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"Private Jet Charter in Heavy Jets!"

The Embraer Legacy Shuttle began life as a highly successful commercial aircraft in 1999.

Its parent company, Embraer, decided that their popular 50-passenger commercial jet, the ERJ-135, would translate well into a 1-passenger private jet.

"The Legacy 600"
legacy 600 exterior, private jet, jet charter
Modified in several ways to meet the needs of corporate jet flyers, the jet retained a large majority of its original design.

The Legacy 600 is Embraer’s first attempt business jet but it doesn’t show. Certified in 1999, the highly-successful Legacy 600 continues to be manufactured today.

Now the Legacy series, although still in development, is highly-anticipated and promises the most up-to-date technology yet.

Our elite clientele fly with the confidence knowing that their privacy is assured."

Your safety is our top priority on the private jets. Operators in the USA must meet stan…
"LEGACY 500, Charter Aircraft!"
nbaa, legacy 500, charter air services, chartering jets, chartering aircraft
The first midsize jet with digital flight controls with full fly-by-wire, and a clean-sheet benchmark for the future in performance, passenger room and comfort.

The 12-passenger Legacy 500 is the fastest jet in its class, delivering a high-speed cruise of Mach 0.82, excellent runway performance, and US coast-to-coast range for eight. It’s truly a product of rethinking convention.

Designed from the ground up as a game-changing, midsize business jet, the Legacy 500 isn’t compromised by old and outdated concepts.

Based on extensive customer input, the Legacy 500 incorporates innovative solutions for performance and comfort with the latest technologies from flight deck to passenger cabin.

A flight deck of the future. The Legacy 500’s futuristic flight deck features a remarkable design, focused on ergonomics and pilot comfort.

Image "HAWKER 1000, Information!"

The Hawker series had been popular since the 1960s and over the years had been updated with new engines, airfoils and amenities.

On the outside, there are subtle differences between the 800 and the 1000. The 800 has six passenger windows per side; the 1000 has seven.

"Interior Hawker 1000"
interior hawker 1000
Yet, the basic design philosophy-building an airplane with rugged and simple systems-remained unchanged.

In the high-utilization charter world, Hawkers were the horses and they still are today.

There's another good reason for buying a Hawker 1000: the price gap between it and the smaller Model 800 has narrowed, according to the aircraft pricing service Vref.

"Hawker 1000 Specificaitons"
"Microwave oven."


"In-flight entertainment system with custom-tuned speakers."

"15-inch bulkhead and 8.4-inch plug-in monitors at individu…

"HAWKER 4000, Jet Charter Flights!"

nbaa, hawker 4000, private air, charter aircraft, jet plane
For those reasons, asking prices for used Hawker 4000 aircraft are in the $4 million-6.5 million range, 20-30% of the original retail price, well below the resale prices of less capable super-midsize aircraft.

However, if the aircraft undergoes a rigorous due diligence pre-buy process, this aircraft can be a great buy.

Typically equipped, it’s capable of flying six passengers 3,100 nm at Mach 0.80. Each additional passenger costs about 50 nm of range.

The 16.7-ft.long main seating area comfortably seats 8 passengers in double club or 9 passengers with the optional 3-place, aft left side divan.

The forward right side galley shares space behind the cockpit with a 2.5-ft. long avionics cabinet.

It has sufficient room for the standard wet sink, microwave oven, coffee maker and food/beverage/serving ware storage compartments.

The carbon co…

"GULFSTREAM G200, Chartering a Private Jet!"

The Gulfstream G200, formerly known as the IAI Galaxy is a twin-engine business jet.

gulfstream g200 interior,jet charter, private flights, heavy jet, private jet charter aircraft
In 2005, Gulfstream began designing a follow-on aircraft. The new model, known as the G250 was launched in 2008. It was later renamed the Gulfstream G280.

The changes made to the G200 were not cheap or easy, but they paid off. Today, G200 owners generally give Gulfstream's industry-leading product support high marks.

"Gulfstream G200 Airplane Charter"
gulfstream g200 exterior, airplane charter, private aircraft charter
Properly retrofitted and maintained used G200s, while not perfect, are good values.

The Gulfstream G200 is a Super Midsize Jet that can seat up to 9 comfortablyl.

The Gulfstream 200 was one of the first private jets in the Gulfstream series, jets that would become top competi…
"GULFSTREAM G280, Aircraft Charter!"

The Plane View 280 cockpit incorporates state-of-the-art flight and navigation systems while auto throttle and auto braking set new standards for aircraft control and handling.

"Charter Flights Gulfstream G280"
inside gulfstream g280, interior gulfstream g280, private jet interior
The Gulfstream G280 is an aircraft so powerful and aerodynamic it redefines the performance and capabilities of super-midsize business aircraft.

And the interior? Light, quiet and exquisitely comfortable―everything one would expect from Gulfstream, The World Standard.

Increased range and fast, powerful climbing ability are two ways the Gulfstream G280 outperforms its original design goals and contributes to class-leading performance.

This super midsize aircraft travels 200 nautical miles/370 kilometers beyond its initial targeted range.

That design achievement pushes the G280’s maximum range to 3,600 n…

"FALCON 50, Aircraft Charter!"

falcon 50 interior, private jet charter, private jets, nbaa
Dassault's Falcon 50 private jet strikes a good balance between range, runway performance, and speed in the Falcon 50.

With a cabin that more than 23 feet long and transcontinental range, it still manages to cruise at speeds of 468 knots.

Its performance levels are high while other factors, such as its takeoff distance, means the Falcon 50 competes favourably with other long range business jets available on the private jet charter market.

The cabin of the Falcon 50 is usually configured to carry eight to ten passengers but can be modified to carry as many as sixteen.

It has both internal and external baggage space. The external storage compartment is long enough to fit objects as long as eight feet.

Falcon's plush interior includes separate cabin and cockpit temperature controls to profide your most comfortable cabin environment.

FALCON 50EX, Air Charter!

Power plugs are available for laptops and office equipment. Temperature control is separate for the cockpit and the cabin, so both parties are comfortable in-flight.

"Exterior Falcon 50EX"
falcon 50 exterior
Over 330 Dassault Falcon 50 and Falcon 50EX three-engined business jets are in service. The Falcon 50, which first flew in 1976, is no longer in production.

The long-range variant, the Falcon 50EX, first flew in 1996 and entered service in 1997.

Over 80 Falcon 50EX have been delivered. The Falcon 50EX ceased production in early 2008 when Dassault delivered the final aircraft.

The Falcon 50EX can fly eight executives 5,695km (3,075nm) at 955km/h (Mach 0.8) non-stop and requires 1,437m (4,715ft) of runway with maximum gross take-off weight

The Falcon 50EX is one of a family of Falcon business jets which includes Falcon 2000, 2000EX, 2000DX, 900C, 900EX, 900DX and the latest member, the Falcon 7X.

"CITATION SOVEREIGN+, Private Jet Aviation!"

nbaa, citation sovereign
As with other Cessna Citation models, the plus sign in the name of the Cessna Citation Sovereign+ refers to the upgrades the aircraft received compared to its predecessor.

In this case, the new aircraft has succeeded one of the company’s most popular models.

Compared to that aircraft, the new one—which went into service at the end of 2013—has updated engines, a new Garmin avionics suite, and redesigned wings that feature winglets for improved performance.

The cabin, which is typically configured to accommodate eight or nine passengers, is equipped with Cessna’s Clairity cabin-management system.

All midsize Citations have a cabin cross section that is 5.5-ft. wide by 5.7 ft.-high with a 13-in. wide dropped aisle.

The Sovereign+ main cabin is slightly more than 24-ft. long from the cockpit divider to the aft pressure bulkhead, the longest of any curr…


The standard configuration features a forward right-side galley approximately 6 ft. long, including a refreshment center, faucet and sink.

"Citation Longitude Cabin"
citation longitude cabin
The galley has dual hot beverage containers, an ice drawer, trash receptacle and compartments for catering storage, plus storage for bottle and canned beverages, tableware and condiments.

Microwave and convection ovens are optional. Also optional is a metal-lined, counter top-level compartment with a 15-amp AC outlet, accommodating a portable espresso machine or coffeemaker.

"Fly the Citation Longitude"
citation longitude fly, jet charter flights
Every passenger will have an armrest equipped touch-screen control of cabin lighting, window shades, temperature, digital audio and video, dynamic real-time maps and more. Super Midsize Jets the Citation Longitude.

"Citation Longitud…
Citation X, Private Jet Charter!"

citation x, National Business Aviation association

The Citation X hits its top speeds, like any jet does, at lighter cruise weights and at altitudes below maximum fuel efficiency.

But the X has the range to cross the country at top speed, and that's what many passengers want.

When you buy the fastest airplane available, why throttle back?

But there are trips that require longer range than the X's typical 3,000 miles. And there are warm temperatures aloft that rob cruise efficiency from any jet.

As many jet makers have shown, the way to improve on both of those situations is with carefully designed winglets, and now the X can have them.

A winglet is actually a very clever way to make a wing behave as though it has greater span without adding all of the structural loads the longer span requires.

Winglets are not a free lunch, but they can pay for themselves in terms of fuel savings and avoiding …
"Private Jet Charter: The Citation 10 Plus"

The X+ offers a bigger cabin than its predecessor, with an extra 15 inches in length, providing more legroom for passengers in the forward club seating area.

"Citation X Plus Private Aircraft"
citation 10 plus, private jet charter aircraft, charter flights, charter airplanes
Cessna also added winglets, which help save fuel and enhance takeoff and landing performance.

The jet is powered by two Rolls-Royce turbofan engines and can reach altitudes up to 51,000 feet, well above most weather and traffic.

Other updates to the new model include a dual-zone temperature system with separate controls for the cockpit and the cabin, as well as ergonomic seats for the cockpit crew.

The flight deck features Garmin G5000 touchscreen avionics with four full-color touchscreen control panels, plus fully integrated auto-throttles, which reduce pilo…

"The Challenger 300: Private Jet"
challenger 300 gallery, nbaa, org
The Challenger 300 comes in a variety of different layouts and typically seats 9 passengers.

It has a height of 6.1ft, width of 7.2ft and a cabin length of 28.6ft. It also provides 106 cu. ft. of storage capacity.

Nothing will compare with a personal jet. Even for Steve Job’s who came ba

"Challenger 300 Gallery"
challenger 300 gallery
Of key importance, the aircraft needed to be priced at less than $15 million.

Bombardier delivered on most of those goals. The Challenger 300 could fly nonstop from Bangor, Maine, to San Diego, Miami to Seattle or from Washington, D.C., to San Francisco against 99% probability headwinds.

It also could fly across the North Atlantic from Europe to virtually any North American city with one fuel stop.

Equipped with typical options and upgrades, though, customer aircraft had av…
"Jet Charter: The Challenger 350"

An incomparable super-midsize jet, the new Challenger 350 is built for optimal performance and superior comfort.

"Challenger 350 Jet Charter"
exterior challenger 350, private jet charter, heavy jets, private jet
The aft lavatory has a conventional, externally serviced, 4-gal.-capacity chemical toilet, a wet sink with soap dispenser and AC outlet, vanity cabinet with lighted mirror, trash container, air gasper, smoke detector and drop-down emergency oxygen mask.

An optional 200-lb. super-soundproofing package reduces interior sound levels by 2 to 3 dB.

Touchscreen controls at each seat manage cabin, table and PSU lights, cabin temperature and inflight entertainment (IFE) choices.

In addition there are dedicated stand-alone buttons for table and chair lights, audio volume and calling the cabin attendant

The standard IFE includes 3-D moving m…
"Super Midsize Jets, Aircraft Charter!"
super midsize jet cabin, jet charter, private jet, private aircraft
The Hawker 1000 super midsized jet has a cabin height close to or just over six feet. The cabin length ranges from 21-31 feet.

Conduct your business in private and while enjoying a wide range of amenities designed to enhance productivity and relaxation in this jet.

"Charter Super Midsize Jets"
super midsize jet charter, jet charter, private jet charter, private aircraft charter
Fly with confidence knowing that we offer an unmatched level of flight safety and security, meeting and exceeding all federal and international regulations as verified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and third party inspectors.

When you fly C.J.C. Inc., customization comes standard. Your private jet flight program, in-cabin service and personal advising are all tailored to you.

"The C…
"LEGACY 450, Jet Charter!"

Convinced that good is never really good enough, we started with a clean sheet of paper to design the Legacy 450, stablemate to the record shattering Legacy 500.

"Exterior Legacy 450"
legacy 450 exterior, legacy 450 outside, jet charter, private jet charter
The result: a new cutting-edge corporate jet that transcends all others in the mid-light class.

It is truly a remarkable union of technology and design offering digital flight controls with full fly-by-wire.

The largest-in-class stand-up cabin, and class-leading stowage capacity and speed.

It’s the kind of aircraft that emerges from not listening to conventional thinking – and instead, redefining what’s possible.

The New Mid-Light Corporate Jet on the Cutting Edge of Aviation Technology. The only mid-light jet with full digital flight controls (Fly-By-Wire technology). Game-changing performance. Unparalleled luxury.

"Legacy 450 Private…

"LEARJET 55, Private Jet!"

The series was to have three variants, the Learjet 54, 55 and 56 but only the Learjet 55 was built.

The Learjet 55 was a low-wing cantilever monoplane with NASA developed winglets, the winglets gave rise to the nickname Longhorn.

"Learjet 55 Aircraft Charter"
learjet 55 aircraft, aircraft charter, aircraft private charter flights
The aircraft has a T-tail and is powered by two Garrett TFE731 turbofans mounted each side of the rear fuselage.

It has a retractable tricycle landing gear and an enclosed cabin for up to ten passengers and a cockpit for the two crew.

"Jet Charter Learjet 55"
learjet 55, jet charter
Construction of the Learjet 55 began in April 1978 after extensive testing and work on the wing design which came, initially, from the Learjet 25.

The Learjet 55 first flew on 19 April 1979. The first production aircraft were produced starting 18 March 1981. 147 Learjet 55 aircra…
"LEARJET 60, Charter a Private Jet!"

The Learjet 60 is a mid-size cabin, medium-range business jet aircraft manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace in Wichita, Kansas, USA.

"Learjet 60 Exterior"
exterior learjet 60, lear 60, Private Jet Charter, Learjet charter
Powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada 305A engines, it has a range (with 4 passengers and 2 crew) of 2,405 nautical miles (4,454 km) with NBAA 100 nmi (190 km) reserves, ISA.

In July 2012 Bombardier Aerospace announced a temporary "production pause" of the latest variant Learjet 60XR to begin in the fourth quarter of 2012.

The Learjet 60 is an improved version of the Learjet 55, with a longer fuselage and more powerful turbofan engines.

It first flew on 10 October 1990 and received FAA certification in January 1993.

The modifications that converted the Learjet Model 55 into a Model 60 resulted from an aerodynamics improvement program and a need to incr…

"LEARJET 60XR, Jet Charter"

Learjet 60XR,, logo
The midsize Learjet 60XR boasts the largest cabin and longest range of any Learjet yet to reach production.

Bombardier built more than 110 units between 2007 and 2013. The XR version is upgraded with triple-disc steel brake packs.

It has a more space efficient interior that seats six to eight passengers and improved sound insulation.

The Learjet 60XR is Bombardier's latest iteration of a midsize model that has endured since the 1970s, the decade that gave rise to this category of business jet.

Its design was derived from the stretched small-tube Model 35 and a new longer wing developed for the even smaller Model 25.

This gives the airplane greater range and better high-altitude handling capabilities.

A Model 55 can fly about 2,200 nautical miles, giving it near-transcontinental reach (bicoastal operations are possible with auxiliary fuel tanks).

By 1993, it had the an…

"HAWKER 700, Jet Charter Service!"

hawker 700, jet charter
You can pick one up on the used market for as little as $1 million. spend a little extra on paint, a new interior, a cockpit makeover and a maintenance service plan.

Your airplane will be hard to distinguish from a brand-new Hawker 900XP selling for $14 million.

Three factors explain why the 215 Hawker 700s produced between 1977 and 1984 remain popular: "cabin, cabin and cabin.

The Hawker 700's passenger compartment is bigger than that of competitive airplanes, such as the Learjet 55 and Citation III.

It seats up to eight (plus the two pilots up front) and is 21 feet long, six feet wide and almost six feet tall.

The standard cabin layout features five single slide-swivel-reclining executive seats and a three-place side-facing divan.

"Hawker 700 Airplane Charter"
hawker 700, jet charter, airplane flight
You'll also find small forward and aft closets,…

"Hawker 750, Jet Charter Service!"

The 750 is proving to be no exception. At $13.3 million (typically equipped), the model costs $2.7 million less than the same-sized, more luxurious and longer-range Hawker 900XP.

The Hawker’s passenger cabin is 604 cu ft (17.1 cu m), while the Citation’s is 461 cu ft (13.1 cu m) and the Learjet’s is 453 cu ft (12.8 cu m).

Headroom is better in the Hawker as well. Passenger seating capacity is nine if you count the belted lavatory seat.

Enter through the main cabin door and, in the standard layout, you’ll find a small forward galley with microwave, coffee maker, ice drawer and stowage cupboards opposite a small closet.

Seating consists of five reclining slide-and-swivel executive seats and an aft, three-place divan that is large enough for snoozing.

"Hawker 750 Aircraft Private Flights"
hawker 750 aircraft
Cabin electronics are handled via the Rockwell Collins Airshow 21 cabin m…

"HAWKER 800, Jet Charter Flights!"

hawker 800, nbaa, national business aviation association
The Hawker 800 is a mid-size twin-engine corporate aircraft. It is a development of the British Aerospace BAe 125, and was assembled by Hawker Beechcraft.

The 125-800 series would become a sales success. From the first BAe 125 flight in August 1961 it took nineteen years until the 500th airframe was sold.

In 1994 Raytheon (who hold bought Beech Aircraft Corporation in 1980) acquired Corporate Jets. The new entity being known as Raytheon Aircraft.

In March 2007, Raytheon Aircraft Company was sold to Hawker Beechcraft Corp., a company formed and controlled by GS Capital Partners and Onex Partners of Canada.

The Hawker 850XP, which was certified for operation in March 2006. The 850XP is identical to the 800XP except that it includes winglets, which have extended its operating range by 100 nautical miles (190 km).

This version also incorporate…
"HAWKER 800A, Charter Air Services!"

hawker 800a, nbaa logo
The BAe 125-800 / Hawker 800 is a series of twin-engined corporate jet aircraft for max. 15 passengers produced by the British manufacturer BAe, British Aerospace.

Later by the US-American manufacturer Raytheon, later Hawker Beechcraft. The BAe 125-800 series include the BAe 125-800 / Hawker 800 (BAe.125 Series 800A & Series 800B), the Hawker Beechcraft Hawker 800XP, Hawker 850XP, Hawker 900XP and the Hawker 750.

The Hawker 800XP is equipped with more powerful AlliedSignal TFE 731-5BR engines.

The Hawker 850XP differs from the Hawker 800XP by addition of winglets on the outboard wings.

The Hawker 750 differs from the Hawker 800XP by having an external baggage unit in place of the aft ventral fuel tank.

The range and MTOW is less than that of the Hawker 800XP as a result of the decrease in available fuel.

Last production models were the Hawker 750 and the Hawker 900X…

"HAWKER 800XPR, Business Charter Flights!"

hawker 800xpr, nbaa logo
Greater range, better time to climb and faster cruise speeds. The Hawker 800XPR has the lowest CO2 footprint in it’s class and will take you further and greener than any other Hawker 800 is capable of.

The Hawker 800XPR has a spacious and luxurious cabin where you can relax in the full reclining soft leather chairs, arranged in a club seat configuration.

This is perfect for a business meetings, fine dining and time with the family. Travel first class in luxury at 875 km/h.

Hawker Beechcraft Global Customer Support (GCS) has an upgrade for the Hawker 800XPR aircraft which is progressing following the recent installation of genuine Hawker winglets at the company’s Chester, United Kingdom, service center.

The aircraft has been flown to the United States where it is has the installation of new Honeywell TFE731-50R engines.

Interested Hawker 800XP and 850XP owners …