Introduce your family and your business world to an in-flight experience of unsurpassed excellence. "Jet Charter Service" is the ultimate in one of these!

The Global Express 7000 Ultra Long Range Jet can be chartered for $5,400 per hour and up. The Global Express 7000 Private Jet.


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"GLOBAL EXPRESS 7000, Information"

"LARGER WINDOWS THAT BROADEN YOUR PERSPECTIVE ON THE WORLD." The new Global Express 7000 Jet window design optimizes natural light at all seating locations and provides considerably improved viewing angles, and viewing range, seated or standing.

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6 windows per zone are optimally aligned with seats and with monuments throughout all 4 living areas.

"WAKE UP IN YOUR NEW STATE ROOM TO BREAKFAST IN BED." Set in the cabin’s quietest area, and with its permanent bed option, the aft stateroom provides ‘home-like’ master bedroom comfort and intimacy.

The private en-suite amenities, luxuriously detailed, can also be furnished with a true stand-up shower.

The remarkable cabin of the Global Express 70000 Business Jet is the very heart of an unparalleled experience in comfort and luxury.

"Global Express 7000 Airplane Charter"
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Business aviation's true 4-zone cabin rewards global leaders and their families, friends or business partners with increased cabin space when compared to the current industry leader.

Intelligently purposed to balance productivity and pleasure, and crafted with luxury and lifestyle first and foremost in mind.

The area is as well-suited to dining as it is to conferencing, and to laying out work papers as it is to setting a laptop on the surface.

Office space can be closed off from the rest of the cabin providing the privacy to work or make business calls alone.

"Global Express 7000 Exterior"
global express 7000, jet charter, private flights, charter aircraft exterior
It’s equipped with the very latest in communications technology and a state-of-the-art cabin management system. The new seat design provides unprecedented comfort over longer flights.

Infinitely more accommodating on longer flights is the increased galley size. Its greater storage capacity allows for a larger and more varied food selection, as well as the necessary dinnerware and glasses.

A low cabin altitude favors rest and a fresher arrival. The Global Express 7000 cabin provides an environment equivalent to the altitude of Salt Lake City, Utah, at 43,000 ft, and equivalent to St. Moritz, Switzerland, at 51,000 ft.

"Global Express 7000 Private Jet Charter"
global express 7000 inside, jet charter, private aircraft, private jet
"The GLOBAL EXPRESS 7000" with its new and next-generation technology, the Global 7000 aircraft is the future-minded synthesis of grace and power, providing unprecedented freedom in its most advanced form.

The $72.8 million Global 7000 is to have a max speed of Mach .925 and a 7,400 nm cruise range at Mach .85 with eight passengers and four crew member.

The 8000 is going to follow the 7000, but Bombardier executives declined to update the timeline. They stressed that their efforts are centered on bringing the 7000 to market.

The 8000, which will be shorter than 7000 but have a 7,900-nm range, will have 80-percent commonality with the 7000.

"Inside Global Express 7000"
global express 7000 inside, jet charter private, flights charter aircraft
Global 7000 and Global 8000. Both the jets belong to the large business jet category, capable of flying great distances at ultra-high speeds.

The Global Express 7000 performance, design, design tolerances and the images shown are solely based on projections and forecasts, and are subject to change without notice.

The Global 7000 Business Jet continues the Bombardier tradition of astonishing inventiveness.

"Private Jet Charter, GLOBAL EXPRESS 7000"

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"GLOBAL EXPRESS 7000, Private Jet Charter!"

It’s customary for new leadership teams to conduct broad product-portfolio reviews, and while they rarely result in wholesale changes to major programs, they sometimes lead to surprising outcomes that observers may not have anticipated.

"Global Express 7000 Private Jets"
global express 7000, jet charter, private flights, charter aircraft, interior global express
Those commitments include entry into service for the Global 7000 in 2016, and the Global 8000 the following year.

The Global 7000 program was launched in 2010. The aircraft are a stretched and updated version of Bombardier’s Global Express jet, not clean-sheet designs.

Milestones have defined aviation for as long as there has been an aircraft industry—first flight, the fastest, the highest flying, the longest range, introductory rollout, and so on.

"Jet Charter Global Express 7000"
global express 7000 inside, private jet charter, heavy jets, private jets, private aircraft
They are a measure of not just technology innovation, but also the industry’s progress and companies’ ability to compete in an unforgiving, highly competitive marketplace.

Compared to this, the Global 8000 has a better range at 7,900 nm, but will be able to carry a maximum of 13 passengers. Out of the two, Global 7000 is going to be costlier at $75 million, and Global 8000 is expected to carry a sticker price of $71 million.

"Global Express 7000 Charter Flights"
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In order to make the jets compete head to head with Gulfstream’s flagship offering, Bombardier has given the jets features that are much similar to G650. The Global 7000 will be able to travel 7,300 nautical miles (nm) non-stop, will sport a maximum operating speed of Mach 0.90 and will be accommodate up to 17 passengers.

Apart from being a prominent entity in the commercial aviation space, Bombardier also excels in manufacturing business jets.

"Global Express 7000 Plane Charter"
global express 7000 planes, jet charter flights, jet planes, private flights
In fact, the company was the top business jet seller, in terms of revenue, for straight eight years, between 2005 and 2012.

It was only recently in 2013 when Gulfstream, the aviation arm of General Dynamics (NYSE:GD), dethroned the Canadian firm to become the top business jet seller, on the back of the stupendous demand for its flagship G650ER jet.

The year 2013 was a different year for Bombardier. Despite selling more number of jets, the company ended up in the second place since Gulfstream’s total value of deals was more.

"Global Express 7000 Private Flights"
global express 7000 flight, charter flight, aircraft flights, private jet charter
The popularity of the jet has reached such a level that existing owners who has just got their hands of the jet are ready to sell it off at a $10 million to $15 million premium - a very popular concept known as aircraft flipping.

So far Bombardier has been earning a third of its business aviation revenues from larger jets and the balance from small and mid-sized jets.

But with the Global 7000/8000 in the picture, analysts expects the contribution of larger jets to shoot up significantly.

"Global Express 7000 Airplane Charter"
global express 7000 interior, private jet, heavy jet charter, charter aircraft
The Global Express 7000 continues the Bombardier tradition of astonishing inventiveness.


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