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Thursday, August 17, 2017

The PC-24 features also a fully enclosed, externally serviceable private lavatory. Being an SVJ, the PC-24 will find popularity in a number of other roles – like cargo, medevac, commuter, or governmental special-mission applications, just to name a few. CENTRAL JET CHARTER Inc. "Pilatus PC 24."

"The PILATUS PC-24" aircraft are certified for single-pilot operation. And the PC-24 is no exception to this rule. The cockpit layout is efficient and intuitive. From the comfort of his seat, the pilot finds an environment that has been designed specifically to reduce workload and improve safety while providing full situational awareness under all circumstances.

Pilatus pc 24 aircraft
Competing against the popular Embraer Phenom 300 and Cessna Citation CJ4, the Pilatus PC-24 is priced slightly lower, while offering much greater versatility. At centraljetcharter.com/pilatus-pc-24.html can be chartered for $2175 per hour and up.

The Swiss manufacturer has earned worldwide respect for designing and delivering rugged, reliable aircraft that can operate efficiently in austere and less-than-ideal environments.
Charter a Private Jet the Phenom 300 has never been easier, just one call and we set up everything! The "Phenom 300" is a good choice because it has achieved the top position on the list of most delivered "business jets" in 2013, with 60 new aircraft having been received by customers around the world. CENTRAL JET CHARTER Inc. "Phenom 300."

"BMW Design works USA Design."
"Largest baggage compartment in its class."
"Largest windows in its class."
"Unique among Light Jets; windows in the lav."
"Best pressurization in class (6,600 ft max)."
Compared to most other light jets, it’s bigger and faster, it has a lower cabin altitude and it has more advanced aerodynamics, potentially delivering better fuel efficiency. At centraljetcharter.com/phenom-300.html can be chartered for $1950 per hour and up.
With 2,300 statute miles of range, short runway capability, best-in-class performance and a cruise speed of 510 mph, the Learjet 35 is a superbly effective aircraft.

The "Learjet 35" is a "Light Private Aircraft" that has long been a favorite among celebrities, as well being selected for use as a military jet, in which guise it operates under the title C-21. CENTRAL JET CHARTER Inc. "Learjet 35."

Learjet 35, air charter services, airplane services, plane services
"The LEARJET 35" is noted by pilots for its excellent handling and agility as well as for its impressive performance. At centraljetcharter.com/learjet-35.html can be chartered for $2075 per hour and up. The Learjet 35 has received some attention-grabbing honors since the first serial number rolled off the line.

The Lear 35 is classified as a Light Jet and is most suitable for short, quick flights. It cruises at 510 mph, and it remains among the fastest aircraft in the Light Jet category.
Whatever you need to enhance your Hawker 400XP experience, our talented designers will work with you to design your perfect cabin. Charter a Hawker 400XP with us, it just takes one call.

CHARTER a HAWKER 400XP Jet Aircraft is really good choice. When it comes to power and performance, there are few comparisons. When you consider the price, nothing compares at all.

The new Williams International FJ44-4A-32 engines allow the "Hawker 400XP" to climb directly to FL450 in just 19 minutes. At centraljetcharter.com/hawker-400xp.html can be chartered for $2025 per hour and up.

Hawker 400XP JET CHARTER is a Great Choice. For five years after the Beechjet 400’s release, Beechcraft continued to improve its design and released the Beechjet 400A.

hawker 400xp cabin
Blending superior construction and efficient engineering, the Hawker 400XP's unrivaled quality and affordable reliability make it a sound investment for value-focused corporations around the world and Private Jet Charters.

The aircraft also boasted an upgraded cabin that is the largest in its class, and is richly appointed similar to its ‘Big Brother’ the mid size Hawker 800XP.

With its lightning-fast speed (one of the fastest jets in its category) and expansive cabin space, the Hawker 400XP transports our clients to short- and mid-range destinations in rapid style.
The interior of the M2 is wide and inviting with the latest advancements in ergonomic sciences. The cabin is appointed with the finest materials and finishes that fit your tastes. At centraljetcharter.com/citation-m2.html can be chartered for $2350 per hour and up.

The headliner and valance design give passengers ample seated headroom while eight large windows heighten the sense of spaciousness.

The M2 offers a wide selection of custom configurations with an all-new interior, in-cabin technologies, climate control and adjustable lighting. The improvements to M2 are modest in scope but impressive in their effect.

M2 was intended, as one might assume, to sound as if it’s the next logical step after the entry-level Model 510 Mustang, but it wasn’t a Mustang at all. It was in reality a Model 525 Citation Jet or “CJ.”


Passenger Capacity: 7 – 9
Lavatory: Full
Airspeed (MPH): 389 – 453
Range (nm): 2,000
Cabin Width: 4′ 9″
Cabin Height: 4′ 10″
Cabin Length: 15′ 8″
Baggage Capacity: 65 cu ft.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017



Passenger Capacity: 6 – 8
Lavatory: Full
Airspeed (MPH): 505
Range (nm): 2,060
Cabin Width: 5′ 1″
Cabin Height: 5′ 0″
Cabin Length: 19′ 8″
Baggage Capacity: 14 ft
"The LEARJET 70" sleek, sophisticated, and technologically advanced, the cabin of "Learjet 70" "Business Aircraft" is crafted with precision and furnished with fine details to deliver the utmost in comfort. At centraljetcharter.com/learjet-70.html can be chartered for $ 3100 per hour and up.

Passenger Capacity: 6 – 8
Lavatory: Full
Airspeed (MPH): 525
Range (nm): 2,040
Cabin Width: 5′ 1″
Cabin Height: 5′ 0″
Cabin Length: 19′ 8″
Baggage Capacity: 15 cu. ft.
The "LEARJET 75 Private Aircraft" delivers superior power that raises the bar. The Bombardier "Learjet 75 Private Jet" delivers a class-leading high speed cruise of Mach 0.81. Powerful engines and evolutionary aerodynamics featuring a new winglet design allow travel with 8 passengers and full fuel. The 51,000 ft (15,545 m)* operating ceiling allows for smoother flights, avoiding delays that weather and congestion often cause at lesser heights. The LEARJET 75!

Passenger Capacity: 7 – 9
Lavatory: Full
Airspeed (MPH): 442
Range (nm): 2,500
Cabin Width: 4′ 10″
Cabin Height: 4′ 9″
Cabin Length: 17′ 4″
Baggage Capacity: 100 cu. ft.
The Cessna Citation CJ4 marks a new level of performance maturity for the Cessna Citation CJ family, providing added speed, range, and cabin size over its predecessor without incurring "Midsize Jet" operating costs.


Passenger Capacity: 7 – 9
Lavatory: Full
Airspeed (MPH): 466
Range (nm): 2,800
Cabin Width: 5′ 11″
Cabin Height: 5′ 9″
Cabin Length: 17′ 8″
Baggage Capacity: 59 cu. ft.
The"LEARJET 60XR Private Jet" bombardier’s "Midsize Private Jet" is the last iteration of the legacy of "Learjets." This legacy derives from a long line of aircraft developed by Bill Lear in 1963, beginning with the original "Lear 23." The "Lear 60XR" rounds out "Learjet’s" generation of turbofan-powered "jet aircraft."

"Children's Menu"
By making use of our "Premium Catering Services" you can customize the refreshments on your "Private Charter Flight" to the demands of you and your fellow passengers liking. "ANY TYPES OF CATERING REQUEST'S YOU WOULD LIKE!"


"100% Cost analysis of parts services and Maintenance Management. Maintenance tracking."
"All crew support services with full back ground check and drug testing."
"Fleet discount on Aircraft insurance by 20%."
"Hangar "Services."
"Global handling."
"Contract fuel discounts."
"Monthly Private Aircraft activity report that includes all expenses and savings on parts, salary, payroll, Fuel, and maintenance."
"All services provided on credit basis as each Private Aircraft is provided with 100,000 USD credit monthly."

The HAWKER 800" has a modified rear fuselage fairing, as well as a glass cockpit and uprated (from 3,700 to 4,300 lb thrust) Garrett engines. British Aerospace also improved the wing by incorporating new outer wing sections. This helped to reduce drag and improve aerodynamic efficiency.

"The HAWKER 800" series would become a sales success. From the first BAe 125 flight in August 1961 it took nineteen years until the 500th airframe was sold. In a little over five years British Aerospace were registering the 200th sale of the 800 series. CENTRAL JET CHARTER Inc. "Hawker 800."

hawker 800, midsize jet, private jets, private flights
In 1994 Beech "Jet Aircraft" (which was also controlled by Raytheon) merged with Raytheon "Corporate Jets" to form Raytheon Aircraft. In March 2007, Raytheon Aircraft Company was sold to "Hawker Beechcraft" Corp., a company formed and controlled by GS Capital Partners and Onex Partners of Canada.

The current version is identified as the "HAWKER 850XP" and was certified for operation in March 2006. The "850XP" is identical to the "800XP" except that it includes winglets, which have extended its operating range by 100 nautical miles (190 km).

hawker 800 airplane
"The HAWKER 800" version also incorporates upgraded avionics and a redesigned interior. The "HAWKER 800" essentially fills the gap left behind by the "HAWKER 1000" when production of that Aircraft ceased. At centraljetcharter.com/hawker-800.html can be chartered for $3400 an hour and up.

Clairity provides passengers cabin controls, data and media sharing and connectivity to other passengers. We have great "Private Jet Services".

"Book a Private Jet" the "CITATION SOVEREIGN+" and you get the all-new cabin which features a new environmental control system, which produces better cooling. The interior of the "Citation Soverign" also offers an improved seat design with recessed armrests to widen the aisle. Its the best "Airplane charter"

"JET CHARTER PRICES CITATION SOVEREIGN+" have never been better. The revised, gently swept wing design with winglets allows the Citation Soverign to climb directly to 45,000 feet and cruise for up to 3,000 miles.

"The CITATION SOVEREIGN+" new passenger seats provide maximum comfort and precise ergonomics. With a design that conforms to the body, armrests that fold completely out of the way, and optional lumbar supports and footrests, you’ll find your travels relaxing and enjoyable.

citation sovereign plus, private jets, air charter, aircraft services
"CITATION SOVEREIGN+ PRIVATE AIRCRAFT" has many features including a navigation and anti-collision strobe lights which are built into the wing tips.

"The CITATION SOVEREIGN+" all-new cabin features an environmental control system, which produces better cooling. The interior of the Sovereign+ also offers an improved seat design with recessed armrests to widen the aisle. We are all about "Private Jet Rentals"

We also lowered maintenance costs by extending and enhancing warranties. Get the visionary "midsize jet" for visionary travelers. CENTRAL JET CHARTER Inc. "Citation Sovereign Plus."

citation sovereign plus
"CITATION SOVERIGN+ PRIVATE JET" revised, gently swept wing design with winglets allows the "Sovereign Plus" to climb directly to 45,000 feet and cruise for up to 3,000 miles. At centraljetcharter.com/citation-sovererign-plus.html can be chartered for $4650 an hour and up.

"Book a Private Jet the CITATION SOVEREIGN+" is a good choice if you’re accommodating eight or nine passengers, they will all be free to roam in the 68-inch-tall (1.73 m), stand-up cabin, allowing easy access to the refreshment center, private aft lavatory, or closet where carry-ons are stowed neatly out of the way.

The double club cabin of the "SOVEREIGN+" is crafted to provide comfort for up to 12 passengers to make for an enjoyable ride for business or relaxation. New passenger seats provide maximum comfort.



Passenger Capacity: 8 – 9
Lavatory: Full
Airspeed (MPH): 495
Range (nm): 2,100
Cabin Width: 5′ 6″
Cabin Height: 5′ 8″
Cabin Length: 18′ 6″
Baggage Capacity: 80 cu. ft.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Flying the US coast-to-coast mission at Mach 0.80, even against 99% of annual winds, and still land with NBAA IFR fuel reserves, is only the start.

interior legacy 500
"The LEGACY 500" optimally placed windows, ergonomic seating and cabin technology, create total elegance in the cabin.

"Standard: 8 passengers."
"Optional: Up to 12 passengers including optional seating such as aft 3-place divan on both sides, belted toilet and forward side facing seat."
"Both optional divans may be selected at the same time."
"Options enabling maximum seating capacity will be available after entering service."
Additional flight envelope protection also increases flight safety. The "The LEGACY 450" and "Legacy 500" fly-by-wire system has received a prestigious Flight-global Achievement Award in the Innovator of the Year category 2010.

legacy 500 interior, charter jet, charter plane, charter flights
In the cockpit, a side-stick control and full fly-by-wire flight control system deliver the smoothest flight for both pilots and passengers.

"The cabin seats swivel, offer lateral, forward/aft movement: the Legacy 500 has four fully berthable positions."
"Foldable tables open flush with side ledge, increasing table surface area."
"Seats are available with optional lumbar adjustment, heating, massage, leg rest and flexible wing."
Luxury in flight. The Legacy 500 features a full wet galley, including hot and cold water; a large ice drawer; storage for optional galley crystal, china, and silverware.

legacy 500, private jet charter, jet services, aircraft services
"LEGACY 500 PRIVATE JET" is the first jet in its class to replace conventional controls with full fly-by-wire technology. CENTRAL JET CHARTER Inc. "Legacy 500."

"The LEGACY 500" This technology enables a smoother, more natural feeling flight by translating the manual input from the pilot electronically rather than mechanically. Electronic fly-by-wire systems increase the number of control surfaces that can be actuated simultaneously.

legacy 500, private aircraft charter, private aircraft flights
"LEGACY 500 Super Midsize Jet" allows for maximum performance and control, while at the same time, reducing the pilot workload and creating a smoother flight for passengers. At centraljetcharter.com/legacy-500.html can be chartered for $4450 per hour and up.


The quality of the supple leathers, polished veneers and soft carpeting create an interior space that feels as good as it looks. This "Private Aircraft" cabin is also more comfortable than any other in its class.

"The FALCON 2000S" means you can relax over a fine meal served from your full galley, or work in your airborne office that is just as connected and equipped as the one you’re used to.

"The FALCON 2000S" is certified for an altitude of 47,000 ft and its power to climb directly to 41,000 ft, the Falcon 2000S takes you above most traffic and weather. And it can fly 3,350 nm nonstop. Due to its excellent short field capabilities, you can take off and land at smaller, more convenient "Small Airports."

falcon 2000s, jet charter, aircraft charter, plane charter
"The FALCON 2000S" can do a short flight, a long flight, or both. The 2000S can do what others can’t and saves you time doing it.

In addition to the Mach .84 cruise speed, the "2000S" lets you hop from Shanghai to Hangzhou to pick up team members before taking a long jump to Singapore - without stopping to refuel.

"The FALCON 2000S" can also hop from Shenzhen to Hong Kong and then fly without refueling to Mumbai. A huge advantage when time is important – and a value proposition that pays for itself many times over. CENTRAL JET CHARTER Inc. "Falcon 2000s."

falcon 2000s, private jet, private flight
"The FALCON 2000S" is more than an invaluable asset for business – it’s in a class by itself. The Falcon 2000S cabin gives you the luxury of generous space, abundant natural light and welcome quiet. And an interior designed by BMW Group Design Works USA.

The quality of the supple leathers, polished veneers and soft carpeting create an interior space that feels as good as it looks. This cabin is also more comfortable than any other in its class. At centraljetcharter.com/falcon-2000s.html can be chartered for $4600 an hour and up.

The CITATION X+" has once again broken boundary by becoming one of the widest, most spacious interiors ever crafted for a Citation. Your jet will feature customized interior finishes to fit your specific requirements.

"Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS II)."
"Terrain Awareness Warning System (TAWS)."
"Transponders with ADS-B Out Capability."
"Standby Instrumentation."
"Radio Altimeter."
"Cockpit Voice Recorder."
"Emergency Locator Transmitter."
"Maintenance Diagnostics."
The hand-crafted intercontinental galley holds catering trays and positions find china, stemware and cutlery all within easy reach.

citation x plus cabin
"The CITATION X+" has select leathers, fabrics and hand-finished hardwoods. Optional features include multiple cabin compartments, additional storage space, communication centers, cabin attendant provision, intercontinental galleys, electronic lumbar and footrest.

citation 10+, private jets, charter aircraft, charter a jet
Clairity is an intelligent cabin management and entertainment technology solution integrated with the Aircraft’s avionics and electrical systems. Clairity provides passengers cabin controls, data and media sharing and connectivity to other passengers. CENTRAL JET CHARTER Inc. "Citation X Plus."

citation x plus, aircraft charters, charter a plane, charter a flight
New entertainment, information and connectivity options are available, and each seat has an individual portal for entertainment, lighting and flight information.

"PRIVATE JET CHARTERING SERVICES" in a "Citation X." This is a great Jet if time is of the essence which it is of course for anyone that takes "Private Jets."

The CHALLENGER 350" has ample storage space offered in both the crew and passenger wardrobe areas, the "Challenger 350" offers unrestricted in-flight access to baggage in the intelligently designed compartment situated just aft of the passenger lavatory.

The overhead, with a new and understated Passenger Service Unit design reaffirms the commitment to cleaner lines and the cabin’s more spacious feel.
In the quest to build on an already outstanding and uncompromising Aircraft, no area, aspect, or factor contributing to ‘class-leading’ all-around excellence has been overlooked.
Building on the success of an already incomparable aircraft family, the "Challenger 350" "Business Aircraft" has achieved groundbreaking aesthetic and ergonomic advances to provide an entirely new cabin design and the ultimate in-flight experience.

"CHARTERING A PRIVATE JET AIRCRAFT in the CHALLENGER 350" because it has windows a full 2 inches taller which provide even more natural light and expanded viewing angles from each of the newly-designed seats, capable of reclining 180° to a full ‘lie-flat’ position for more comfortable sleeping.

challenger 350 interior
"The CHALLENGER 350" cabin is one of the most spacious in its category – its cross-section is nearly the same as a large-cabin "Ultra Long Range Aircraft." CENTRAL JET CHARTER Inc. "Challenger 350."

The flat floor, in flight access to the luggage compartment and redesigned 180-degree swivel and reclining seats enhance passenger comfort and functionality, providing both an ideal in-flight office and home-away-from-home environment.

"The CHALLENGER 350" with its ground-breaking cabin design, new range capability and lowest-in-class direct operating costs no opportunity to advance on class-leading excellence has been overlooked. At centraljetcharter.com/challenger-350.html can be chartered for $4500 per hour and up.

challenger 350, jet charter, charter aircraft, Charter a Private Jet
The entry area houses compact left and right radio racks along with a right-side galley, left-side wardrobe closet and acoustical curtain for the entry door.

Standard equipment for the galley includes a coffeemaker or espresso machine, microwave oven, ice drawer and trash bin, plus flatware, and food and beverage storage. The galley has a full-length, solid counter top.

The outperforming "Challenger 350 Aircraft" is earning the appreciation and approval of executives, pilots and operators everywhere offering more performance, definitive reliability, and unmatched value. Let us get you a "Jet Charter Aircraft!"

ompared to the "GIII," the "GIV" has gained 4.5 feet in usable interior space but maintains Gulfstream’s famous stand-up cabin. The cabin has a length of 45.1 feet, width of 7.3 feet, and height of 6.1 feet.

"The GULFSTREAM GIV" with a new design, upgraded engines and additional space, the "GIV" offers great performance in the intercontinental class of jets.
so great that Gulfstream modeled most of their latest Jet Aircraft off of the GIV. It is also offered in a single-pilot modification, the GIV-SP.
"The GULFSTREAM GIV" is an ideal heavy, intercontinental-range "Business Jet."
"GULFSTREAM G4" Aircraft have evolved through new technologies and improvements, and the "GIV" is evidence of this.
Up to 19 passengers can be accommodated in the "GIV" comfortably. Amenities include a large galley and full-sized lavatory, including a shower.

gulfstream g4, private jets, charter jets, charter flights
"Gulfstream GIV" engines to its flight control systems are reliable and high-performance making it a desirable choice since its introduction as evidenced by the 88 solid orders even before it hit the market.

"CHARTER a PRIVATE FLIGHT" in a "Gulfstream GIV" and there is nothing like it. There is even fitted storage space for the dinner service (including crystal and cutlery) custom-made for "Gulfstream’s Private Jets."

gulfstream g4, private jets, charter jet flight, airplane flights
The "GIV" is an ideal heavy, intercontinental-range "Business Jet." "Gulfstream’s Aircraft" have evolved through new technologies and improvements, and the "GIV" is evidence of this. CENTRAL JET CHARTER Inc. "Gulfstream G4."

"Gulfstream G4 CHARTERED FLIGHTS" can seat between 14 and 18 passengers ride comfortably in the 1,513 cubic foot cabin with 6.1 foot in height, 7.3 foot width and 45.1 foot length (an 18 inch increase from the G-III).

There is 169 cubic feet of baggage space is accessible in-flight with 2 full-length closets for coat storage located inside the two full-sized lavatories.

gulfstream g4, heavy jet, private jet, jet charter
"CHARTER FLIGHTS in a Gulfstream G4" because the cabin is large and spacious and makes transcontinental and transoceanic flights enjoyable. At centraljetcharter.com/gulfstream-g4.html can be chartered for $5000 per hour and up.

If you are traveling a far distance, have a large group, or simply prefer the luxury of a larger aircraft, you have probably considered a heavy aircraft such as a Gulfstream or a Challenger. While there are multiple models with varying specifications.

JET CHARTERING in a Gulfstream GV" has never been better. The 1,669 cubic foot cabin usually seats 15 passengers, but can be configured to hold more. The stand-up (6.1 feet high) cabin is 50.1 feet long and is usually partitioned into three separate areas.

"The GULFSTREAM G5" noise levels are uniformly low throughout the cabin in this Private Jet. An external baggage compartment can hold 226 cubic feet of baggage, or a total of 2,500 pounds.

interior gulfstream V
"CHARTER a PRIVATE JET GULFSTREAM G500" with its standard cabin Amenities which include a full-sized galley, equipped for hot and cold food preparation; a sink with running water; power outlets for office equipment; fold-out work tables; and separate lavatories for the passengers and the crew.

"The GULFSTREAM G5" has satellite TV, multi-screen entertainment systems, and phones for each seat are available as upgrades. "Aircraft Flight Service!" CENTRAL JET CHARTER Inc. "Gulfstream G5."

gulfstream g5, flight charter, airplane charter, jet flights
"The GULFSTREAM G5" cabin combines productivity with exceptional comfort. The "Gulfstream G5 Private Aircraft" features up to four distinct living areas, three temperature zones, and a choice of 12 floor plan configurations with seating for up to 18 passengers.

"The GULFSTREAM G5" maintains contact with the home office and is easy thanks to a host of standard communication features: A fax machine, a printer, a wireless local area network and satellite communications "Gulfstream Jet Charter."

gulfstream g5, charter planes, charter flight, charter airplanes
GULFSTREAM V Private Jet has the best overall cabin in its class with the longest cabin, largest baggage area that is fully accessible in flight, and the best overall cabin environment. Also known as the famous GV, the Gulfstream 500 is that last of a long lineage of Private jets, starting with the Gulfstream I. At centraljetcharter.com/gulfstream-g5.html can be chartered for $ 5000 per hour and up.

"The GULFSTREAM G5" stretches the limits of high-speed travel. The advanced airframe design and powerful Pratt & Whitney Canada engines give the aircraft a range of 5,000 nautical miles/9,260 kilometers at Mach 0.85. The G500’s nonstop reach connects distant cities such as Istanbul to Cape Town, South Africa; Los Angeles to London; and San Francisco to Tokyo.


Pedestal-mounted conference tables provide stability for working and are height adjustable. High-speed communications and entertainment equipment allow the cabin to double as an office in the sky or a media room. CENTRAL JET CHARTER Inc. "Gulfstream G500."

The cabin environment influences the travel experience while airborne and upon arrival. The all-new G500’s 12 large Gulfstream panoramic windows provide captivating views and bathe the cabin in natural light. Only 100 percent fresh air, replenished every two minutes, fills the cabin.

gulfstream g500 jet
Gulfstream acousticians engineered the interior to be quiet enough for passengers to converse in normal tones even while in flight. The interior is pressurized to no more than 4,850 feet/1,478 meters, even at a maximum altitude of 51,000 feet/ 15,545 meters.

The combination of clean, replenished air and a low interior altitude helps reduce the effects of jet lag so that passengers arrive feeling more refreshed and alert.

gulfstream g500 aircraft
Choose from the finest materials, such as handmade carpets of silk or cashmere, hand-stitched leather dyed to any color found in nature, and wood veneers sourced from around the world. Complete the look with fine porcelain, flatware and crystal stemware that sets an elegant tone. Gulfstream design teams will assist throughout the new cabin design process.

Plan to pack liberally, too. The G500’s best-in-class baggage volume includes fold-down shelving and space that can be individually configured to store golf clubs, ski gear or bulging suitcases. Each cabin seat is equipped with built-in storage as well. At centraljetcharter.com/gulfsteam-g500.html can be chartered for $ 5100 per hour and up.

The Global Express 5000 Private Jet" is the second generation of the "Private Jet" Global series is designed for people that need transcontinental and transoceanic range, but that do not need to fly more than ten hours nonstop. Bombardier, already well-renowned in the "private jet" industry, has only increased their prestige with the "GLOBAL EXPRESS 5000."

"A superior cabin to better access your world in spacious comfort with cutting edge technology."
"Speed and range to fly Paris to Chicago or Berlin to Washington approximately one hour faster than the competitor."
"The Bombardier Vision flight deck presents unprecedented levels of awareness, comfort and control."
"GLOBAL EXPRESS 5000" can best leverage the noblest lineage of any Aircraft in "Business Aviation" today. The most exceptional aircraft experience available allows our world business leaders to meet at the juncture of sophistication and synergy.

global express 5000 specifications
"The Global Express 5000 Private Aircraft with its four distinct living spaces, the "Global 5000" Business Jet provides unparalleled spaciousness, luxury, and comfort.

This is a homelike environment that can be as productive or as leisure-friendly as any moment demands. Seats position you perfectly to take in the view from the largest cabin windows in its category.

"GLOBAL EXPRESS 5000" flying faster and farther and climbing quicker than any other "Business Jets" in their class, the "Bombardier Global Aircraft" offer spacious cabins that provide maximum flexibility for VIP transport and air ambulance requirements.

global express 5000, private jet, charter aircraft
"The Global Express 5000 Aircraft" was released, Bombardier called the "Global Express 5000" the world’s fastest "Long Range Private Jet". CENTRAL JET CHARTER Inc. "Global Express 5000."

"GLOBAL EXPRESS 5000" Aircraft is visionary in its fusion of extended range, short runway performance and efficiency in meeting the demands of global "Jet Charter Business."

global express 5000, private jet charter, charter flights
"The Global Express 5000 Airplane" interior is so luxuriant it can’t help but spill into the cockpit. Its grace goes beyond feeling right as the "Global 5000" Business Jet rockets passengers from Paris to Chicago or Berlin to Washington D.C. approximately one hour faster than its closest competitors.

"GLOBAL EXPRESS 5000" reflects a subtle sophistication, providing more high-comfort living and working area than any other entry long range "Business Jet." You’ll marvel at how the quiet, airy atmosphere is so conducive to relaxed productivity.


Monday, August 14, 2017

"FALCON 5X" can Climb directly to 41,000 feet, which often helps Air Traffic Control provide more direct routings. During typical cruise altitudes of 43,000 to 47,000 on long range missions, you’ll often be above the Jetstream in air that is usually silky smooth.

"The FALCON 5X" has business aviation’s most advanced fly-by-wire system. The ultra-efficient Silvercrest engines extract maximum power from every precious pound of fuel.
Fuel can be expensive "on the road." And stopping to fill the tanks wastes precious time. The "Falcon 2000LXS" lets you load up at home base (or wherever fuel is cheaper), make multiple short hops – and still have plenty of nonstop range for a longer trip, without refueling. At centraljetcharter.com/falcon-2000lxs.html can be chartered for $4700 an hour and up.

New inboard slats dramatically enhance the airfield performance of the "Falcon 2000LXS," making it that rare bird – a large cabin, 4,000 nm "Business Jet" cleared for the steep descent at London City "Private Airports" and many other challenging airports that are closer to your destination.

The CITATION LONGITUDE" fully-customized cabin interior is built to your specifications. Expert interior designers worked closely with customers to develop the kind of interior options that will maximize comfort for both short and long range trips.

"Standard Features: Flight Displays."
"Synthetic Vision Technology."
"Touch-screen Control Panels."
"Automatic Flight Control System."
"Inertial Reference Systems (IRS)."
"Integrated Avionics Units."
"Distance Measuring Equipment."
"Flight Management Systems."
"Weather Radar."

Performance is not the only bar-raising characteristic of the "Citation Longitude." It also sets a new standard in "Private Business Travel" for cabin efficiency, technology and comfort.

The GULFSTREAM G600" engineers employed a straightforward design philosophy in the new "Private Jet," Combine new wing and airframe advances, new engines and a uniquely shaped cabin to move travelers 6,200 nautical miles/11,482 kilometers at Mach 0.85—faster than any aircraft in its class—without sacrificing fuel economy or comfort.


Passenger Capacity: 8 – 19
Lavatory: Full
Airspeed (knots): 513
Range (nm): 7,150
Cabin Width: 8′ 2″
Cabin Height: 6′ 3″
Cabin Length: 48′ 4″
Luggage Capacity: 226 cu. ft.
The "GLOBAL EXPRESS 7000 Private Jet" is a "Private Aircraft" of the Future, it comes from a long line of other great "Private Jets" in the "Global Express family."

Passenger Capacity: 12 – 19
Lavatory: Full
Airspeed (MPH): 474
Range (nm): 4,100 – 4,750
Cabin Width: 7′ 8″
Cabin Height: 6′ 2″
Cabin Length: 33′ 2″
Baggage Capacity: 127 cu. ft.
The "FALCON 900LX Private Jet" flies 4,750nm non-stop – farther than any other Jet in its class. The tri-jet "Falcon 900LX" is one of the most versatile "Private Jet Aircraft" in the world and one of the safest, as it can fly slower on approach than its twinjet competitors.

Passenger Capacity: 12 – 19
Lavatory: Full
Airspeed (MPH): 500
Range (nm): 5,950
Cabin Width: 7′ 8″
Cabin Height: 6′ 2″
Cabin Length: 39′ 1″
Baggage Capacity: 140 cu. ft.
The "FALCON 7X Private Jet" is a "Ultra Long Range Jet" that has one of the widest bodies in this "Private Jet" category. Delivered in 2007, the "Falcon 7X" outperforms similar aircraft in its class, due in large part to a new engine and complete redesign.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Personal account manager: your dedicated charter expert is available 24/7 to assist you with any requirements you may have, from arranging in-flight cuisine to making last minute changes to your charter.

Create your schedule: connect with commercial flights or fly to your bespoke timetable – whatever your requirements we’ll create the private jet charter to suit you.

Access to more airports: reach a remote location or simply arrive closer to your final destination than a scheduled service would allow.

The Hemisphere will be the largest in a Citation sub-family of stand-up-cabin biz-jets that also includes the Latitude, which achieved FAA certification in June, and the Longitude, the program of which Textron Aviation provided an update for at yesterday's briefing as well.

As economies around the work faltered, so did the business jet market, and it came as little surprise that the Columbus was officially cancelled in 2009.Later, in 2012, Cessna would introduce the Longitude.


TWIN STAR" are the lowest priced in these types of planes and they are an excellent and economical way to "Plane Travel." Give them a try and you won’t be disappointed.

"MULTIPISTON TWIN ENGINE AIRCRAFT" have an additional engine, just like other jets and Turboprops, but they didn’t provide the necessary return on investment–for the manufacturers or the owners so they are not as popular as they once were, and now we have Single Engine Multi-piston Planes. At centraljetcharter.com/multipiston-planes.html which can charter for as low as $200 per hour and up.

Today, piston engine Aircraft remain popular for both personal and business use for their low cost of entry and solid performance.


AIR CHARTER" is the best if your business requires the efficient transportation of many passengers, you should start by looking into twin-engine turboprop aircraft for short domestic flights or jets for long domestic flights and overseas flights. Turbo prop air charter!

"PROPPELLAR PRIVATE AIRCRAFT" are much cheaper to run, service, and buy compared to their jet plane counterparts.

To break it down even further, propeller planes with simple piston engines are the most economical choice in terms of both fuel and maintenance costs. At centraljetcharter.com/turboprops.html can be chartered for $600 an hour and up.

Friday, August 11, 2017


Capacity: 15 – 75 People.
Speed 565 – 620 mph.
Range: 7,000 – 10,000 nm.
Rate $7,000 – 19,000/hr.
The FALCON 7X" "Private Aircraft" are changing the face of global commerce by rerouting flight plans. Many companies are using large-cabin, long-range "Private Jets" to provide nonstop access to overseas markets, especially Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. At centraljetcharter.com/ultra-long-range-jets.html the Heavy Jets usually go for $7000 an hour.

Many top executives would refuse to travel as much as they do if they had to fly by regular airline, because it means considerably more time spent away from home. "ULTRA LONG RANGE JETS," solve that problem!



Capacity: 9 – 18 People
Speed 500 – 560 mph
Range: 3,700 – 5,000 nm
Rate $5,000 – 8,000/hr

"The Heavy Jets" have a range of 6 to 14 hours and have full amenities, such as a full galley, lavatory and a flight attendant.
The CHALLENGER 350" "SUPER MIDSIZE JETS" operates with the efficiency of "midsize aircraft" and the greater range and speed of heavy jets, making them suitable for coast-to-coast or international flights with a small to moderate size party. "SUPER MIDSIZE JETS."

We can arrange for a variety of super mid-size "Private Jet Charter Flights" for your travel convenience. These "corporate jets" can accommodate groups of 7 to 9 people in different sitting configuration and flight range. At centraljetcharter.com/super-midsize-jets.html can be chartered for $5000 per hour.

A midsize jet has an average cabin height of 5.5 feet. Like Light Jets, Mid-sized Jets are configured to seat 6 to 8 passengers.

"Midsize Jets" offer great room and have great range.
They are ideal for most trips and they come in a variety of configurations. "Private Jet Charter Flights" are just superb with us in these Aircraft!
"LEARJET 55" are very comfortable "Business Jets" because they typically include mini galleys, enclosed lavatories, entertainment features and comfortable leather captain’s chairs.
"Midsize Business Jets" offers larger baggage area (bring your golf bags) and more headroom than "Light Jets."
These "Private Jets" provide additional seating in spacious, often stand-up, cabins, with a longer range than Light Jets. "LEARJET 60XR"
With cruise speeds of up to 500 mph, these Private Jets are an excellent choice for those travelers looking to go nonstop on the very popular north-south trips.

Capacity: 4 – 6 People
Speed 400 – 480 mph
Range: 800 – 1,100 nm
Rate 2,500 – 3,500/hr

Capacity: 5 – 9 People.
Speed 400 – 550 mph.
Range: 1,200 – 1,500 nm.
Rate 2,000 – 3,100/hr.



The PHENOM 100e very light jet is a good choice because they are the best priced out of all the Private Jets. They are unlike other Aircraft because of their small size and great value for private jet charter trips.

The HONDA JET has been described as the “sports cars of aviation. These Private Aircraft are best employed for short flights of 300 to 500 miles – though they can actually travel as far as 1600 miles – and 40 to 80 minutes’ duration. CENTRAL JET CHARTER Inc.


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We are a "Plane Ambulance" Service for medical escort that you can rely on, just turn to "Central Jet Charter Inc." Whether you’re arranging relocation for an elderly relative from a northern state to Florida, or you need assistance during an international flight for a patient with a wheelchair or oxygen supply, the medical escort service from "Air Ambulance" Worldwide is a safe and cost-effective option.


"Air Ambulances Services," to over 6000 airports in the USA.
"Air Ambulance" Medical Transport, of any type.
VIP "Air Ambulance Transportation."
Organ Transportation, when it needs to get there ASAP.
We have an "Charter an Empty Leg" service.
Medical Escort, on board if necessary.
Medical Insurance, if pre-approved by your company.
"HELICOPTER AMBULANCE" at any time 24/7/365, because we can never tell when they might be needed!



"Air Ambulances Services, to over 6000 airports in the USA."
"Air Ambulance Medical Transport, of any type."
"V.I.P. Air Ambulance Transportation."
"Organ Transportation, when it needs to get there ASAP."
"We have an Charter an Empty Leg service."
"Medical Escort, on board if necessary."
"Medical Insurance, if pre-approved by your company."
"AIR AMBULANCE" at "Central Jet Charter Inc." commitment to excellence in patient care makes them the carrier of choice for Individuals, Travel Insurance Assistance Companies, Prominent Specialty Hospitals, Cruise Lines, and Government Agencies.

OEI Service Ceiling 7,550 ft 2,301 m.
AEO Service Ceiling 15,000 ft * 4,572 m.
Cabin Length 7.92 ft 2.41 m.
Cabin Width 6.25 ft 1.93 m.
Cabin Height 4.42 ft 1.35 m.
Cabin Area 50 ft2 4.65 m2.
Cabin Volume 204 ft3 5.78 m3.
Baggage Volume 38 ft3 1.08 m3.
Seating 12-13.
The "SIKORSKY HELICOPTER" operates successfully in more than 40 plus countries on five continents, fulfilling its many missions in varied environmental conditions found worldwide.

The "ROBINSON R44 Helicopter" is a great choice for the lowest priced helicopters. Our sister company at "HELICOPTERAIRCHARTER.COM" and is a great way to travel. The "ROBINSON R44 Helicopter" can also go into Smaller Airports!