The Falcon 20 Private Jet start’s at $3,000 per hour and up. The Falcon 20 Private Jet.



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"FALCON 20, Information!"

The 24-ft passenger cabin is appealing for an aircraft of this category with a nice eight-place layout, a lavatory and two internal baggage stowage areas totaling 65 cu ft.

"Falcon 20 Private Jet Charter"
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The Falcon 20 is a nice Private Jet with performance and handling characteristics equal to any modern day aircraft in its class.

The Falcon 20 was a great design and ahead of its time when it came out. With new engines and avionics, the best of the Falcon design with all the efficiency, performance and comfort of a new aircraft are retained.

With a maximum range of 2,400 nm, a 700 cubic foot cabin volume and seating for 9 passengers, it became the jet against which all other midsize competitors were measured.

"Falcon 20 Exterior"
falcon 20 interior, jet charter
Cabins typically are configured with a forward galley, a forward four-chair club section, an aft half-club flanked by a three-place divan and a full width aft lavatory with a wet sink.

Some people say it’s one of the most beautiful midsize aircraft yet designed, a French fashion model that struts down the runway.

Although formally introduced in 1989, the Falcon 20-5 is the result of tweaking and perfecting the existing Falcon 20 midsize business jet.

"Falcon 20 Charter Flights"
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When first manufactured, Dassault’s line of Falcon 20’s fell short on power. Dassault re-engined the Falcon 20’s not once, but twice.

However, with the second upgrade in 1989, the aircraft improved across the board, becoming the Falcon 20-5.

The inside of the Falcon 20-5 is identical to Dassault’s 731 Falcon 20B. The cabin measures 5.7 feet in height, 6.1 feet in width and 24 feet in length.

Typically, the aircraft accommodates between eight and 10 passengers, plus a crew of two.

"Falcon 20 Midsize Jet Charter"
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Able to accommodate eight to ten passengers, the space is configured in either a double-club arrangement or a club-divan-individual combo. A forward galley and full-width aft lavatory are included.

The Dassault Falcon 20 is a first-generation, twin-engine business jet that was developed in France in the early 1960s and remained in production until 1983.

The all-metal, low-wing monoplane features rear-mounted engines; a swept, full-cantilever wing; cruciform tail; and a retractable dual-wheel tricycle landing gear.

The Falcon 20C featured increased fuel capacity, while the 20D had even greater fuel capacity—along with CF700-2D powerplants rated at 4,250 pounds of thrust.

Dassault’s ability to evolve and perfect their Aircraft makes the "Falcon 20-5" a high-performing, competitive option in its class of "Midsize Business Jets."

The FALCON 20 Business Aircraft is normally configured to seat eight to ten passengers in a double-club arrangement or a combination of club, divan and individual seating.

"Falcon 20 Jet Charter Private"
falcon 20 interior, private jets charter
The 731 Falcon 20B is normally configured to seat eight to ten passengers in a double-club arrangement or combination of club, divan and individual seating.

"FALCON 20, Private Jet Charter Flights!"

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"Luxury Private Jet Charter, FALCON 20"

In 1985, Dassault closed the Falcon 20 production line, offering the Falcon 200 in its place.

Some 486 Falcon 20s had been built and most remained in service despite the shortcomings of the General Electric CF700 series powerplants.

"Exterior Falcon 20"
falcon 20 jet
Conversion specialists at Garrett recognized a market for an engine conversion to their TFE-731. In March 1989, the FAA certified the 731 Falcon 20 which was powered by a pair of TFE-731-5AR turbofans rated at 4,500lbs. of thrust each.

Garrett had accomplished a little over 50 of the engine conversions before they switched to the the -5BR engine variant producing 4,750lbs of thrust.

Aircraft fitted with the -5BR are designated the 731 Falcon 20B and feature and increase in MTOW of 850lbs. and an improved runway and climb performance.

Falcon 20-5 conversion aircraft enjoy almost double the range of the Falcon 20 series aircraft, have a 10% improvement in speed on trips up to 1,445nm and achieve Stage III compliance. Approximately 119 Falcon 20s have been re-engined by Garrett Aviation.

"Falcon 20 Private Plane Charter"
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The Falcon 20 offers an extra long cabin with seats that can be manipulated into almost any position with the touch of a button to allow customization of the airplane seating to meet charter passengers needs.

Capable of a 42,000 ft cruising altitude, the Falcon 20 is a powerful 2-engine mid-sized luxury business jet that offers fuel efficiency and safety.

The galley is located in the forward cabin and the full-width lavatory occupies the aft cabin. Cabin height is 5.7 ft., width is 6.1 ft. and length is 24.0 ft.

"Falcon 20 Jet Exterior"
falcon 20 exterior
This luxury private jet charter offers more cabin room than other private passenger charter jets in its class.

The Falcon 20 is a private passenger jet that has an advanced wing design, enabling take-off and landing at slower speeds on shorter runways, making thousands of small town and rural runways completely accessible.

The Falcon 20 is a good looking airplane. The nice thing is, it flies as good as it looks. The entire Falcon line are all airplanes that just plane feel good to fly.

"Fly the Falcon 20"
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The 731 Falcon 20B is a mid-size, medium-range business aircraft configured as a cantilever, swept, low-wing monoplane with a cantilever cruciform tail section.T

The air-frame is of aluminum mono-coque construction and has retractable tricycle landing gear with dual wheels on all units. The two power plants are rear fuselage-mounted.

Because the United States represented the largest market for new, turbofan-powered business jets, Dassault appointed a respected American company—Pan American World Airways—to market its new corporate jet in the region. Pan Am’s Business Jet Division sold the aircraft in North America under the name Fan Jet Falcon or Falcon 20.

Within a few years, Dassault introduced a series of improved models with more powerful engines, along with other enhancements.

"Falcon 20 Charter Flights"
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Approximately 470 Falcon 20s were built during the aircraft’s long production run, but only about three dozen are on the market today.


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