The Learjet 60XR private aircraft start’s at $3,400 per hour and up. The Learjet 60XR Private Aircraft.



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"Learjet 60XR, Information!"

These flights require more in-cabin stowage space, a larger galley, an airier feeling and lighter cabin to combat jet lag and more room for passengers to stretch out.

Those are important updates to be sure, but the redesigned cabin is where this airplane really shines.

"Learjet 60XR Specifications"
"Airshow and Sony Cabin Entertainment systems including a 10 disc CD player and dual DVD players."
"4-place club seating with a 3-place divan couch."
"Internal and external baggage compartments."
Changes include more curvaceous cabinetry, single-seat structure and upholstery, a cleaner looking headliner with recessed air gaspers, LED lighting, more illuminating window surrounds and a redesigned lavatory with a larger vanity cabinet.

Customers can now choose from five basic seven- and eight-seat floor plans and specify a larger galley and a three-place divan in addition to four slide/swivel single executive seats arranged in a "club 4" configuration.

(Bombardier says the airplane can seat nine passengers, but that counts the belted potty.) Other layouts include six single seats or a high-density, eight-seat layout, including six single seats and a two-place divan (a particularly useless item, save for small children, pets or briefcases).

The new galley is the cabin's most impressive monument and it has been relocated to the left side of the cabin next to the passenger door.

"Learjet 60XR Information"
"Midsize aircraft featuring a stand-up cabin."
"Enclosed lavatory with sink."
"2,000-2,400 nautical mile range, depending on passenger load."
"Full galley including two hot liquids, microwave, cold drinks, minibar, and wine chiller."

This positioning conveys a more spacious atmosphere and accentuates the cabin lines, creating a lengthier appearance.

It also provides a noise buffer between most of the passengers and the cabin door, which has an improved seal.

Overall, interior cabin noise has been reduced by "several" decibels over the Learjet 60, according to Bombardier.

The unconventional galley tower houses hot-liquid containers and glassware and provides 6.5 more inches of workspace with natural lighting via an over-the-counter window.

Improved natural and artificial lighting is a big part of the 60XR cabin's appeal. The lavatory has an extra window and the new window surrounds allow a significant amount of additional natural light inside.

The 60XR's cabin management system has fewer and more user-friendly menus than the 60 and features inputs for iPods and other equipment, such as laptops and DVD players.

Content from these devices can be transmitted throughout the cabin via headphone jacks and displays.

While high-speed Internet is available, options include Iridium satellite phones, the Airshow 410 or 4000 moving map and flight information/entertainment system with network package.

There is a 15.1-inch forward monitor, a 10.4-inch aft monitor, single or dual DVD systems, passenger AV inputs and XM radio.

In 2005, only one year after Model 60SE deliveries began, Bombardier announced the 60XR. Deliveries of the 60XR began in 2008.

"LEARJET 60XR PRIVATE AIRCRAFT" comes elegantly appointed with more of what corporate travelers appreciate on long flights.

Such improvements give the Learjet 60XR's cabin much of the look, feel and function of a super-midsize business jet-for $6 million to $7 million less.

"Private Jet Charter, Learjet 60XR"

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"LEARJET 60XR, Jet Charter"

Learjet 60XR,, logo
The midsize Learjet 60XR boasts the largest cabin and longest range of any Learjet yet to reach production.

Bombardier built more than 110 units between 2007 and 2013. The XR version is upgraded with triple-disc steel brake packs, a more space efficient interior that seats six to eight passengers and improved sound insulation.

The Learjet 60XR is Bombardier's latest iteration of a midsize model that has endured since the 1970s, the decade that gave rise to this category of business jet.

Its design was derived from the stretched small-tube Model 35 and a new longer wing developed for the even smaller Model 25 that gave the airplane greater range and better high-altitude handling capabilities.

A Model 55 can fly about 2,200 nautical miles, giving it near-transcontinental reach (bicoastal operations are possible with auxiliary fuel tanks).

By 1993, it had the answer: the Model 60. The airplane is a derivative of the Learjet 55C with an 18-inch-longer cabin, redesigned seats and an extra passenger seat, more powerful engines.

It has a better climb performance, slightly faster cruise speed and a range of nearly 2,500 nautical miles. More than 300 Model 60s have been produced.

Some Lear 60-XR's feature domestic in-flight, high-speed Wi-Fi with internet, email, VPN and more!

Surf the internet, send and receive email with attachments and log into your corporate VPN using your own personal laptop, smartphones and even portable gaming systems.

Performing at the fastest airborne data speeds, it truly allows you to use your wireless devices to do in the air virtually everything you do on the ground. So you stay every bit as connected and productive.

With the efficiency and low operating costs that make it part of the Learjet business aircraft family, this aircraft can cruise above traffic and turbulence, connecting travelers to their destinations more quickly.

The aircraft’s elegantly appointed interior allows you to stand up or stretch out in a generous cabin space that is far more comfortable than any office chair back on the ground.

Swift and agile. Uncompromising range and impressive speed. This is the Learjet 60 XR aircraft — the jet that commands attention.

Bombardier’s Learjet 60XR, assembled in Wichita, KS, is one of thousands of general aviation aircraft that have been built in the Air Capital of the World.

A recent episode of the National Geographic Channel series Mega factories documented the assembly of businessman David Morgan’s $14 million Learjet 60XR to tell the story of not only how each business jet is assembled there, but also how the 50-year-old company has reinvented itself to optimize production.

The Learjet 60-XR fleet offers state-of-the-art combination of range, speed and comfort which has made the Learjet 60-XR one of the world's most popular midsize jets.

The Learjet 60-XR's rethought, redesigned interior provides passengers with even more space and better cabin functionality.

This exceptional aircraft provides the performance expected in a high-end jet. You and your guests will enjoy the generous cabin space and luxurious plush leather seats as you fly non-stop across the country.

The LEARJET 60XR brings efficiency and low operating costs that make it part of the Learjet Business Aircraft family, this Aircraft can cruise above traffic and turbulence, connecting travelers to their destinations more quickly.

"Learjet 60XR Private Jet Charter"
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The aircraft easily accommodates up to 8 passengers. There's plenty of room to move around and stretch your legs or just sit back and experience our state-of-the-art TV/DVD entertainment system, CD player and Air Show.

A flight phone, mini-galley and enclosed lavatory are also featured. The Learjet 60-XR is among the quietest in its class, virtually assuring unrestricted access to noise sensitive airports. Best of all, our highly trained pilots and crew ensure you arrive at your destination safely, on-time and totally refreshed.


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