, closets & walk in baggage compartment.

When you charter a large cabin business jet the person providing service in the cabin may be vital to your survival in the event of an emergency.

At Central Jet Charter Inc., we take this roll very seriously and have taken the necessary steps to create a safe flying experience.

All flights aboard the Falcon 900B include a certified flight attendant.

Falcon 900B with more powerful engines and increased range. Falcon 900EX ultra long range development. New version Falcon…
The Falcon 900 is one of the longest lasting Private Jets and now has the newer models the Falcon 900ex and Falcon 900dx, and Falcon 900lx.

"FALCON 900, Aircraft Charter!", falcon 900, private flights, aircraft rental, airplane rental
The 900’s unique combination of cabin comfort, mission versatility and favorable operating economics.

More than 25 years after it first entered service, the Falcon 900 remains in a class by itself.

From its three-engine layout to its advanced computer design to its construction using lightweight alloys and composites, the 900 series is truly peerless.

Dassault has made many improvements to the aircraft in terms of range, avionics and engine power, but the guts of the airplane and its value proposition remain largely unchanged.

The tri-jet design lets you go where twinjets cannot and the lightweight construction means you burn less fuel while doing so.

A new copy of the latest iteration, …
The Falcon 8x is the newer model based on the Falcon 7x.  It has a range of over 6k miles and can seat up to 12 comfortably.

"FALCON 8X, Jet Charter!"

The Falcon 8X represents something of a paradigm shift for Dassault.

"Falcon 8X Private Aircraft"
cabin falcon 8x, private aircraft, falcon 8x interior
This is the first time in the company’s history that it has stretched one of its existing Falcon Jets to create a derivative model rather than embark on a clean-sheet design.

Two 21-in. barrel plugs, one ahead and one aft of the wing root, were added to the 7X fuselage.

The modification makes room for two additional windows on each side of the fuselage and adds about 3.5 ft. to cabin length.

The stretch also makes room for a longer belly fairing with a more conformal tank that increases fuel capacity by about 2,500 lb.

"Falcon 8X Charter Private Jet"
falcon 8x, jet charter, interior falcon 8x
Expected to cost a…
The Falcon 7x is the biggest and best aircraft that Dasault makes, and can seat up to 15 depending on seating configurations.

"FALCON 7X, Charter Flights!"

nbaa, falcon 7x exterior
Few People are aware that the 7X is currently the only aircraft that can fly non-stop from London City Airport to New York.

Dassault set about changing that last week, and decided to set a speed record in the process.

"Falcon 7x Private Jet Charter"
falcon 7x, jet charter, charter airplane, airplane services
The Falcon 7X is the latest member of the Falcon family of aircraft and flies faster, further and higher than its predecessors.

Dassault states that the Falcon 7X is the world's first fly-by-wire business jet.

The 7X's landing speed, though, is as low as 104 knots, letting it set down on runways normally far too short for large-body jets.

No other plane in its class, for example, can land at London City Airport.
The Dassault Fal…
The Falcon 5x will be out in 2020 and will be the biggest and best that Dasault makes.

"Heavy Jet Charter, FALCON 5X"

Dassault Aviation has confirmed a two-year delay and production freeze on its all-new Falcon 5X because of ongoing problems with the Snecma Silvercrest engine.

"Falcon 5X Inside"
falcon 5x inside
The large-cabin, long-range twinjet – which was rolled out in June 2015 – is not now expected to fly until 2017, with first deliveries in early 2020.

After unveiling the 5X in 2013, the French manufacturer had planned the jet’s maiden flight in the third quarter of last year but shortly after roll-out.

Hitches with the Silvercrest engine began to emerge, and Dassault said late in 2015 it would announce a new testing and production schedule early this year.

Dassault has informed 5X customers of the delay. Although he will not reveal backlog details for the type.

"Falcon 5X Private Jet Charter"
falcon …