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"GLOBAL EXPRESS 6500, Jet Charter!"

The Global 6500 aircraft’s wide-open living spaces are where form and function come together in a visually stunning environment.

The latest technology keeps you connected and entertained, while new innovative seating delivers the comfort you expect from a cabin built around you.

With the widest in-class cabin, the Global 6500 offers passengers an unprecedented combination of space and elegance, while innovative, extra-wide seating with higher armrests provide the utmost in comfort.

Three distinct living spaces form an exceptionally accommodating environment designed to maximize movement and create privacy for an unparalleled flight experience.

Introducing the Nuage seat, a revolutionary architecture and the first meaningful change in the operation and design of a business aircraft seat in 30 years. The Nuage seat delivers class-defining comfort for life above the clouds.

The Global 650…

"GLOBAL EXPRESS 7000, Private Jet Charter!"

It’s customary for new leadership teams to conduct broad product-portfolio reviews, and while they rarely result in wholesale changes to major programs, they sometimes lead to surprising outcomes that observers may not have anticipated.

"Global Express 7000 Private Jets"
global express 7000, jet charter, private flights, charter aircraft, interior global express
Those commitments include entry into service for the Global 7000 in 2016, and the Global 8000 the following year.

The Global 7000 program was launched in 2010. The aircraft are a stretched and updated version of Bombardier’s Global Express jet, not clean-sheet designs.

Milestones have defined aviation for as long as there has been an aircraft industry—first flight, the fastest, the highest flying, the longest range, introductory rollout, and so on.

"Jet Charter Global Express 7000"
global express 700…

"GLOBAL EXPRESS 7500, Private Jet Charter!"

The Global 7500 aircraft features an advanced air management system that delivers both 100% fresh air as well as a turbo heat and turbo cool feature to rapidly raise or lower cabin temperature.

Additionally, optimized cabin pressurization provides a low altitude environment in the cabin.

This helps you feel more energized and alleviating jet lag upon arrival.

The all-new nice Touch cabin management system designed exclusively for the Global 7500 aircraft dials up the cabin experience, redefining the way you interact with the cabin and your content.

Engineered for total performance and featuring an industry leading 7,700 nm range, no other business jet offers the Global 7500 aircraft’s ultimate combination of range, speed, field performance and smooth ride.

"GLOBAL EXPRESS 8000, Jet Charter!"

The Bombardier Global 7000 and Global 8000 are ultra long-range corporate and VIP high speed jet aircraft under development by Bombardier Aerospace.

"Global Express 8000 Air Charter"
inside global express 8000, private jet, Private Jet Charter
The program has been delayed by 24 months, although some clients are delayed by up to 36 months.

Entry into service for the Global 7000 is expected in 2018, and the Global 8000 in 2019.

The Global 8000, planned to be able to fly farther than any other existing business jet, will feature a three-zone 2,236 cu.ft. (63.32 cu.m.) cabin and a range of 7,900 nmi (14,631 km) at Mach 0.85.

It is planned to be able to connect Sydney to Los Angeles, Hong Kong to New York, and Mumbai to New York non-stop with eight passengers, and to reach a high-speed cruise of Mach 0.90. Entry into service is scheduled for 2019.

"Global Express 8000 Plane C…

"Heavy Jet Charter, FALCON 5X"

Dassault Aviation has confirmed a two-year delay and production freeze on its all-new Falcon 5X because of ongoing problems with the Snecma Silvercrest engine.

"Falcon 5X Inside"
falcon 5x inside
The large-cabin, long-range twinjet – which was rolled out in June 2015 – is not now expected to fly until 2017, with first deliveries in early 2020.

After unveiling the 5X in 2013, the French manufacturer had planned the jet’s maiden flight in the third quarter of last year but shortly after roll-out.

Hitches with the Silvercrest engine began to emerge, and Dassault said late in 2015 it would announce a new testing and production schedule early this year.

Dassault has informed 5X customers of the delay. Although he will not reveal backlog details for the type.

"Falcon 5X Private Jet Charter"
falcon 5x, jet charter, private jet inside, jet charter, aircraft interior, Heavy Jet
The 5X is t…

"The FALCON 6X Jet Charter"

Like its predecessors, the Falcon 6X wing is optimized for both high- and low-speed performance.

Leading edge slats and trailing edge flaps yield remarkably low takeoff and approach speeds.

In fact, the Falcon 6X’s typical (Vref) approach speed is 109 knots – up to 10 knots slower than most jets with comparable range and nearly the approach speed of some short-field turboprops.

This capability ensures greater safety margins on takeoffs and landings. With a balanced field length of 5,480 feet.

The Falcon 6X can use more airports than competitors, getting you closer to your destination.

It can access fields requiring steep approaches such as Lugano or London City.

And, even with a partial fuel load, it can operate at airports with runways of less than 3,000 feet.

The Falcon 6X beautifully combines an ultra wide-body cabin with an all-new, fast and ultra-efficient wing.

The 6X wing has a moderately swept l…

"FALCON 7X, Charter Flights!"

nbaa, falcon 7x exterior
Few People are aware that the 7X is currently the only aircraft that can fly non-stop from London City Airport to New York.

Dassault set about changing that last week, and decided to set a speed record in the process.

"Falcon 7x Private Jet Charter"
falcon 7x, jet charter, charter airplane, airplane services
The Falcon 7X is the latest member of the Falcon family of aircraft and flies faster, further and higher than its predecessors.

Dassault states that the Falcon 7X is the world's first fly-by-wire business jet.

The 7X's landing speed, though, is as low as 104 knots, letting it set down on runways normally far too short for large-body jets.

No other plane in its class, for example, can land at London City Airport.
The Dassault Falcon 7X isn't the biggest, fastest, or priciest jet a billionaire can buy.

But it's easily the coolest: Its triple cluster…

"FALCON 8X, Jet Charter!"

The Falcon 8X represents something of a paradigm shift for Dassault.

"Falcon 8X Private Aircraft"
cabin falcon 8x, private aircraft, falcon 8x interior
This is the first time in the company’s history that it has stretched one of its existing Falcon Jets to create a derivative model rather than embark on a clean-sheet design.

Two 21-in. barrel plugs, one ahead and one aft of the wing root, were added to the 7X fuselage.

The modification makes room for two additional windows on each side of the fuselage and adds about 3.5 ft. to cabin length.

The stretch also makes room for a longer belly fairing with a more conformal tank that increases fuel capacity by about 2,500 lb.

"Falcon 8X Charter Private Jet"
falcon 8x, jet charter, interior falcon 8x
Expected to cost around $58 million (10 percent more than the 7X), the 8X is slated to fly in the first quarter of this Year.

A trio of Pratt &…

"FALCON 8X, Jet Charter!"

The Falcon 8X represents something of a paradigm shift for Dassault.

"Falcon 8X Private Aircraft"
cabin falcon 8x, private aircraft, falcon 8x interior
This is the first time in the company’s history that it has stretched one of its existing Falcon Jets to create a derivative model rather than embark on a clean-sheet design.

Two 21-in. barrel plugs, one ahead and one aft of the wing root, were added to the 7X fuselage.

The modification makes room for two additional windows on each side of the fuselage and adds about 3.5 ft. to cabin length.

The stretch also makes room for a longer belly fairing with a more conformal tank that increases fuel capacity by about 2,500 lb.

"Falcon 8X Charter Private Jet"
falcon 8x, jet charter, interior falcon 8x
Expected to cost around $58 million (10 percent more than the 7X), the 8X is slated to fly in the first quarter of this Year.

A trio of Pratt &…

"FALCON 900LX Private Plane Charter"

The 900LX will make one of the most popular Falcon series much more capable, economical and environmentally responsible to operate – an issue that means more today than ever before."

"Facon 900LX Interior"
falcon 900lx interior, private jet charter, heavy jets, private aircraft flights
The 900LX's improved aerodynamics makes it 55 to 70 percent faster than other airplanes in its class, extending the plane's range, and saving on fuel.

Since 1997 when Dassault debuted their first three-engine supersonic business jet, the company has made several breakthrough developments contributing to the success of today's midsize Falcon aircraft.

Most notably, the revamped 900LX offers record-setting efficiency thanks to its specialized wingtips.

"Facon 900LX Aircraft Charter"
falcon 900lx, jet charter, aircraft flights, private flights, private jet charter aircraft ser…
"Charter a Private Jet: The Challenger 605"

Options include a head-up display, XM satellite radio, a third FMS-6000 and Ref V IRS and lightning detector.

"Challenger 605 Interior"
challenger 605 jet interior
Cabin comfort easily topped the list of most-liked features, spontaneously mentioned during the unguided recall phase of our survey.

Due to an interior completion redesign, the Challenger 605 actually has more usable width and height compared to the Challenger 604 even though fuselage diameter remains unchanged.

The cabin also feels larger because of the 10-in.-wide-by-16-in. tall cabin windows, plus larger window reveals, that provide 30% more light than previous Challenger 600 series aircraft.

In the last decade, few large-cabin business aircraft have earned stronger operator loyalty than the Challenger 605.

Upfront, Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics with four large flat-panel displays replace the Pro Line…
"Private Jet Charter, in a CHALLENGER 650"

A state-of-the-art large cabin jet, the new Challenger 650 is designed for maximum comfort and mobility.

"Challenger 650 Exterior"
challenger 650 exterior, aircraft charter, challenger 650 outside, jet charter
As part of the new Signature Series™, the Challenger 650 boasts a number of unique features and custom enhancements to meet the needs of Jet Charter Clients.

Many have wondered what Bombardier’s next step will be to retain the Challenger 605’s best-selling lead in the heavy jet category of business jets as the type approaches its 1,000th delivery since the aircraft was introduced 1986.

The new Challenger 650 leans heavily on Bombardier’s experience in evolving the super-midsize Challenger 300 into the 350.

"Challenger 650 Jet Inside"
inside challenger 650, interior challenger 650, cabin challenger 650
With a heavy focus on comfort in the up-to-12-passenger c…

"Jet Charter: The Challenger 850!"
The impeccably crafted interior effortlessly combines functionality with style and includes stowable tables, large galley area separated from the main cabin, thoughtfully designed storage, and luxuriously appointed WC’s at the front and rear of the aircraft.

The WC at the rear can double as a dressing room, with access to an internal baggage area supplementing the external hold.

"Challenger 850 Jet"
challenger 850 exterior, private jet, aircraft charter, private flights
The Challenger 850 also includes a high quality audio-visual and communications system for entertainment and productivity in the air.

The Bombardier Challenger 850 (ICAO designator CRJ2) is a large-cabin jet class business aircraft, based on the CRJ200 platform, a small commercial jet that would typically carry 50 passengers.

Unlike the ‘clean-sheet’ Challenger 300, it is closely related to the Challenger 600 series…
"Private Jet Flight: Cessna Citation Hemisphere"

The Textron Aviation companies include Cessna Aircraft Company and Beechcraft Corporation, bringing together decades of unmatched experience in designing, building and supporting airplanes.

"Interior Citation Hemisphere"
Cessna Citation Hemisphere, citation hemisphere interior, inside cessna hemisphere
It provides the most versatile and comprehensive general aviation product portfolio in the world through five principal lines of business: business jets, general aviation and special mission turboprop aircraft, high performance piston aircraft, military trainer and defense aircraft, and a complete global customer service organization.

Its broad range of products include such best-selling aircraft as Citation and Hawker business jets, King Air and Caravan turboprops and T-6 military trainer aircraft, all of which are backed by the industry’s largest global service n…
"Aerion-AS2 Jet Charter Service!"

It takes a normal jet about seven hours to make that trip, but the Aerion AS2 will reduce the time significantly.

"Cabin Aerion AS2"
cabin Aerion AS2
It will have a supersonic range of 4,750 nautical miles, meaning it could fly from San Francisco to London at the speed of sound.

On the Aerion AS2, a supersonic private jet currently in development, it would be just ten hours.

The first AS2 jet is expected in 2021.

"Aerion AS2 Jet"
Jet Charter Aerion AS2
According to original plans, these jets were intended to be powered by Pratt & Whitney's JT8D engines.

Rolls-Royce's history with Concrode, a supersonic passenger jet airliner that was operated until 2003, along with its experience in producing engines for the Tornado and Typhoon fighters has made the British engineering firm a front runner for the Aerion contract.

However, Aerion now plans to bring supersonic jets b…
Image Charter the GLOBAL EXPRESS XRS
The Global Express XRS is an improved version of the original aircraft, offering higher cruise speed, increased range, improved cabin layout and lighting.

"Jet Charter Global Express XRS" global express xrs, interior global express xrs, inside private jet, jet charter flights The plane has a range of 6170 nautical miles which is sufficient to be able to fly from Los Angeles to Tokyo or London without the need to refuel.

The plane also features a unique system which allows the plane to be refuelled in less than 15 minutes which is unique for an aircraft of its class.

This aircraft seats a maximum of 19 passengers with an entertainment/executive console.

"Exterior Global Express XRS" global express xrs, exterior global express xrs, outside private jet, charter flight The new cabin features several ergonomic improvements including increased cabin pressurization, the addition of two…
"LEGACY 600, Jet Charter"!

With its rugged airliner heritage, the super-midsize Legacy 600 works as hard as you do, delivering over 99% dispatch reliability coupled with exceptional capabilities and remarkable economy.

Up to 14 passengers enjoy a three-zone largest-in-class cabin, the largest lavatory, and the largest inflight-accessible baggage compartment in the segment.

"Legacy 600 Private Jet Charter"
legacy 600, nbaa, Private Airplane, Private jets, jet charter
Baggage compartments. Baggage compartment: 240 ft (6.8 m3)Internal storage: 46 ft3 (1.3 m3)Total storage volume: 286 ft3 (8.1 m3)Fully accessible during flight.

The Embraer Legacy 600 is a business jet derivative of the Embraer ERJ 145 family of commercial jet aircraft.

The Legacy 600 is based on the ERJ 135 model with the updated Mark I cockpit of the EMB-145.

It features added range via extra fuel tanks in the tail behind the baggage compartment and forwar…
GULFSTREAM G3, Charter Plane Service!"

The Gulfstream III was built at Savannah, Georgia in the United States and was designed as an improved variant of the Grumman Gulfstream II.

"Gulfstream G3 Private Flights"
gulfstream g3 flights, gulfstream g3 interior, jet charter, private aircraft charter
The Gulfstream III is an all-weather, long-range, high-speed aircraft that comfortably seats 12 within a spacious cabin, amid luxurious accommodations and in-flight amenities.

This business class jet is designed and developed by Gulfstream Aerospace. It’s superbly outfitted, both technologically and aesthetically.

This promotes genuine productivity and full relaxation as per the individual needs of any traveler.

The Gulfstream G3 is a Heavy jet that can fly almost 4k miles.

"Interior Gulfstream G3"
gulfstream g3 interior, inside private jet, cabin gulfstream g3, private jet charter
The Gulfstream III is very similar to t…
"GULFSTREAM G350, Luxury Private Jet Charter!"

gulfstream g350, nbaaprivate charter aircraft, charter jets
Granted, the '70s were the decade of orange shag carpets and avocado-colored kitchens, but they weren't all bad.

In today's '70s-like less is more climate, the Gulfstream G350 could experience a popularity resurgence.

Its price/performance equation hearkens back to the GIII transcontinental workhorse that in many ways established Gulfstream as the large-cabin business jet leader back in that fabulous decade.

The G350 features a large cabin, coast-to-coast range and a price tag only slightly more than that of a super-midsize jet.

Compared with its long-range G450 sibling, the G350 costs $5 million less, has a maximum takeoff weight that is 3,000 pounds lighter and has only 550 nautical miles less range.

The G350's prime appeal is simple: When it comes to aircraft cabins, size has no substitute. Realiz…
"GULFSTREAM GIV, Charter Air Service!"

The Gulfstream IV-SP (G-IV) is a high altitude, high speed, twin turbofan jet aircraft acquired by AOC in 1996.

"Gulfstream G4 Private Charter Jet"
gulfstream g4, private jets, charter jets, charter flights
The Gulfstream G4, offered to you by us as part of our business activities together with other private airlines, is considered among the leading business jets and larger, and is suitable for 14 passengers.

This plane is considered among the most successful produced, which provide such services, it serves as a model plane built and manufactured aircraft from the same series.

At Aviation Bridge we want to offer you the maximum comfort and range of various services, whether for business private flight to a destination near or far, and whether it is a business flight for personal reasons.

"Jet Charter Gulfstream G4"
gulfstream g4 interior, g4 inside, gulfstream jet char…
Private Aircraft Charter, GULFSTREAM GIVsp"

As the world’s premier large cabin business jet,the Gulfstream GIV-SP has a luxurious cabin, remarkable flight range and bold presence.

"Gulfstream G4-SP Jet Charter Private"
gulfstream g4sp interior, private jet charter, gulfstream g4sp inside, cabin private jet
The cabin seats fourteen comfortably and contains oversized panoramic windows, a full-service galley, a spacious stand-up lavatory and a large in-flight accessible baggage compartment.

The Gulfstream IVSP (G-IVSP) private jet is the perfect fit for missions of business or pleasure that require significant operational flexibility such as passenger load and distance traveled.

The G-IVSP aircraft provides an economical solution for travel up to 4,200 nautical miles and offers extreme luxury for short travel hauls as well.

"Cabin Gulfstream G4-SP"
gulfstream g4sp cabin, jet charter, heavy jets, private jets, int…
"Charter a Private Flight, the GULFSTREAM G450"

The cabin is roomy enough for three living areas, two lavatories and a full-size galley, which can be located forward or aft.

"Exterior Gulfstream G450"
gulfstream g450 exterior
If you need a private jet experience with enhanced range, this jet will take you almost 5000 miles away with comfort and class.

An improvement on the popular Gulfstream G400/GIV-SP, the Gulfstream G450 comes with upgraded engines, updated avionics technology, and aerodynamic enhancements.

Fourteen passengers (thirteen passengers for the GIV-SP) fly in a spacious and comfortable cabin which includes a full-service galley.

"Cabin Gulfstream G450"
cabin gulfstream g450, g450 interior, private jet Charter Aircraft
The G450 is one of the few large-cabin aircraft capable of flying eight passengers 4,300 nm at Mach 0.80 and land with 200-nm NBAA IFR reserves.

A stateroom, complete with one …
GLOBAL EXPRESS, Private Jet Charter!

interior global express, nbaa logo
The Bombardier Global Express is a large cabin, ultra long range business jet manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

There are currently five variants, the original Global Express, Global 5000, Global 6000, Global 7000 & Global 8000.

Flying faster and farther and climbing quicker than any other business jets in their class.

The Bombardier Global aircraft offer spacious cabins that provide maximum flexibility for VIP transport and personal travel needs.

The cabin is second to none in terms of space and comfort and is equipped with the very latest in-flight entertainment systems.

Designed from the inside out, the Global Express' cabin is one the most flexible and elegantly appointed of any business aircraft.

27 large windows shower the cabin with natural light, and the 100 percent fresh-air system and a low cabin altitude to help red…
"FALCON 900, Aircraft Charter!", falcon 900, private flights, aircraft rental, airplane rental
The 900’s unique combination of cabin comfort, mission versatility and favorable operating economics.

More than 25 years after it first entered service, the Falcon 900 remains in a class by itself.

From its three-engine layout to its advanced computer design to its construction using lightweight alloys and composites, the 900 series is truly peerless.

Dassault has made many improvements to the aircraft in terms of range, avionics and engine power, but the guts of the airplane and its value proposition remain largely unchanged.

The tri-jet design lets you go where twinjets cannot and the lightweight construction means you burn less fuel while doing so.

A new copy of the latest iteration, the 900LX, will set you back nearly $42 million. However, its predecessor, the 900EX, offers much of the same utility.

Dassault produced it fro…
Image "The Falcon 900C, Aircraft Charter!"

14 passengers: 4 forward club seats, 4 places mid-cabin dining group with electrical table with credenza opposite, 2 aft 3 places divans (berthable).

It has Fwd & Aft lavatories, and a jump seat. Galley and AFT cabin pocket doors. Crystal Liquid R/H AFT bulkhead.

"Falcon 900C Private Jet Charter"
charter falcon 900C
Off-white leather seats, beige fabric sofas, Flat Cut Cherry wood veneer (glossy). Brushed Aluminium metal plating. Round Look Design.

Multi Standard VHS, DVD player, 2 ea. 15" and 1 ea. 18" LCD monitors, TIA High Temp Oven, 1 ea. add 1 small electrical oven, Nespresso Coffee Machine, 220 VAC, 1200 VA, 50 Hz outlets, 2 ea.

Dual wing tip nav lights, Oxygen Bottle, 2 ea. 12 Man Life Rafts, Dual Nav. Lights, Telescopic Towbar.

The Falcon 900C is a long-range business jet from Dassault. Dassault Aviation has a dedicated subsidiary for the Falcon family called t…