The Hawker 850XP private jet start’s at $3,800 per hour and up. The Hawker 850XP Private Jet.



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"HAWKER 850XP, Information!"

The Hawker 850XP private jet is one of the best ways to fly because it has one of the largest cabins in the midsize jet category.

The production run for the Hawker 850xp was only four years when it was replaced with the "900XP."

"Hawker 850XP Charter"
"InFlight Wi-Fi."
"Forward Galley."
"DVD/CD 2 Monitors."
"Airshow 400 Moving Map System."
"Aircell Satellite Phone System."
"Enclosed, Standup Lavatory."
"Worldwide Navigation System."

In that time, the fleet grew over 100 Aircraft with corporate operators including Marathon Oil.

It’s no wonder that the "850XP" is the best-selling midsize business jet and one of the most popular.

A main concern for business travelers is comfort and that is where the 850XP excels. Known for a spacious 604 cubic ft. cabin, the aircraft surpasses all others in its class.

Certified in 2006, the 850XP’s greatest feature is its design, more specifically the addition of winglets.

The slight modification improves overall performance by creating a more aerodynamic aircraft.

Features of the cabin include stand-up headroom, LCD lighting, touch-screen seat controls, fully-berthable seats and plenty of in-cabin storage. The cabin accommodates eight passengers.

While sitting in the cabin of the 850XP, one will immediately notice the amazing lighting effects in addition to the table and window shade animations.

What most impressive about the interior of this aircraft was that despite the high quality features, FSX performance wasn’t affected.

Other aspects of the exterior that have been improved include an upgrade exterior lighting effect that is much brighter than in previous releases.

The 850XP is a good offering that’s a considerable step up from their previous releases. As with all products there are always good and bad aspects.

The 850XP is by far one of the best and it shows a promising sign for an improvement in the quality of future products.

In every respect, this is an aircraft that was “meant” to fly. It is at home in the sky—seemingly striving to surpass all limits and constantly do more.

With new winglets that reduce drag and an advanced upgraded avionics suite that enhances operational efficiency, the Hawker 850XP climbs faster, delivers better performance and goes farther on less fuel than its predecessor aircraft.

Known for a spacious 604 cubic ft. cabin, the "Private Aircraft" surpasses all others in its class.

The Hawker 850XP is a great jet for doing Private Jet Charter. Certified in 2006, the "850XP’s" greatest feature is its design, more specifically the addition of winglets.

Both its fuel and operational efficiency make the Hawker 850XP a desirable Private Aircraft for business jet owners.

"HAWKER 850XP, Private Jet Charter!"

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"Private Jet Charter, HAWKER 850XP"

hawker 850xp,
The Hawker 850XP is an improvement on the ideal mid-range jet and comfortably seats eight passengers. Its interior cabin space is the largest in its class with surround sound entertainment system and mini galley.

Luggage capacity for up to eight roller bags. Stellar short runway performance, as well as climb and cruise performance, makes the Hawker 850XP a favorite on international private jet flights.

When it comes to business jets, the Hawker 850XP is a well-known aircraft used by numerous charter companies and businesses.

This mid-size jet has proved to be a valuable tool to the individuals of various backgrounds who require an alternative to the hassle and uncertainty of commercial travel.

The Hawker 850xp has stepped in with a great attempt to make this a very popular aircraft.

The interior of the aircraft is also equally as stunning as the exterior. The virtual cockpit looks flawless and the cabin creates an atmosphere of luxury that one would expect while flying on board this aircraft.

"Hawker 850XP Private Jet Charter"
interior hawker 850xp
Offering stand-up headroom along its entire length, the 800XP features a large cabin that comfortably accommodates as many as nine passengers, and includes a full refreshment center and aft-lavatory. Equipped with WIFI for your convenience.

Amenities include complimentary WI-FI, power outlets, telephone, video monitors, airshow system, audio/visual DVD, CD stereo, headsets, cabin speakers, full refreshment center and enclosed lavatory.

The 2,500 nautical mile range enables comfortable non-stop flights between most airports in the U.S. with worldwide destinations authorized and conveniently available.

Performance with the upgraded engines is greater than older, previous versions of the aircraft.

The modern, advanced and upgraded Collins ProLine 21 WAAS avionics system provides the ultimate in precision navigation with this all weather plane.

The very comfortable stand-up cabin for eight passengers is configured with a forward club four executive seating arrangement with a three person couch/bed and single executive seat aft. All single seats swivel with the two center ones reclinable.

"Hawker 850XP Plane Charter"
hawker 850xp, private jets charter, flight charter, flight aircraft services
Often referred to as the "conference room in the sky", the Hawker 850XP series aircraft is an extremely popular and cost- effective midsize aircraft.

Exhilarate your senses with the new standard in design, technology and performance breakthroughs—the Hawker 850XP.


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