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"Charter an Aircraft, the LEARJET 35"

The Learjet Model 35 and Model 36 are a series of American multi-role business jets and military transport aircraft manufactured by Learjet.

"Learjet 35 Charter Jets"
Learjet 35 jet
The longer-range Model 36 has a shortened passenger area to provide more space in the aft fuselage for fuel tanks.

The engines are mounted in nacelles on the sides of the aft fuselage. The wings are equipped with single-slotted flaps.

The wingtip fuel tanks distinguish the design from other aircraft having similar functions.

The Learjet 35 is known, above all, for its range. It can fly 2,056 miles nonstop.

The Learjet 35 offers more than range: it has good handling characteristics, a low fuel burn, and fast cruise speeds as well.

A maximum of eight passengers can travel in the Learjet 35’s cabin. It is 12.9 feet long, 4.9 feet wide and 4.3 feet high.

There are 40 cubic feet of baggage space, enough to ho…
LEARJET 35A, Private Air Charter Service!

Learjet 35 is a modern jet. Particularly suitable for longer business flights. Pressurised, air conditioned cabin with a low noise level.

Learjet 35a, plane charters, aircraft charters, flight charters
The Learjet 35A charter aircraft is known, above all, for its range.

The Learjet 35 is recognized as the standard in the light jet charter market.

This versatile aircraft has a five hour flight endurance and can seat eight passengers.

Since it is economical to operate, the Learjet 35 charter rates are very competitive.

This type aircraft has an enclosed potty seat lavatory, flight phone and internal rear baggage compartment. When compared to other light jets, the Learjet excels in reliability, capability, and value.

The Learjet Model 35A is certificated under FAR Part 25 and meets the same performance and safety standards as the major airliners.

It can accomodate up to six to eight passengers in lux…

LEARJET 36A, Charter Flights!

The Learjet 36 is known for its flight range. The Lear 36 is based on the Learjet 35, but replaces 2 extra seats for additional fuel.

"Learjet 36A Charter Flights"
nbaa, national business asssociation logo
The Learjet 36 is capable of flying non-stop across the Atlantic. The Learjet 36 offers more than range.

It has good handling characteristics, a low fuel burn, and fast cruise speeds as well.

A maximum of 8 passengers can travel in the Learjet 36 cabin. The cabin is usually in a double club layout, with plenty of room for chairs to to swivel, recline, and track.

The Learjet 36 is the new and improved version of the Lear 35 and can fly 1,530 miles (1,330 nautical miles) nonstop.

The real strengths of the Learjet 36 are its range, takeoff, and cruise capabilities.

Two Honeywell TFE731-2-2B engines provide 3,500 pounds of thrust, allowing the Lear 36 to take off in 4,972 feet.

The maximum take off we…
Image HAWKER 400XP, Private Jet Charter!

The aircraft has also been upgraded with an increase in gross weight of 90kg (200lb). This represents an extra passenger or extra fuel for increased range.

"Hawker 400XP Exterior"
hawker 400xp exterior
The aircraft is derived from the Mitsubishi MU-300 Diamond which first flew in 1978. Beech entered an agreement with Mitsubishi in 1985 to acquire the rights to the Diamond II.

Beech made a number of design modifications to improve the performance of the aircraft and it was renamed the Beechjet 400. In total, 64 Beechjet 400 aircraft were built.

"Hawker 400XP Airplane Charter"
hawker 400xp exterior, airplane charter, private jet charter
Initially, Beech assembled aircraft components manufactured by Mitsubishi. However, by 1989, Beech had relocated the manufacturing to the Wichita based manufacturing facility.

The 400A was announced in 1989 and it entered service in 1990. More than 500 …
HAWKER 400XPR, Private Jet Charter!

With new Williams International FJ44-4A-32 engines, the Hawker 400XPR has a total of 6,400 lbs. of thrust and can directly climb to FL450 in 19 minutes—a difference of more than 50 minutes over other light jets.

hawker 400xpr, airplane service, aircraft service, jet service
And you have the option to upgrade the avionics to Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21, as well as upgrade the interior and exterior designs.

All from the people who designed, engineered and built the original. And who better to bring it to you than the OEM?

New winglets bring a lot more than just aesthetics to the Hawker 400XPR. They increase the aircraft’s range 5–7%.

This also reduces the stall speed and offering better stability and climb performance.

With optional interior and exterior redesigns, you can make the 400XPR fit your needs and your style.

Passengers will benefit from greater head and shoulder room than other light jets, a…

"FALCON 10, Private Jet Charter"

At the end of the 60s, Pan American, like the general staff of the Air Force, was interested in a small liaison aircraft with the performance of the Mystère 20 at a lower cost.

"Falcon 10 Jet Private Charter"
falcon 10, jet charter, private flights, charter aircraft
The Dassault team first planned to derive a Hirondelle twin Snecma Larzac aircraft from the Hirondelle MD 320 with twin Turboméca Astazou turboprops. The project was abandoned.

A new generation of small jet engines with one-ton thrust ratings and fairly attractive fuel-efficiency were developed in the late 1960s.

Dassault’s bid on this segment was a mini Mystère 20, called the Mystère 10 and then Falcon 10.

With its unique wing design and lift capabilities - which enable high performance on smaller runways.

The Falcon 10 offers quick and efficient travel to and from most all airports, including those that cannot be reached by …

One Aviation, which is headquartered in New Mexico, anticipates receiving FAA certification of the EA700 by early 2019.

The company announced in March this year that it was going to stop building the Eclipse 550 this year and focus on developing the EA700.

It will continue to offer the Eclipse SE, which it produces by upgrading existing examples of the Eclipse 500.

The Eclipse 550 and 500 SE have similar capabilities, but at $2,195,000, the 500 SE costs $800,000 less.

According to One Aviation, it will climb faster, cruise longer, and go farther than the Eclipse 550.

The EA700 will have a range of 1,611 miles and a maximum cruising speed of 441 mph (versus 1,295 miles and 432 mph for the E550 and 500 SE).

With larger engines producing more thrust, it will be able to take off from 2,400 feet of runway and land on 2,880 feet.

In addition to the longer wings, the EA700 will have a cabin that’s 14 inches longer, which translates into 30 perce…


The Citation Ultra has the highest standards - inside and out - with ongoing upgrades to ensure the utmost safety and comfort - and provide an outstanding travel experience.

"Citation Ultra Exterior"
citation ultra exterior, private jet charter
When you charter the Ultra, you'll enjoy all the latest technology needed to maintain productivity - even when cruising at 45,000 feet - including Aircell Broadband Internet and satellite phone.T

It has state-of-the-art communications system enables passengers to remain connected to home and office, with any itinerary.

The Primus 1000 replaced the standard "round dial" flight instruments with three CRT computer screens, one for each pilot and one center multifunction display. In 1994, the Ultra was named Flying magazine's "Best Business Jet.”

This light private jet shows the ability to continually evolve a time-tested airframe …

"Citation V, Charter Jet Service!"

The straight wing design allows the aircraft to fly at very low approach speeds as well, maximizing safety and landing performance.

"Exterior Citation V"
citation V exterior
The Citation V will transport passengers comfortably and quietly just over 2,250 miles with a 45 minute reserve of fuel if faced with inclement, rapidly changing weather.

The equivalent distance is from Palm Springs, California to Chicago, Illinois with a very safe and comfortable reserve of fuel for diverting to an alternate airport.

The Citation V’s range comfortably reaches from Palm Springs, California well into Canada and Mexico with a large reserve of fuel.

The Citation V is the perfect aircraft when considering hourly cost, capability, range, speed, takeoff, climb and landing performance, and comfort.

It is no wonder why the Citation V and Citation 560 series aircraft is one of the most popular business airc…
"CITATION M2, Business Jet Charter!"

Interior quality is unmatched in this class of aircraft.

"Citation M2 Cabin"
citation M2, private jet charter, aircraft flights, plane travel
But the forward 12.7-cu.-ft. compartment in the nose has a 400-lb. capacity and the aft 30.2-ft. compartment, available with an optional ski tube, has a 325-lb. capacity.

In contrast, the Phenom 100E has a 7-cu.-ft. forward baggage compartment and a 53-cu.-ft. aft baggage compartment.

The standard left-side refreshment center, located ahead of the entry door, has an ice bin, beverage storage and a trash container.

An optional refreshment center has a top-mounted hot pot for beverages. A forward storage closet may be substituted for the forward, side-facing seat.

The left-side, flushing but internally serviced toilet has a belted seat approved for full-time use.

A privacy curtain is provided for the lavatory, but dual aft bulkheads with pocket …

"CITATION CJ1, Private Airplane Charter!"

In March 2000 the original Citation Jet was superseded by the CJ1 (also designated Model 525), which features a 200-pound weight increase, along with a new Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite.

A total of 359 original CitationJets were built. According to Vref, values for these airplanes range from $1 million for a 1993 model to $1.4 million for a 2000 model.

"Citation Jet Charter Private"
interior citation jet
The Citation Jet Family is one of the best-selling light jets ever built and with good reason.

These light jets can easily maneuver its way into smaller airports, but it has the feel that you are flying on a midsize.

The cabin has plenty of space and can carry more luggage than other light jets.

Advantages of the system include fuel savings, extended range, increased useful load, improved climb rate, and better short-field performance.

"Citation Jet Exterior…


citation encore exterior
Comfort is the Encore’s middle name. With a large aft baggage compartment equipped with a ski tube, the Encore can comfortably handle all of your luggage needs and more for that weekend trip to Aspen.

In cabin amenities include XM satellite radio, Bose noise-cancelling headsets, a satellite phone, a refreshment center, and a fully-enclosed lavatory to name a few.

Up front, Citation Encore pilots have all the latest technology to get you to your destination safely.

At their disposal is Honeywell’s Primus 1000 avionics suite which offers both the Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS) and the Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS II).

Ironically, not known for overall aircraft speed, the Citation name comes from a former Triple Crown winning thoroughbred stallion.

What it lacks in speed, the Citation Encore champions in just about every other category includi…
"Private Jet Charter, CITATION BRAVO"

With more than 603 aircraft produced when production ceased in 1994, the venerable Citation II was much in need of a technological overhaul.

"Citation Bravo Exterior"
citation bravo, private jet, charter aircraft, plane flight, private jet charter
Equipped with more efficient Pratt and Whitney PW530 engines, a trailing link landing gear system utilized for smoother landings, and the latest Honeywell avionics package for added safety, the Citation Bravo is one of a kind.

Citation Bravo offers the utmost in cabin comfort, luxury and versatility.

Feeling tired? Cessna engineers redesigned the Bravo’s fuselage to reduce cabin noise to allow for a more relaxed flight experience.

The Citation Bravo was the last incarnation of the very successful Citation II, with upgraded landing gear and avionics and new quieter engines that brought an increase in performance, range and fuel economy.


"CITATION CJ1, Private Airplane!"

The Citation CJ1 is ideal for small companies and individuals looking for an economical private jet for short-range missions, usually a little over one hour.

"Citation CJ1 Charter Flights"
citation cj1, private jet charter, charter flight, charter airplanes
Strap into a CJ1+ and you’ll feel as comfortable as when you slip on your favorite shoes.

The third-generation CitationJet, built from mid-2005 to late 2010, has FADEC-equipped engines with slightly more thrust, increased operating weights and an upgraded interior compared to the CJ1.

It also has a completely integrated Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics package, including full-feature FMS-3000, and more standard equipment.

Cessna only built 102 CJ1+ (s.n. 525-0600 to -0701) because the Great Recession, along with fierce competition from the larger and less expensive Embraer Phenom 100, forced it out of production.

Although it h…

"Citation CJ1 Plus, Private Airplane!"

Strap into a CJ1+ and you’ll feel as comfortable as when you slip on your favorite shoes.

"Citation CJ1+ (Plus) Exterior"
cj1 Plus
The main passenger cabin has a 5-in. dropped aisle that provides 4.7 ft. of headroom.

Flight plan this aircraft at 360 kt. You can operate out of most smaller general aviation airports and fly between most landing facilities in the U.S. with a single refueling stop.

The aircraft is impressively quiet inside for a light jet and so easy to fly that it makes turboprops feel complex and challenging.

We especially like its short- and long-period pitch stability, soft-touch trailing link landing gear and sure-stop braking action.

"Citation CJ1+ (Plus) Jet Charter"
citation cj1 Plus interior
Use of the ground spoiler/60-deg. flap, lift dump function, along with reduced engine ground idle speed, enhances stopping performance, especially on cont…
Image "Business Jet Charter: Cessna Citation CJ2"

Speed is now at 460 miles per hour, which is a welcome change from 437 in the Citation Jet.

"Citation CJ2 Private Jet Charter"
citation cj2 charter
The CJ family of Citations demonstrates Cessna can continually improve on a product by adapting them for different missions, and they have a winner every time.

The changes brought forth on the Citation CJ2 are much like the changes from the original Citation I to the Citation II.

Just like the changes of the Citation I to the Citation II, the changes from the CJ1 to the CJ2 are incremental and at the same time carry vast improvements.

Cessna has a winning method in continually improving their products. The Citation CJ2 is a stunning example of this philosophy.

It was intended to have increased range, increased cabin room and increased speed. It succeeded hugely in all those aspects.

"Citation CJ2 Charter Flights"
"Business Jet Charter: Cessna Citation CJ2+ Plus"

citation cj2 plus inside
Indirect LED lighting adds to the sense of being nestled inside an exclusive study far from the clatter and commotion of the outside world.

Having standard seating for seven passengers, the CJ2+ give you a club plus two seating arrangement with a supplementary seat accessible utilizing the belted-flushing toilet.

Simple to fly, delivering exceptional performance, this aircraft is outfitted with a number of security and performance enhancing characteristics.

So you can bring along what you want while the cabin of this phenomenal business jet will be organized.

The CJ1+ and CJ2+’s performance is enhanced by a unique natural laminar-flow wing, which maintains an uninterrupted flow of air across a greater area of its surface.

To operators of these aircraft, this translates to an increase in airspeed when compared to earlier designs.

Extending nearly thr…

"CITATION CJ3, Private Jet Charter!"

Cessna Citation has sold more airplanes than anyone else in history because some good advantages like the exceptional performance and payload, reliability, the interior comfort and value.

"Citation CJ3 Private Jet Charter"
citation cj3, private jets, charter aircraft
Having all these benefits the flight is not only safe but also relaxed.

The CJ3 offers more than sufficient of room for luggage and gear in the extended tail-cone baggage compartment; therefore you will not need to put your luggage inside the cabin.

The main landing gear gives the CJ3 a smooth ride on the taxiway while producing soft landings routine.

The spacious CJ3’s cabin comes standard with six club seats in a center-style configuration, although it is customizable to the owner’s specs.

Fourteen elliptical windows give you an exceptional natural lighting throughout the cabin.

Optional seating arrangements will acc…

"Cessna Citation CJ3 Plus, Private Jet Charter!"

The CJ3+ fits nicely between the short-cabin CJs and the larger CJ4, priced about $1-million less than the CJ4 and offering a relatively-familiar step-up for already-typed CJ and CJ2 owners.

"Citation CJ3+ (PLus) Interior"
citation cj3 plus inside, private jet charter, Aircraft Charter
Its new Garmin G3000 avionics represent the biggest change over the CJ3, which carried the Rockwell Collins ProLine 21 suite.

The new CJ3+ features a long list of improvements, starting with a completely redesigned cockpit featuring the three-screen Garmin G3000 touch-screen avionics package, which includes the superb GFC-700 autopilot.

The noise levels are quite low, and normal conversation is easy. It's quieter than most airliners and the windows let in a lot of light, so the cabin feels very open.

"Citation CJ3+ Cabin"
citation cj3 plus interior, jet charter, private…
"CITATION II, Business Jet Charter"

This aircraft is ideal for mid-range flights such at NY to Florida or California to Colorodo.

"Citation II Private Charter"
citation II, private jets, air charter company
"The Citation 2 Light Jet" has large seats to embrace passengers in a variety of positions designed for comfort in any setting.

The aircraft galley offers liquor decanters, ice cold drinks, and delicious meals tailored to passengers’ culinary preferences. Entertainment amenities include a forward monitor, DVD and CD stereo.

A large tail cone baggage compartment provides ample space for luggage and gear.

"Citation II Exterior"
citation 2, private jet charter, private flights, jet charter
With its clean lines, rich interior, and impeccable design, the Citation II offers overwhelming in-flight atmosphere and cabin size rivaling those of a larger aircraft.

The interior design consists of forward and a…

BEECHJET 400 Private Jet!

This has led to some remarkable refurbishment programs designed to take much of the used airplane part out of the equation while actually giving buyers better performance — in some cases much better performance — than the airplane could boast when it was rolling through the factory doors.

"Beechjet 400 Exterior"
beechjet 400 exterior, private jet charter, aircraft charter flights
The Beechjet 400A, which was manufactured in great numbers — 600 of them were built over a more-than-two-decade run — with nearly every one of those airplanes still flying.

The Hawker Beechjet 400 continues to rank among the most admired light jet aircraft in the world for both the astute business explorer and the private air traveler alike.

The Beechjet 400 also remains one of the fastest planes in its division -- with one of the most accommodating cabins in its class.

"Jet Charter, Beechjet 400"
beechjet 400, jet c…
BEECHJET 400A: Private Jet Charter!

Today's Beechjet 400A is much changed and improved aircraft from the days when it started out life as the Mitsubishi MU300 Diamond I.

Over time many things have changed in the jet chartering industry, but the BeechJet 400A remains a powerful and successful competitor in the entry-level business jet market.

This airplane is leaps and bounds ahead of its older brother 400 with upgrades like greater cabin volume; a rear lavatory; and improved cabin soundproofing.

These design modifications make the 400A a more efficient, spacious and comfortable light jet compared to its predecessor.

"The BEECHJET 400A" has a fuselage’s new fuel tank located under the floor allows more cabin space. The "Jet Aircraft" is designed to consume fuel in the fuselage compartment first to steady the wings’ bending moment. Additionally, the brakes incorporate anti-skid logic to allow a greater maximum land…
Image "Charter Flights in Light Jets!"

Light jets can accommodate up to 6 to 8 people in a mixture of sitting configuration and flight ranges.

A light jet can fly at higher altitudes, making trips much smoother than flights in their turboprop counter parts.

"Light Jet Interior"
light jet interior, Private Jet interior, private aircraft interior
Light jets are a great way to travel because they usually are the best priced compared to their larger counterparts.

For those unfamiliar with Learjets, their name is synonymous with speed. The Learjet 31A can reach a cruise speed of .81 Mach after climbing to its cruise level in just 28 minutes — way beyond the capabilities of any competing light private jet.

"The Citation CJ3"
citation cj3 exterior, light jets, very light jets, vlj, private jets
It has great runway performance and a low fuel burn, making it a great candidate for efficient, fast private jet travel.

The Citat…
"Private Jet Charter, in a Stratos 714"

Most VLJ´s force you to choose between range or payload. This means that you have to decide whether to fill the seats and make a fuel stop, or fly non-stop with empty seats.

"Stratos 714 Very Light Jet Charter"
stratos 714, private jet, charter flights
The Stratos can fly 1,500 nm at 400 knots while carrying a 900 lbs payload (4 people with baggage).

The wide cabin door is on the left side. Folding steps and a rail makes entry and exit easy. An emergency exit is located on the opposite side.

The Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D-5 engine deck has been embedded in the performance model so the thrust, air and fuel flows come directly from Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D-5 test data.

In doing so, we have been realistic in the estimation of intake pressure recovery, bleed air flows and mechanical power extraction, all of which impact the engine performance.

It has carried out a detail…
"Private Jet Charter, in the PREMIER I"

OVERVIEW: The Beechcraft Premier 1 has a uniquely spacious cabin for an aircraft in it's category. It remains popular due to it's performance and comfort, while remaining cost-effective.

"Premier I Exterior"
premier 1 jet exterior, private jet charter, aircraft flights private
The Premier 1's cabin is one of the biggest for a private jet of its size, seating six or seven passengers in a 320 cubic-foot cabin.

Fold-out tables on both sides of the aircraft and fully adjustable, extra-wide seats make for a comfortable flight.

Design of the Premier I began early in 1994 under the designation PD-374 (PD for Preliminary Design), and development was authorized to continue early the following year.

The aircraft was officially launched at the annual National Business Aviation Association Convention in September 1995 and construction of the first prototype commenced late in 1996.

"Private Jet Charter, in a PREMIER 1A"

It takes time to work the bugs out of most all-new airplane designs, and the Beechcraft Premier is no exception.

"Jet Charter Premier 1A"
premier 1a, jet charter
The Premier's design goals of being the fastest light jet with the largest cabin cross section were accomplished when it entered service in 2001.

The Premier is a pioneer as the first business jet to use carbon graphite epoxy as primary structure.

The carbon fiber fuselage probably saves some weight, but more importantly, it allows for a larger interior cross-section size for a given external dimension.

The composite structure is thinner than a conventional metal fuselage. Boeing is using a similar scheme in its new 787 Dreamliner.

The Premier cabin is 5 feet 5 inches high, which provides a half a foot more headroom than other light jets.

The extra diameter of the circular cabin translates into an even greater advantag…

"Jet Charter Flights, PREMIER 2"

You’ll be safe in knowing that you’re being flown by pilots who rank among the finest in the world.

It continues aboard our aircraft, which are maintained to the highest standards in the world.

"Premeir II Jet Charter"
premier 2, jet charters, airplane charters, aircraft charters
Hawker Beechcraft Corporation (HBC) today launched the newest member of its legendary family of capable, comfortable, reliable and efficient jets—the new Beechcraft Premier II light business jet.

Evolving from the highly successful Premier IA, the Premier II will feature higher cruise speeds

It has a 20 percent longer range with four passengers and an increased payload while still offering the largest cabin and most technologically advanced single-pilot business jet in the world.

With its unmatched performance and efficiency, impressively spacious cabin and advanced technology.

The Premier II is a natural choice …

"Jet Charter, in a PHENOM 100"

The Embraer EMB-500 Phenom 100 is a very light jet developed by Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer.

It has been type certificated as the Embraer EMB-500, with 300 units delivered by 2014.

"Phenom 100 Airplane Charter"
phenom 100, jet charter, private aircraft charter flights
The Phenom 100 has a capacity for four passengers in its normal configuration.

It can carry up to seven passengers with a single crew, with optional side facing seat and belted toilet.

The cabin interior is designed by BMW DesignworksUSA. It has a maximum flying range of 1,178 nm with four occupants and NBAA IFR Reserves.

The first aircraft was delivered in December 2008, when price was US$ 3.6 million, while price was $4.5 million in 2015.

It has an oval fuselage with a 7.985 m³ passenger cabin, a 1.47m-high by 0.74m-wide (4.5'x2.1') door and 1.2'x1' windows, and an unpressurized 1.70 m³ (60ft3) c…