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The Hawker 800 sported a redesigned cockpit windscreen. Other changes included a modified rear fuselage fairing, which helped to reduce drag and improve aerodynamic efficiency, a glass cockpit and a modified passenger cabin.

Three hundred and seven model 800s were built before the design moved on with the XP version of the 800 that was introduced by Raytheon in 1995.

Improved engines on the 800XP produced 360 pounds of additional thrust, which significantly improved short field takeoff performance. It also added eighty nautical miles to the aircraft’s cruising range.

The World’s best shopping destinations are closer than you think thanks to a private jet. Visit the best shopping places in Europe over one entire trip or on a series of small trips.

Shop for a lifestyle without the hassle of crowded airports and airplanes hindering your fashion catch. You have the freedom to decide your route to the best shopping places in Europe with a jet card membership.



Central Jet Charter Inc., is all about the best jet charter service, and the best private aircraft for the trip. We only use Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 135 regulated Private Aircraft so rest assured that we are getting a safe reliable Aircraft.

jets, planes, airplanes, aircraft, private jets
You will be able to travel luxuriously in the Private Jet of your choice at Any Time to Any Place. We are all about the best Private Jet Charter Service.

"Private Jet Flights do not require lengthy waits and frequent unnecessary delays at commercial airports."
"Flights do not expose you to embarrassing scrutiny at commercial Airport security screening checkpoints."
"Private Jet Flights do not expose you to the nuisance of nosy or noisy seat partners on flight."
"Jet Flights allow you to select your precise departure time and location."
"Private Jet Flights allow you to select the traveling companions on your flight."
"Private Flights allow you to select the exact services and service levels you and your party desire."

You will arrive rested and ready for your business meeting or well-deserved vacation. We offer a wide selection of Aircraft Services.

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Private Jet Charter is all about the client, the trip and the Private Aircraft. When you charter a private jet with us, we make sure everything is perfect, and never over look any detail. We make it easy to Charter a Private Jet.

"What makes us stand out?"
"What can we do for you?"
"What are the advantages of using us?"
"What types of Aircraft can you use?"

"Private Jet Charter with us and receive luxury treatment with everything taken care of, our team will provide you with seamless and stress free travel.

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We have the best Jet Charter Pricing in the industry! We will try to match any other Private Jet Charter Quotes on any of the private aircraft. We utilize over 5,000 private airports, as compared to the only 500 used by commercial flights making getting to and from the private airport far less time consuming and far more convenient.

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Jet charter with us and you won’t be disappointed. We offer our clients the luxury, convenience, safety and security that only a private jet flight can offer.

"Convenient access to Private Airports which may be inaccessible using standard routes, and larger private planes.
"Your trip; your schedule, your time."
"Selection of any Airport or "private plane" of your choice."
"Access to Private terminals – FBO (Fixed Based Operators)."
"No lines, less invasive Security checks."
"Privacy aboard your private aircraft."
"Increased baggage allowance."
"Catering to your standards."
"Central Jet Charter Inc. can arrange flights with extremely short notice."

Commercial Jet Charter in this age of increased security procedures, means flying private can ensure the absence of extended security and boarding delays that inconvenience commercial passengers.

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Jet Charter with us because we are dedicated to providing you with exceptional customer care for your next trip. We offer world wide access to virtually every size and type of Private Jet Aircraft, and we have the Private Jet Charter Flight industry’s most flexible, client-oriented flight arrangements.

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These Private Aircraft can get you closer and faster than any commercial airline and in a shorter time. Executives have come to realize that their time is even more valuable than ever and waiting over an hour to catch a plane and then commute for another hour to reach their final destination is something of the past.

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Long trips require a larger, more expensive plane with a bigger range. On any private jet charter you can receive VIP catering, which on short flights usually includes cold meats, salad, fruit, sandwiches or pastries.



"Very Light Jets"
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"V.I.P. Airliners"
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"Piston Aircraft"

"Jet Charter, Information!"

When you Charter a Private Jet with Central Jet Charter Inc., you can skip the hassles and headaches of commercial airline travel such as parking, layovers, lengthy check ins, security lines, and lost luggage.

"Private Jet Exterior"
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When traveling with Central Jet Charter Inc., you will reduce travel time by flying directly into one of the thousands of Executive Airports closest to your destination.

"Heavy Jet Charter"
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Cost efficiency: our buying power and reputation allows us to find you the best private jet charter prices, ensuring you always receive the most cost effective solution.

Choice of aircraft: with access to 50,000 aircraft and 130 different aircraft types, we will always source the right aircraft for your requirements.

"Benefits of Private Jet Charter"
"A jet charter allows you access to 5000 destination charter airports vs. just 500."
"Chartering a jet allows you to accomplish the most demanding business itinerary."
"The service and convenience a private jet charter provides is unparalleled."
"Whether a jet or air charter, travel anywhere, anytime on your schedule."

Personal account manager: your dedicated charter expert is available 24/7 to assist you with any requirements you may have, from arranging in-flight cuisine to making last minute changes to your charter.

Create your schedule: connect with commercial flights or fly to your bespoke timetable – whatever your requirements we’ll create the private jet charter to suit you.

Access to more airports: reach a remote location or simply arrive closer to your final destination than a scheduled service would allow.

Private terminal access: avoid queues and unnecessary delays; passengers are able to board the aircraft minutes before take-off.

"Private Jet Interior"
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Just request a charter quote, no commitment. Choose from a series of aircraft and quotes, all with a Best Price.

Take advantage of the best one-way flights available in private aviation with total private jet industry access to nationwide empty legs and 218 one-way pricing aircraft nationwide.

"Private Airplane Interior"
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One-way pricing aircraft available nationwide, in advance or short notice when available. Total private jet industry access to hundreds of empty leg flight opportunities nationwide.

Even lower jet charter rates are available for midsize jet and light jet charter service coast-to-coast, typically with a fuel stop and comfortable seating for up to 7.

"Jet Charter Information"
"At private terminals, avoid crowded security lines of commercial airports and the jets they serve."
"Your charter vacation starts the minute you board the private jet - not when you get to your destination."
"You can have the charter operator plan catering aboard your next jet charter."
"Travel with who you want aboard a charter jet."
"Over 400 jets in our private jet search system."

Passengers can relax and enjoy their flight in spacious executive seating with standard catering included, and rest assured that the leading, top-rated FAA Part-135 Certified Air Carriers are in full operational control.

Private Jet Charter also provide luxurious seating, exceptional service and full privacy in full contrast to commercial Flights lacking those all the private aircraft come with such an amazing selection of Aircraft Amenities.

You can dine in elegance, conduct business, or simply relax if you choose. Running a little late? No worries. The Aircraft leaves when you arrive! Private Jet Charter trips can cost $3500 and up.

"Cabin of a Private Jet"
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There are no blackout or peak day restrictions. Rates are subject to availability and are all-inclusive plus 7.5% federal tax. Clients will NOT pay any additional fees, costs or fuel surcharges.

"Jet Charter, Aircraft Service!"

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Please Select Aircraft Types:


"Private Jet Charter, Aircraft Services!"

Why should it be so tedious to book a private aircraft charter? We don't think it should be. Introducing centraljetcharter.com - our mission is to remove the mystery and put all the information on air charter and jet charter at your fingertips.

"Business Jet Charter"
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Refine your search by airport, location, airplane type or whatever search criteria you choose, connect with the private charter operator and get ready to take your next trip.

Tell us where you want to go, with how many people, and on what aircraft. We have a great selection of options for personal and corporate travel. Let us show you how much time can be saved with C.J.C. Inc.

And, freedom to extend the departure time when you’re running late or need to change your itinerary en route. Our staff is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to accommodate your every need.

"Private Aircraft Cabin"
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Our premium charter service exceeds the expectations of the most discerning clientele utilizing private and business jet charter for leisure and corporate travel.

Our Network gives you the top-tier reliability, consistency, and safety you’ve come to expect when traveling.

No matter where you are in the world--or where you want to go, our Team is here to help you plan and execute a charter flight of any size.

Best of all? we understands your schedule is constantly changing. We’ll always work with you to get the best possible solution for your travel with as little as 10 hours of notice, and without any commitment necessary.

Central Jet Charter Inc." made my whole trip experience the best it could be. They provided the ground transportation and the catering was just great! I would definitely recommend that you give them a try!"

"I love "Central Jet Charter Inc." because they always take care of all aspects my travel needs."

"We would highly recommend Central Jet Charter Inc. not only did they give the lowest quote but they also had great Concierge Services."

Whether you take a "Gulfstream G650er for a long distance trip, or a Hawker 800 for a Mid-range trip, or even a Lear 35 for a shorter trip, Private Jet Charter is a great way to travel. Prices can range from and up, on the different aircraft.


Choose your European tour and save on hotel stays, freeing up cash for Europe activities. The Best Price Guarantee ensures that you’ll get the best available hotels for your trip.

Visit the Windy City and stay at Chicago hotels close to the sights you prefer.

Stay at Myrtle Beach hotels and experience hospitality only the sun outshines.

The boardwalk and a stay at hotels in Atlantic City make for an unforgettable getaway.

Europe oozes with things to see and do. Whether you plan a short trip with many stops, or a long trip with few stops, Expedia has accommodations for that and anything in between.

It’s easy to find the best hotel deals for your Europe vacation on Central Jet Charter Inc.

Find the best hotels in Europe: Visit what some call the world’s cultural capital. London hotels give you a welcome break on your tour.

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Blended Winglets cut fuel consumption by up to 7%, increasing your range by up to 180 nautical miles. This enables you to fly nonstop across the U.S.

The system features patented* High Aspect Ratio Blended Winglets. This winglet geometry is selected to achieve near ideal flow characteristics, particularly in the interface between wing and winglet.

The system features an actual four foot overall wingspan increase. With added wingspan in combination with the Blended Winglets, the airplane climbs higher and faster and flies further than the standard Hawker 800 series aircraft.

The program includes removal of the large fences from the wing and replacement with vortilons thereby reducing drag, preserving favorable low speed performance, and resulting in a very clean look.


Later by the US-American manufacturer Raytheon, later Hawker Beechcraft. The BAe 125-800 series include the BAe 125-800 / Hawker 800 (BAe.125 Series 800A & Series 800B), the Hawker Beechcraft Hawker 800XP, Hawker 850XP, Hawker 900XP and the Hawker 750.

The Hawker 800XP is equipped with more powerful AlliedSignal TFE 731-5BR engines. The Hawker 850XP differs from the Hawker 800XP by addition of winglets on the outboard wings.

The Hawker 750 differs from the Hawker 800XP by having an external baggage unit in place of the aft ventral fuel tank.

The range and MTOW is less than that of the Hawker 800XP as a result of the decrease in available fuel. Last production models were the Hawker 750 and the Hawker 900XP.

Own the same winglet technology flying on more than 4,000 Boeing jets. Blended Winglets are available for immediate retrofit on the Hawker 800 and 800XP.


Sometimes called “the conference room in the sky,” this jet is designed to meet your every need while you are away from the office.

The Hawker 800XP seats 8 passengers in ergonomic leather seats designed to minimize the discomfort of seated travel.

Your Hawker 800XP charter jet features a rich wood paneled interior, adding a touch of luxury to your business meeting or conference call.

Its communications system includes a satellite phone, giving you the freedom to maintain contact with colleagues or loved ones.

With a range of 2,900 statute miles and a maximum speed of over 500 mph, a private Hawker 800XP aircraft can whisk you across the country in just a few short hours.

Leave your worries behind as you enjoy the comprehensive entertainment system with DVD and CD player.


Announced in 2010, the Hawker 800XPR upgrade offers significant improvements over the performance and capability of the 800XP, the industry’s best-selling midsize jet.

Genuine Hawker winglets and more powerful, state-of-the-art Honeywell TFE-731-50R turbofan engines give the 800XPR greater range, better time to climb and faster cruise speeds.

In addition, optional avionics, a newly stylized interior and XPR custom paint designs are available. The upgrade is available exclusively through HBS, the company’s factory-owned service center network.

Headquartered in Wichita, Kan., Hawker Beechcraft Global Customer Support (GCS) is dedicated to improving the value of HBC aircraft.

By employing products and services to simplify aircraft ownership, reduce operating cost and increase resale value. GCS is comprised of four functional groups that include Support Plus (cost predictability/warranty programs).

Luggage capacity for up to eight roller bags. Stellar short runway performance, as well as climb and cruise performance, makes the Hawker 850XP a favorite on international private jet flights.

When it comes to business jets, the Hawker 850XP is a well-known aircraft used by numerous charter companies and businesses.

This mid-size jet has proved to be a valuable tool to the individuals of various backgrounds who require an alternative to the hassle and uncertainty of commercial travel.

The Hawker 850xp has stepped in with a great attempt to make this a very popular aircraft.

The interior of the aircraft is also equally as stunning as the exterior. The virtual cockpit looks flawless and the cabin creates an atmosphere of luxury that one would expect while flying on board this aircraft.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

The 900XP shares the same large mid-size cabin for which the Hawker is renowned, the largest cross-section in its class according to Hawker Beechcraft, owner of the Hawker aircraft.

Headroom throughout the cabin is 1.75m, when measured from the aisle floor. The standard interior seats eight in a club forward arrangement with a three-seat divan and single seat aft.

An optional six-place configuration is available, with more luggage space and a single seat replacing the standard configuration's divan.

One unique entertainment feature offered to passengers is a glareshield-mounted cockpit camera. Looking forward through the windscreen, the camera allows passengers to see in real time what the pilots are seeing.

While offering 17.6m3 (620ft3) of cabin volume and the longest length (7.37m) of the three, the Sovereign has the smallest diameter cross-section.


The new variant the G150 came out in 2005 and was certified for steep approach fy the FAA. The G150 is quickly becoming a favorite in the mid-size market. With the longest range at the fastest speed, an advanced avionics suite, and the most comfortable cabin.

Being among the fastest in its class, the G100 can reach most airports in North America and the Caribbean and still keep you on schedule.

With 95 aircraft in service, the fleet has flown more than 100,000 flight hours and achieved more than 72,000 landings.

In addition, the aircraft is certified in 11 countries and has accomplished 11 city-pair speed records, most recently Gander, Canada, to Geneva, Switzerland, in five hours and seven minutes. Powered by two fuel-efficient Honeywell TFE731-40AR engines, the G150 has a range of 3,000 nautical miles (5,556 km).

With a maximum range of 3,000 nautical miles/5,556 kilometers at Mach 0.75, the G150 is one of the few aircraft in its class to reliably fly from California to Hawaii nonstop.

The G150 is just as effective reaching other parts of the world. London to Bahrain, Caracas to Buenos Aires and Moscow to Casablanca are nonstop flights. Even at normal cruise of Mach 0.80, the G150 has a range of 2,600 nm/4,815 km.

The G150’s impressive range assures the added advantage of reaching farther destinations at faster speeds, and does so while still providing one of the lowest direct operating costs in its class.

An appealing atmosphere is further created by Gulfstream’s 100 percent fresh-air circulation, which is resupplied in a G150 nearly every two minutes.

Floor plans with seating arrangements for six, seven or eight passengers provide the flexibility to configure the G150 cabin to best suit passenger needs.


Capacity: 8 – 11
Lavatory: Full
Airspeed (MPH): 442
Range (nm): 2,390
Cabin Width: 6′ 1"
Cabin Height: 5′ 8″
Cabin Length: 24′ 0″
Baggage Capacity: 40 cu. ft.
The FALCON 20 Private Jet as always been a great Private Aircraft. It has been well received by customers and is also a good looking Airplane with just the right proportions.

falcon 20
In the "Falcon 20" the leading edges have full-span slats in two sections and the trailing-link landing gear makes for nice smooth landings.

"The FALCON 20" has external baggage capacity that provides additional storage in the tail-cone, large enough for three golf bags or big Samsonite suitcases. Access to the avionics racks in the nose is similar to the "Falcon 900EX."

falcon 20, private air charter, aircraft charter
"The FALCON 20" 24-ft passenger cabin is appealing for a Business Jet of this category with a nice eight-place layout, a lavatory and two internal baggage stowage areas totaling 65 cu ft.

Depending on the options specified, a customer can have 90 to 103 cu ft of total baggage area on their "Falcon 20."

falcon 20, private aircraft, charter aircraft, charter jets
At 700 cu ft, of cabin volume in the "Falcon 20" is a little bit larger than the "CITATION X," "HAWKER 800," or "LEARJET 60."

"The FALCON 20" cabin has the positioning of the windows— that the average person can look out and see the horizon. On newer series Falcons like the "FALCON 900EX" the windows have been positioned higher.

falcon 20 interior, private jet, charter aircraft
"FALCON 20" is a nice airplane with performance and handling characteristics equal to any modern day "Business Aircraft" in its class. CENTRAL JET CHARTER Inc. "Falcon 20."

The Falcon 20 Private Jet was a great design and ahead of its time when it came out. With new engines and avionics, the best of the Falcon's designed with all the efficiency, performance and comfort of a new Aircraft are retained.

"The FALCON 20" is identical to Dassault’s 731 "Falcon 20B." The cabin measures 5.7 feet in height, 6.1 feet in width and 24 feet in length.

falcon 20 interior, private jet charter, charter aircraft, charter flights
"The FALCON 20" galley is located in the forward cabin and the lavatory is located in the aft cabin. Cabin height is 5.7ft, width is 6.2ft. and length is 24.0ft.

Able to accommodate eight to ten passengers, the space is configured in either a double-club arrangement or a club-divan-individual combo. A forward galley and full-width aft lavatory are included.

falcon 20, private jet charter, charter plane, charter aircraft
"The FALCON 20" is employing a better engine option, the "Falcon 20-5" corrects all of the original 20’s shortcomings in power and performance. At centraljetcharter.com/falcon-20.html can be chartered for $3750 an hour and up.



"Very Light Jets"
"Light Jets"
"Super-Light Jets"
"Midsize Jets"
"Super-Midsize Jets"
"Heavy Jets"
"Long Range Jets"
"V.I.P. Airliners"
"Turbo Props"
"Piston Aircraft"

"FALCON 20, Information!"

The 24-ft passenger cabin is appealing for an aircraft of this category with a nice eight-place layout, a lavatory and two internal baggage stowage areas totaling 65 cu ft.

"Falcon 20 Private Jet Charter"
falcon 20 flight, charter jet, aircraft private charter
The Falcon 20 is a nice Private Jet with performance and handling characteristics equal to any modern day aircraft in its class.

The Falcon 20 was a great design and ahead of its time when it came out. With new engines and avionics, the best of the Falcon design with all the efficiency, performance and comfort of a new aircraft are retained.

With a maximum range of 2,400 nm, a 700 cubic foot cabin volume and seating for 9 passengers, it became the jet against which all other midsize competitors were measured.

"Falcon 20 Exterior"
falcon 20 interior, jet charter
Cabins typically are configured with a forward galley, a forward four-chair club section, an aft half-club flanked by a three-place divan and a full width aft lavatory with a wet sink.

Some people say it’s one of the most beautiful midsize aircraft yet designed, a French fashion model that struts down the runway.

Although formally introduced in 1989, the Falcon 20-5 is the result of tweaking and perfecting the existing Falcon 20 midsize business jet.

"Falcon 20 Charter Flights"
falcon 20 interior, plane charter, airplane private flights
When first manufactured, Dassault’s line of Falcon 20’s fell short on power. Dassault re-engined the Falcon 20’s not once, but twice.

However, with the second upgrade in 1989, the aircraft improved across the board, becoming the Falcon 20-5.

The inside of the Falcon 20-5 is identical to Dassault’s 731 Falcon 20B. The cabin measures 5.7 feet in height, 6.1 feet in width and 24 feet in length.

Typically, the aircraft accommodates between eight and 10 passengers, plus a crew of two.

"Falcon 20 Midsize Jet Charter"
falcon 20 exterior, airplane charter, aircraft flights private
Able to accommodate eight to ten passengers, the space is configured in either a double-club arrangement or a club-divan-individual combo. A forward galley and full-width aft lavatory are included.

The Dassault Falcon 20 is a first-generation, twin-engine business jet that was developed in France in the early 1960s and remained in production until 1983.

The all-metal, low-wing monoplane features rear-mounted engines; a swept, full-cantilever wing; cruciform tail; and a retractable dual-wheel tricycle landing gear.

The Falcon 20C featured increased fuel capacity, while the 20D had even greater fuel capacity—along with CF700-2D powerplants rated at 4,250 pounds of thrust.

Dassault’s ability to evolve and perfect their Aircraft makes the "Falcon 20-5" a high-performing, competitive option in its class of "Midsize Business Jets."

The FALCON 20 Business Aircraft is normally configured to seat eight to ten passengers in a double-club arrangement or a combination of club, divan and individual seating.

"Falcon 20 Jet Charter Private"
falcon 20 interior, private jets charter
The 731 Falcon 20B is normally configured to seat eight to ten passengers in a double-club arrangement or combination of club, divan and individual seating.

"FALCON 20, Private Jet Charter Flights!"

Trip Type:
 Round Trip One Way
Origin City or Airport:

Type Origin City or Airport:
Destination City or Airport:

Type Destination City or Airport:
Departure Date:Departure Time: 
  Return Date:Return Time: 
  Number of Passengers: 
Please Select Aircraft Types:


"Luxury Private Jet Charter, FALCON 20"

In 1985, Dassault closed the Falcon 20 production line, offering the Falcon 200 in its place.

Some 486 Falcon 20s had been built and most remained in service despite the shortcomings of the General Electric CF700 series powerplants.

"Exterior Falcon 20"
falcon 20 jet
Conversion specialists at Garrett recognized a market for an engine conversion to their TFE-731. In March 1989, the FAA certified the 731 Falcon 20 which was powered by a pair of TFE-731-5AR turbofans rated at 4,500lbs. of thrust each.

Garrett had accomplished a little over 50 of the engine conversions before they switched to the the -5BR engine variant producing 4,750lbs of thrust.

Aircraft fitted with the -5BR are designated the 731 Falcon 20B and feature and increase in MTOW of 850lbs. and an improved runway and climb performance.

Falcon 20-5 conversion aircraft enjoy almost double the range of the Falcon 20 series aircraft, have a 10% improvement in speed on trips up to 1,445nm and achieve Stage III compliance. Approximately 119 Falcon 20s have been re-engined by Garrett Aviation.

Saturday, January 20, 2018


The CITATION SOVEREIGN" cabin is 25.3 feet long and can hold anywhere between eight and twelve 180-degree swivel seats. The interior is large enough that passengers can stand up in the 5.7 foot-high cabin.

"The CITATION SOVEREIGN" baggage space available is the largest of comparable "Private jets." The Sovereign has 135 cubic feet of baggage space (about 1000 pounds); whereas the competing Hawker 400 XP has only 48 and the "CHALLENGER 300" has 51.


At 6 feet in height and a super-wide 77 inches across, the space goes beyond other Citations for those reasons alone.

Cessna went further, designing the windows to be large and spaced perfectly to give every seat occupant a private view of the world slipping by below.

The effect is a cabin that reminds me more of a large-cabin jet than a midsize model, an effect that will not be lost on potential customers.

Cabin styling, comfort, amenities and technology are all big upgrades over past true midsize models.

The Latitude's seats are what seem to be the ideal blend of minimal and comfortable, with enough structure to be substantial while sleek enough to not overwhelm (or take up excessive space).


Citation VI features a number of improvements including more powerful engines to previous Citation models.

Improved engines enable the aircraft to operate from higher-altitude airfields during hotter weather, when density altitude prohibits operations of the Citation III.

The Citation VI private jet is one of the fastest, most comfortable, most versatile, most reliable and most advanced mid-sized business jets in the world.

As mentioned, the Cessna’s designers made the cabin more comfortable, adding improved features such as increased soundproofing to put it up there with the best luxury jets in its class.

Many were built with stylish touches such as wood-finished interiors and extensive cabin entertainment systems.Keeping passenger comfort at the forefront, the Citation VII’s standard executive seating arrangement is designed for six (it handles a maximum of eight passengers).

With great range, ample speed, and a spacious cabin to complete trips between any Midwest City to either coast or a trip of New York to Miami.

The Cessna Citation VII private jet is one of the most successful charter aircraft in business aviation history.


This variant private jet was renamed G100 from September 2002 following Gulfstream's acquisition of Galaxy Aerospace, which held the Astra certifications, in May 2001.

The Astra SPX evolution includes respected names of Rockwell Jet Commander, Westwind and subsequently, Gulfstream.

It is a mid-size jet with a comfortable, generous cabin, high altitude, long range and high speed capability. You will hardly have time to enjoy the ride before you will arrive at your destination.

The original Astra remains a great mid-size business jet and its successors the SP, SPX and ultimately the G100 continue to offer the speed, range, and excellent passenger accommodations expected of a mid-size jet in its class.

When "PRIVATE AIRCRAFT" manufacturers were concerned with building anything that could fly adequately, Israel Aircraft Industries made strategic improvements in power and design that set the bar in the midsize category.


Performance-driven, the Learjet 70 business jet delivers quick-climbing cruise power, exceptional hot and high capabilities, and precision landing gear that gives you greater access to shorter runways.

It swiftly rises above its competitors, climbing to 45,000 feet at an exhilarating pace, affording you the most direct routes and smoothest rides high above the weather.

With a commanding range of 2,060 nm, the Learjet 70 business jet links more major destinations nonstop, such as Chicago with San Juan, Frankfurt with Cairo or Beijing with Manila.

Sleek, sophisticated, and technologically advanced, the cabin of Learjet 70 business jet is crafted with precision and furnished with fine details to deliver the utmost in comfort.

This exquisite environment provides six passengers with spacious seating in a forward club configuration, and an interior that is significantly wider and more comfortable than passengers expect.

The increased thrust from the jet’s robust engines provides exceptional performance characteristics for hot and high fields, allowing greater access to more airfields and outstanding operating efficiency.

"LEARJET 75 JET CHARTER QUOTES:" With its powerful engines and advanced aerodynamics, the "Learjet 75 Business Jet" delivers high cruise speeds to connect you to more locations faster and more efficiently. Highly efficient Honeywell engines power the "Learjet 75" improved takeoff field length, for more access to more destinations in a "Lear 75."

"LEARJET 75 CHARTER FLIGHTS" in this "business jet" which is outfitted with an impeccably crafted interior that blends iconic design with superb functionality.

"The LEARJET 75" will have passengers happy and delightful in the spacious cabin, complemented by 16 windows that fill this exceptional environment with natural light.


The Learjet 40XR is an upgraded version introduced in October, 2004, offering higher takeoff weights, faster cruise speeds and faster time-to-climb rates as compared to the LJ40.

The increases are due to the upgrading of the engines to the TFE731-20BR configuration. These are the "BR" engines. LJ40 owners can upgrade their aircraft through the incorporation of several service bulletins.

Bombardier's Learjet 40, is designed to address the shortcomings of the earlier model Learjet 31A and priced more than $2 million less than the popular Learjet 45.

It is sure to provide many operators with exactly what they are looking for. FAA certified in Jul 2003, with first customer deliveries in Jan 2004, the Learjet 40 is 24.5 inches shorter than the 45 and carries 687 lb less fuel.

While you only get 6 seats (plus a belted lav), rather than the 45’s double-club configuration, and the 1824 nm IFR range is 200 nm short of the 45’s, the 40 offers the largest cabin and best performance of any jet in the evolving light business jet segment.


The well-appointed cabin capitalizes on its 363 cubic feet volume by offering seating for 6 passengers with a forward club-seating configuration and two forward-facing seats towards the aft.

The learjet 40XR offers a maximum range of 1,800 nautical miles, connecting private individuals, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders with cities such as Van Nuys, Sun Valley and San Diego and all major cities through out the U.S.

Even today, the Learjet is one of the major contenders in the private aviation industry. In 2006, the Learjet 40XR was released, which is an improved version of the Learjet 40 with superior climb rates, hot-and-high capabilities, and all-around performance.p>
As a result, the 40XR has the capability to climb to high levels of altitude circumventing the hindrances of the majority of bad weather conditions and air traffic density.
The Learjet brand has dominated much of the light private jet market with its superb cruise speed, technological innovation, and impressive cabin space.

Friday, January 19, 2018


The Learjet 45 other fine points of the cabin’s design make it functional and comfortable, from work tables that fold down from the walls to an extra pressure relief port on the door for added passenger safety.

"Jet Charter Learjet 45"
Over 50 years of revolutionary achievement with exceptional style, performance and reliability, today’s Learjet aircraft continue the tradition for raising the bar as a dependable business tool.

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"The LEARJET 45" noise level in the cabin never exceeds 72 dB, and a two-zone temperature control system ensures that both the cabin and the cockpit are kept comfortable. An external compartment provides 50 cubic feet of baggage space with an additional 15 cubic feet of storage in the interior.


Variations of the TFE731 engines have powered various jets for decades and have proved to be reliable and efficient. The 45XR's engines are equipped with a DEEC, or digital electronic engine control.

This governs N1 speed and limits fuel during acceleration and deceleration, making power management a simple task.

There is an engine synchronizer that keeps the big fans synced and passengers happy; it's a good thing, since engine noise is not easy to detect from the cockpit.

The Lear 45XR's wing is a beautiful, 13-degree-swept, supercritical airfoil that looks like it was carved from a single bar of Ivory soap.

In fact, the upper and lower skins are machined from a solid piece of aluminum.

The Lear cockpit is tight, requiring a bit of dexterity to step over the center console, around the floor-mounted control column and into the seat - without banging your head.

The Citation XLS comes standard with two air conditioning systems to ensure that the cabin remains comfortable, even in the most extreme outside temperatures.

The Cessna Citation XLS can seat up to 7 to 8 passengers comfortably.

The Cessna Citation XLS is within a league of its own. The contemporary atmosphere within the XLS encourages relaxation and helps alleviate stress, allowing you to reach your destination with style.


The Citation Excel mid-sized jet or super light jet is one of the latest business jet designs from the American based Cessna Corporation.

Adding to the extensive line of Citation aircraft, the Excel is slightly smaller than the super mid-sized Citation X and can carry seven passengers comfortably.

The Citation Excel has a standard configuration, the Citation XLS+ cabin has a side-facing couch as well as six fully reclining leather seats that are wide and accommodating and feature redesigned head and armrests for optimal comfort during charter flight.

Add greater range and increased performance to the equation and you get an aircraft that continues to shine further above the competition.

Powered by two PW535B engines, producing 3,400 pounds of thrust, allowing the aircraft to hit a substantial top speed of 492 mph and fly for up to 1940 miles.

An improved wing design allows for both drag at high speeds and superior handling at lower speeds.

With a comfortable 17.3 foot cabin length and a height of 4.8 feet and individual flat panel entertainment systems, the Encore+ is a perfect jet for non-stop short hops from New York to Orlando or Los Angeles to Dallas, or wherever your schedule demands that you travel.

A baggage storage capacity of 71 cubic feet ensures that you’ll be able to get all of your luggage there with you.

Its new Garmin G3000 avionics represent the biggest change over the CJ3, which carried the Rockwell Collins ProLine 21 suite.

The new CJ3+ features a long list of improvements, starting with a completely redesigned cockpit featuring the three-screen Garmin G3000 touch-screen avionics package, which includes the superb GFC-700 autopilot.

The noise levels are quite low, and normal conversation is easy. It's quieter than most airliners and the windows let in a lot of light, so the cabin feels very open.

With its longer cabin, advanced avionics and systems, 2,002 nm range and 425-knot cruise speed, the CJ4 delivers what other light jets can't.

That, along with the rock-solid reputation of Cessna and the CJ family behind it, is the recipe for success in any market condition.

Cessna engineers realized that the new engine also provided an opportunity to improve the aerodynamic efficiency of the Citation 500 series, and the Citation Jet — later shortened to just CJ — was born.

The CJ had a cabin and cockpit very similar in size and shape to the original Citation 500, but it flew on an all-new wing that achieved a significant amount of laminar flow.

The CJ4 cabin is about two feet longer than the CJ3's, with most of the stretch being ahead of the cabin door.



The pressurized cabin can accommodate up to ten passengers with a flight crew of two. The interior arrangement can be altered to suit customer requirements.

The cabin is heated, ventilated and air-conditioned. More than 90 have been delivered.

This makes it an ideal choice for shorter excursions to centers with regional or smaller airports.

Outfitted with high tech avionics, the Westwind offers business jet pilots the tools to ensure you reach your destination safely, and in complete comfort.

The Westwind for Light Jet Chartering is yet another light jet that is excellent for corporate or leisure charter.

The range and speed of the Westwind I allows for many non-stop destinations and only one stop cross-country.


After successful testing, the aircraft was put into series production with deliveries to customers beginning in early 1965.

Jet Commander production amounted to 150 aircraft in the United States and Israel before IAI undertook a series of modifications to create the 1123 Westwind.

These included stretching the fuselage and increased maximum takeoff, maximum landing, and maximum zero-fuel weights, with the wing modified to incorporate double-slotted flaps and drooped leading edges and tip tanks.

There were also numerous airframe modifications, such as drooped leading edges on the wings, a dorsal fin, revised engine pylons and nacelles, and further increases in maximum takeoff, maximum landing, and maximum zero-fuel weights.

With improvements to a number of onboard systems incorporated as well, these changes resulted in the 1124 Westwind delivered from 1976.

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In just four years, the Phenom 300 climbed to the top position on the list of most delivered business jets, with 60 units delivered in 2013.

It has two rear-pylon-mounted Pratt & Whitney Canada PW535E turbofan engines, one each side of the fuselage.

The enclosed cabin has room for nine passengers and two crew pilot; during single-pilot operation an additional passenger can be carried; access to the flight deck and cabin is using an air stair on the left-hand side behind.

From its range and speed to the comfort of its cabin, the Phenom 300 sets a new standard for light jets.

The Phenom 300 is Embraer's attempt to stretch the limits of the light jet segment by creating an airplane with best-in-class performance, comfort and utility while keeping operating costs at turboprop levels.

The biz jet world is relatively new to Embraer, which launched its executive jet program a few years back with the Legacy, a nicely reworked version of Embraer's ERJ 145 regional jet.


Cleveland-based Nextant was launched in 2007 and is owned by Directional Aviation Capital, which also owns fractional-share operations Flight Options.

They also own Flexjet as well as MRO provider Constant Aviation, charter brokerage Sentient Jet, sales company Sojourn Aviation, parts distributor Aerospace Products International and Corporate Wings FBOs.

Nextant selected the Beechjet, because it’s the most robust light jet. They bring technology where it makes sense, delivering everything good about a new aircraft but at 50 cents on the dollar.”

Nextant sister company Flight Options has many years experience operating the Beechjet/Hawker 400. So they know everything good and bad about it.

The 400XTi is essentially a Beechjet 400/Hawker 400A/XP with new Fadec-controlled 3,050-pound-thrust Williams International FJ44-3AP engines replacing the original 2,965-pound Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D-5Rs.


The airplane also offers good runway performance and low fuel burns.

Passenger seating is for eight—usually a three-seat divan and four individual chairs, plus a side-facing potty seat across from the entry door.

One key improvement over the Learjet 35 was installation of delta fins on the Learjet 31’s lower rear fuselage, which improved stall characteristics and eliminated the need for a stick puller/pusher system.

The Learjet 31 first flew in May 1987 and was FAA certified in August 1988. The original Learjet 31 had a maximum takeoff weight of 15,500 pounds, which was later increased to 16,500 or 17,700 pounds via supplemental type certificates.

An ER (extended range) version featured more fuel capacity, which enabled the aircraft to fly about 175 nautical miles farther.