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Image "A jet charter allows you access to 5000 destination charter airports vs. just 500."
"Chartering a jet allows you to accomplish the most demanding business itinerary."
"The service and convenience a private jet charter provides is unparalleled."
"Whether a jet or air charter, travel anywhere, anytime on your schedule."
"At private terminals, avoid crowded security lines of commercial airports and the jets they serve."
"Your charter vacation starts the minute you board the private jet - not when you get to your destination."
"You can have the charter operator plan catering aboard your next jet charter."
"Travel with who you want aboard a charter jet."
"Over 400 jets in our jet search system."
Image "Toll Free: (800) 348-9594"
35 Windsor Court

Neptune City, New Jersey 07753

Central Jet Charter Inc., can be 24/7/365 days a year. We also have ASAP Jet Charter

"DIRECT: (732) 882-6205"
Image Plan a Jet Charter Flight to any place at any time. We are dedicated to providing you with exceptional customer care for your next Aircraft Charter trip. Private Jet Charter flights with worldwide access to virtually every size and type of Private Aircraft. We have the most flexible Private Jet Charter Flight industry’s, client-oriented Flight arrangements.

Our Jet Charter Rates are the lowest with us because we match other Private Charter Prices. We offer our clients the luxury, convenience, safety, and security that only a Private Jet Flight can provide.


We will always have a live Aviation Specialist who will answer the phone. We take pride in the fact that you will never get voice mail or an answering service, but an "Aviation Specialist" that can answer all your questions right away. Please give us a call we would love to hear from you! Instant Quotes over the Phone!

Whether you have a one-way or round-trip, please contact us to request a quote for any travel itinerary anywhere in the world.

"Charter Private

Twin Engine Propellar Aircraft have an additional engine, just like other jets and Turboprops, but they didn’t provide the necessary return on investment for the manufacturers or the owners so they are not as popular as they once were, but now we have Single Engine Multi-piston Planes.

The Multipiston Private Aircraft start at $300 per hour and up. The Multipiston Private Aircraft.


Capacity: 6 – 12 People

Speed 150 – 315 mph

Range: 800 – 1,800 sm

Rate 500 – 1,900/hr


Turboprop Aircraft have an average cruising speeds of over 300 mph and an average nonstop range above 1,000 miles. A turboprop can travel further, faster and offer more comfort than…
Image The Airbus A318 private aircraft gives you a great way for Private Jet travel. These are Jet airliners that have been upgraded to give you the look and feel of a Luxury Home, with Beds and all the amenities of Luxurious living.

The AIRBUS A318, A319, & A320 are great for international Private Jet Charter. These Aircraft offer travelers pressurized passenger cabins which may be configured in a variety of ways, sometimes featuring multiple berth and lavatories, a gym, shower, meeting room, and more.

Image Aerion AS2 jet, future aircraft, heavy jets, private aircraft
The Aerion AS2 is changing the face of global commerce by rerouting flight plans. Many companies are using large-cabin, long-range Private Jets to provide nonstop access to overseas markets, especially Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. At the Heavy Jets usually go for $7,000 an hour.

Capacity: 9 – 18 People
Speed 500 – 560 mph
Range: 3,700 – 5,000 nm
Rate $5,000 – 8,000/hr

Heavy Jets are high-performance, stylish and equipped to meet the demands of international Private Aircraft Travel. These Private Jets extend the nonstop reach of the industry’s highest performance long-range Business Aircraft.

midsize jets, hawker 800xpr, private aircraft, hawker 950xp
Midsize Jets also offer greater capabilities, including a wider range – on average 2100 miles or about 4 to 5 hours.

The Midsize private jet's start at $3,000 per hour and up. The Midsize Private Jet's.


Capacity: 4 – 6 People
Speed 400 – 480 mph
Range: 800 – 1,100 nm
Rate 2,500 – 3,500/hr

Super Light Jets can seat up to 8 passengers comfortably and their cabins are bigger then Light Jets, usually a little longer, and higher. They also have better range then a light jet!

learjet 45xr
Launched in July 2004, the 45XR shares the same core values with the rest of the Learjet family: speed and performance. This aircraft offers the best climb rate of its category of Super Light business jets and a high speed cruise of 860km/h at 51,000 feet…
Image Light jets let you enjoy the flight because they are typically outfitted with excellent in-flight entertainment centers, a mini-galley, and luxurious leather and hardwood interiors.

Chartering a Private Jet is what we do. You will find comfortable leather captain’s chairs, and usually snack and beverage service, a private lavatory, and some very nice entertainment features. CITATION ULTRA.

Light Jets are great because they are cost effective compared to the other Private Jets. We distinguish ourselves by providing the most innovative, efficient, and flexible private air travel programs for a refined group of members.

The Light Jets start at $2,000 per hour and up. The Light Jet Charter.

The Honda jet is a very Light jet that has a new design with the Engines attached above the wing to improve air flow. This revolutionary design improves air speed and fuel consumption. HONDA JET" Charter in this "Very light jet" can set up to 4 passengers comfortably and these are a relatively new category in the "Private jet" industry.

"Charter a jet" a "Very light jet" is something more and more people will do because it brings down the cost of "Private jet charter." These Jets feature best in class performance, economics, and safety. "ECLIPSE 500."

Image CHARTER PLANE SERVICE with us are seamless because we always take care of all the details. We look forward to partnering with any Travel Agent and will give special discounts on use of the Private jets.

Private Plane Charter made easy for Travel agents! All it takes is one call to set the entire trip up and we will handle everything from begging to end with the Private Jet!


The Gulfstream G4 can seat up to 15 passengers depending on configurations, and cost $5,000 per hour and up to charter. This Private Jet has been one of the most successful Jets that Gulfstream has ever built.

Central Jet Charter Inc., works in our clients best interest because we don't or operate any aircraft, so we strictly only represent our clients interests!
Image We arrange the "Private Jet" you want, when you want, where you want, and get you where you want to go.

Your dedicated charter sales representative and FAA-licensed flight followers are available 24/7 to ensure every detail of your travel is handled.

Serving both regional and global travelers, C.J.C. Inc., operates a diverse fleet of aircraft and our charter sales representatives have access to an expansive network of approved aircraft charter vendors.

Central Jet Charter Inc., has the resources to provide our clients with an unparalleled level of both pre and post flights amenities.

Let us renew the romance of air travel with luxury and style.


"Any Type of Special Catering."
"Call Outs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365"
"Hotel bookings."
"Yacht Charter."
"Special Private Air Charter fares."
"Luxury cruise specials."
"Luggage delivery service."
"Theater tickets."
We will go to any lengths with any type of Jet Services needed! We know that no detail regarding your trip is unimportant. Private Jet Charter Services are something that we strive to be the best at.

charter flight, aircraft service, private jet service

AIRCRAFT SERVICES have never been better at Central Jet Charter Inc. We have any type of Aviation Services you need and we can set up the trip in any type of Private Aircraft. Try our Aviation Services! We also have access to many more Small Airports, over 10,000.

"Restaurant reserva…


Security and Safety in which we are committed to and go above and beyond the Federal Regulations Part 135 that regulate all "Private Aircraft."

security private jets
Security and safety during the flight are the most important things. Customers are also mercifully relieved of the tedious security lines at the airport, security remains a critical issue for all aircraft. Flights arranged by Central Jet Charter require the standard security checks and personal identification. In addition, all aircraft are secured by qualified personnel prior to our customers’ arrival.

If the security and safety of your travel companions is one of your top priorities during your charter jet travels, you can have peace of mind knowing that Central Jet Charter Inc., offers the most comprehensive security and safety measures in the Charter Jet industry.

airplane security
The compa…

private planes, air charters, aircraft safety
At Central Jet Charter Inc., ensuring the safety of our Members is our number one priority. We work with only the top private jet operators, exceeding FAA Part 135 requirements, ensuring a commitment to best practices in pilot training and experience, progressive aircraft maintenance, and a flawless safety history.
Image SAFETY FIRST in our industry-leading safety program and Private Jet Charter Services consistently exceed established industry standards for Private Aircraft safety to provide customers with an aviation experience that is always safe and secure.

Special Safety and security on the private jet's start at $300 and up. The Safety & Security.



Restaurant Reservations: All members are assigned a expert travel consultant that handles all concierge and flight related services including but not limited to restaurant, hotel, vacation resort reservations, and all other desired accommodation and entertainment. We can make restaurant reservations for you or have the restaurant deliver the food to the Private Jet!

catering on private jets
Restaurant Reservations: Many times, its just a matter of waiting until the shiny new polish wears off, and you’re in. There are those restaurants, however, that are always a hard score, whether they have been open one year or 100. We take care of the entire trip, including any type of Concierge Services.

catering private jets, jet charter service, aircraft charter service
We can even make Specia…
"HEAVY JETS:" | "Challenger 604" | "Challenger 601" | "Falcon 2000DX" | "Falcon 2000EX" | "Falcon 2000 LXS" | "Falcon 2000 LX" | "Falcon 2000" | "Falcon 900" | "Falcon 900B" | "Falcon 900C" | "Embraer Legacy Shuttle" | "Gulfstream G-450" | "Gulfstream G-IVSP" | "Gulfstream G-IV" | "Gulfstream G-350" | "Gulfstream G-3" | "Legacy 600" |


Privacy & Responsibility very seriously. This website is done in good faith and the information is about the products and services offered by C.J.C. Inc. No representation is made as to the completeness or accuracy of the information it contains.

Jet charter, Aircraft Charter, Private Charter Flights
Privacy & Responsibility is very important to us. We always maintain strict confidentiality with our Clients. Feel free to contact us any time at

Privacy & Responsibility is something we strive for. We have no cookies, third party tracking or any information gathering what so ever. The information you put into the our website on the Contact us bottom is just basic contact information when you request to "charter a jet!"

In particular, you should be aware that this information may be incomp…

"If there is a traveling companion, we will arrange for our nurse to stay in the same hotel as the companion to help with their travel needs as well as comfort. If there is no companion, we will stay as close to the hospital as possible."
"Nurse calls Central Jet Charter Inc. at each transition point of the medical transfer ie. Upon arrival into origin, after initial assessment, arrival and departure at airport for each layover, etc.
"Ground transportation on each end, fit for each patient, Ground ambulance, wheelchair van, town car, limo."

Plane Ambulance services using state of the art Aircraft and can arrange any types of stretchers for the "medical flight services" as well. We are a worldwide "medical air service" provider, offering services on all different types of "Plane Ambulances."

PETS & ANIMALS: Our specialty is handling your complete pet travel needs. Our specialty is handling your complete pet travel needs, wherever and whenever the need arises. Our pet travel services are available to individuals, relocation management firms, household goods movers, and corporations.

"PETS & ANIMALS" is knowing that every detail is being taken care of is an even a higher priority. Seeking the expertise of a pet travel professional can assure you peace of mind.

Image Depending on the points of departure and arrival for international trips, a visa may be required. You also cannot legally fly to someplace where there is no customs clearing or where customs is unwilling to meet you unless you get prior approval. Otherwise, all Aircraft are required to stop at a "port of entry" Airport.

Passport & Visa help for private jet charter start’s at $100 and up. The Passport & Visa help.


"Payment Terms."

"Client agrees to pay all costs, fees and expenses as set forth on the cost estimate quote and/or Charter Itinerary, as well as all additional costs and expenses associated with your flight (including, but not limited to, taxes, surcharges. Fees and any surprise charges that might arise and all fees listed above in Paragraph 3 section b. as well as damages that may arise during the flight because of the Client or passengers aboard the plane, and any damages as set for in Paragraph 8(g)."

(A) "Central Jet Charter Inc." may require either payment in advance or an acceptable credit card guarantee. By providing your credit card information, you authorize "Central Jet Charter Inc." to obtain payment from the issuer of the credit card you presented. If you do not make payment by another means, you agree to perform the obligations set forth I your agreement with your credit card issuer. However …
"Advanced systems and databases allow CJC to find the right aircraft in record time for a great rate."
"The flexibility of being able to use the OPTIMAL aircraft available, not the only aircraft available."
"The ability to react quickly to client’s needs: our clients can board the right aircraft in under three hours notice."
"The highest level of professionalism as expected."
"Knowledge is further added to by our extensive domestic and international network of operators."

Our charter sales representatives have access to an expansive network of approved aircraft charter vendors so that we can provide you with the ideal aircraft to and from virtually any location.

"Business Jets" Besides the luxury and comfort that "Air Charter Travel" can offer, there are many other factors that contribute to making air charter a competitive option.

hawker 4000 interior
We proudly accept that challenge and look forward to a lasting relationship with every Central Jet Charter Inc. Private Jet Charter client. The clients experience is just so important, so we always make sure to provide the best Private Aircraft Charter!

hawker 400xp, aircraft services, airplane services, plane services
Our <"Aircraft Charter Services" have never been better. Our Goal and Philosophy has always been that it is about the trip, the Private Aircraft and the client. At Central Jet Charter Inc., you will never be tethered to us by onerous, intractable contracts.


"Plane Charter" is our specialty with any type of "Private Aircraft" that suits your needs. Our "Charter Flights" and "Aircraft Charter" only offer the best "Private Charter Flights." We can also do Helicopter Rental at ""
Central Jet Charter Inc., assures you of the convenience, quality and flexibility that you demand for your "Charter Flights."
"Private Aircraft Charter" whether it is the most demanding business itinerary or a weekend getaway with the family, will ensure that you experience the best in "Private Aircraft Charter Service" with our "Private Jet Charter"

Emirates has launched its own private jet service, and it is receiving rave reviews from travel experts. The Dubai-based carrier’s private jet is being described as a “flying hotel.”


As an innovative, customer-service focused company, prices are competitive with access to more than 5,000 private aircraft worldwide. Our private jet charter will whisk you away in luxury sure to be as memorable as the destination itself.

The Jet Charter Destinations start’s at $3,000 and upk and up. The Jet Charter Destinations.

Image JET CHARTER CARD" FRACTIONAL OWNERSHIP share or a Pre-paid flight card program, supplementing it with Central Jet Charter Inc., membership really does offer you the best of both worlds. Through our program, you have access to last minute availability and a fixed occupied hourly rate.

The Jet Charter Card start’s at $25k and up. The Jet Charter Card.



Jet Charter Blog: Jet Charter can be a daunting experience especially if we don't have someone to help us along the way. That is where we come into play because they will do everything for you. So give them a try, we promise you wont be disappointed."

Jet Charter Blog: Cessna has just announced a new Heavy Jet called the Citation Hemisphere which should be out later on in this decade. Another new super sonic "Private Jet" that is due out is the "Aerion AS2," which should be out early in the next decade.

blog private jet charter
"Come & BLOG CENTRAL JET CHARTER Inc., Please contact us, we would love to hear from you"

We are committed to a set of core values that not only define who we are, but also serve as guide-posts to help us become the company we would like to be. And we aspire to live these values every day.
Long trips require a larger, more expensive plane with a bigger range and we can get that for you. On any private jet charter trip you can receive VIP catering, which on short flights usually includes cold meats, salad, fruit, sandwiches or pastries.

The Jet Charter start’s at $800 per hour and up. The Private Jet Charter.


JET CARD MEMBERSHIP" We have the most Flexible Jet Charter Card and we do not offer a cookie cutter Jet Card Program, every client is unique. Every Jet card client receives a tailor "Jet Card" program to meet annual needs from 12.5 hours to 250 hours a year. We appreciate our client network, before we forget, thank you for the future referral.

The Jet Charter Card Membership start’s at $25k and up. The Jet Charter Card Membership.

Aircraft Charter in some of the most luxurious Private Airplanes in the world from the Gulfstream G5 or the Challenger 605, to any type of Aircraft you would like.
We can arrange any types of Air Charter Flights for groups of up to 18 passengers or more in various seating configurations.
Jet Charter can be a complex task and finding the right Private Aircraft for the trip can be complex, and that’s what we will do to for you in order to help guide you through this process.

We are ready to transport you in luxury to and from anywhere in the world within a few hours notice. We will handle all the details down to the smallest things to ensure that you always have great "Charter Flight with us."

Hotel Booking" when you can’t bear to leave your animal companion at home during the next trip on your "Private Jet," take it with you and book a luxury hotel that accommodates pets, just let us know and we will find a Pet Friendly Hotel.

"HOTEL BOOKING" when you "Charter a Private Jet" and stay at a "Ritz-Carlton," you can also expect pet spa treatments, pet room service, toys, treats, plush pet beds and luxury pet bowls. Pet programs, weight limits and fees vary by location.

HELP: We are here to help you so please contact us!" What type of "HELP" do you need? We can assist you!"

"HELP" "We would Love to Help you with your next "Charter Flight." Its all about the "Private Aircraft Service" and Help."


HELICOPTER AMBULANCE can be set up ASAP, and we can also do Aircraft Ambulance depending on your needs, we have emergency services.

"HELICOPTER AMBULANCE" will accomplish our mission by being passionate about our core principles of customer service, integrity, and operational excellence.

Ground Transportation" in which we can set up any type of Car Service you would like. We monitor and Coordinate everything. We believe flying should be a peaceful, stress free experience.

Ground Transportation for Private Jet Charter in addition, during time of critical need, our transportation partners and clients can "AS Direct" the car in order fit their travel plans.

Image "CENTRAL JET CHARTER Inc." "CHARTER QUOTATION" May 7, 2015 I,________________, herby direct "Central Jet Charter Inc." to provide the following services:

"AIRCRAFT TYPE:" Please Note: Aircraft is subject to owner's approval and availability at time of booking. Flight time charges are an estimate, we will bill according to actual flight time. Additional costs may include international fees, fuel surcharges hangar, and de-icing fees during inclement weather, catering, and Flight phone charges.

Credit card payments are subject to a 4% surcharge. Cancellation fee of $2000 or 20% whichever is higher if cancelled after confirmation but at least 7 days prior to scheduled departure; all :"one way quotes" have a 100% cancellation fee. 1% service and handling charge applies to all domestic flights. Cancellation in under, 7 days will result in a cancellation fee of Central Jet Charter Inc. Service Term…

"A très magnifique vacation starts with the best Flights to Paris."
"Piccadilly Circus and Bond Street are waiting for you when you buy flights to London."
"Immerse yourself in the vibrant city lifestyle with incredible deals on Toronto flights."
"Cheap flights to Manila let you uncover the inimitable Philippine culture."
"Say hola to paradise – and adios to worries – with discount flights to Cancun."

FLIGHT BOOKING for Private Jets ensures this remains true for every client on every trip, we offer 24-hour concierge service to every prospective traveler. Charter a Private Plane Cost are always the Best here at C.J.C. Inc."


"We recognize and appreciate your dedicated efforts."
"All achievements begin with an idea. Your innovations put those ideas in front. This impetus has empowered the momentum for success. Thank you for providing us with powerful ideas."
"When others were ready to admit failure, you steadfastly persisted. By refusing to fail, you contributed to the eventual success."
"Thanks for coming to bat at the end of the ninth inning! Thanks For All You Do theme."
"You wisely said, “I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.” And, you did!! Congratulations."
"You faced many obstacles on this project. The way you negotiated them inspired all who worked with you."
"The new insight you provided was the greatest victory in the effort."
"Your healthy perspective on what is truly important inspires all whose lives touch yours. Thank you for making us stop to “smell the roses."


1) "Who is the FAA certified operator that will do your CHARTER FLIGHT?"

At your request we will notify you of the operator name and their proof of his/her pilot license/certificate. You also have the right to verify this information with the FAA to ensure that the business is legitimate and operating safely.

2) "What level of experience does the PRIVATE JET CHARTER operator have?"

To earn a "Private Jet" pilot’s license through the FAA, a Flight Operator must complete 40-60 hours of flying and flight school, minimum. Additionally , 50 hours of Pilot in command time and 40 hours of Flight and/or simulator training are required. In order to fly passengers they must earn a FAA commercial pilot’s license/certificate.

3) "How long has the "PRIVATE JET CHARTER" operator been in business?"

A more experienced "Air Charter" Operator will understand the ins and outs of all the FAA safety regulati…
We can be reached at for any type of ENTERTAINMENT on the Aircraft for a nominal fee of $100 and up. You can pre-order movie database, or anything you would like. We aim to please and keep you entertained during your Private Jet Charter Flight.

Central Jet Charter Inc. will provide any type of Entertainment that you desire, and change itinerary as often as necessary.

Entertainment on private jet's start at $100 and up. Entertainment on Private Jets.


Cell Phones.
Tablets, Lap Tops, Computers.
Electronic Games.
Satallite Phones.
The Elctronics on Private Jets are all state of the art and are regulated by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) under Part 135. We can have any types of electronics on board including Wifi, phones and computers.

private jets
Electronics on Private Jets are such an important and integral part of society, so while up in the Air on a Private Jet Charter you need to stay in touch. All the Aircraft that we use here at Central Jet Charter Inc., come with the latest and newest Electronic Equipment.

private jets, charter aircraft, charter flights
Whether you want to use your "Cell-phone", the "Private Jet" Satellite Phone, Wi-Fi, Computer Internet, we will make sure that the jet has the latest state of the Art "Electronic Equipment…

53 Emerson Avenue

New Rochelle, New York 10801

"Central Jet Charter Inc."

New York City, New York 10457

Air charter flights operate on the passenger’s schedule, allowing considerable flexibility. With the ability to fly in and out of more than 5,000 public use airports in the United States.

Customer service for private jet charter is free. Private Jet Charter Customer Service.

Once your itinerary is in order, you can check with a number of Jet Charter Services to compare prices and make your reservation, either through the companies’ websites or by calling to request assistance planning your trip."

For you, the leisure time flyer, we offer every amenity that you can possibly imagine. Personalized gourmet meals served in flight to your specification. Fine wines, cocktails, and liqueurs are also provided."


"Hotel Reservations."
"Ground Transportation."
"Dinner Reservations."
"Show Tickets."
"Sporting Events."
"VIP Airport Transfers."
"Security Services."
"Spa Reservations."
CONCIERGE SERVICES for Private Jet Charter. Clients are assigned the same person for all flights to ensure consistency, familiarity, and comfort. Your dedicated Flight Support Team is always standing by and ready the moment your Charter Flight details are confirmed.

jet charter, aircraft services
CONCIERGE SERVICES at Central Jet Charter Inc., offers comprehensive "concierge services."

Concierge Services for Jet Charter: The flight crew, like the Private Jet Aircraft itself, is at your service. Since you – and any guests you may have aboard – constitute the entire passenger list, y…