The Citation X+ Plus Private Jet start’s at $4,500 per hour and up. The Citation X+ (Plus) Private Jet.


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With touch-screen controllers, the flight department can customize how data is presented, see dimensional renderings of terrain, read precise weather patterns and see traffic coming from miles away.

"Citation X+ Cabin"
citation 10 plus cabin
"The CITATION X+" primary and multifunction flight displays are made up of three multi-pane, widescreens enhanced with Garmin’s Synthetic Vision Technology.

Combining world-class speed, 3,000-plus-mile range, good comfort and excellent runway performance, all for the price of a more conventional midsize jet 70 knots slower.

When Cessna launched the airplane in 1990 the company was famous for its reliable and famously docile-handling straight-wing jets (though the X+ was not the first swept wing model).

Yet the Citation X was the opposite, and its introduction was an earthshaking event in relatively staid Wichita, Kansas.

"Citation X Plus Private Jet Charter"
citation 10 plus exterior, jet charter, private aircraft, charter flights
It was aggressively styled and built for raw speed — it was the ­fastest non-Concorde civil airplane in the world for most of its production life and has recently reclaimed that crown. Even its pedigree was un­usual.

Unlike most previous Citations, it was built from a clean sheet instead of being derived from an existing model.

Moreover, it was seemingly designed for a new kind of customer, one who wanted style, power and presence while still banking on Cessna's award-winning service.

The X+ was a big hit and immediately started setting city-pair speed records, most of which have yet to be surpassed.

In 1997, the design team for the Citation X won the Collier Trophy, the most prestigious award in aviation at the time.

"Citation X+ Charter Flights"
citation 10 plus, jet charter, private flights, charter aircraft interior, private jet charter
The secret of the X+'s speed is really no secret at all. Its design combines low drag with powerful engines and a great wing.

The wing is extraordinary, a highly swept super critical airfoil whose sweep is rivaled among civil airplanes only by that of another very speedy model with a slightly greater payload, the Boeing 747.

There's little competition for the airplane, but then again, the Citation X+ doesn't fit a niche so much as a need.

That need is of course for speed, but with comfort, range, sophistication and more thrown in to sweeten the deal.

The X+ offered a good cabin, though it was tight in some respects. Legroom in the club seating areas could be less than ideal.

Headroom, on the other hand, was (and is) quite good.

Through the Clairity touch screen system you have control of cabin lighting, window shades, temperature control and entertainment at your fingertips. At can be chartered for $400 per hour and up.

"Jet Charter Citation X+ (Plus)"
citation 10 plus
The wing of the X+ passes underneath the cabin and not through it, as is the case with many Cessna's and competitors, so the cabin floor can be lower.


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"Private Jet Charter: The Citation 10 Plus"

The X+ offers a bigger cabin than its predecessor, with an extra 15 inches in length, providing more legroom for passengers in the forward club seating area.

"Citation X Plus Private Aircraft"
citation 10 plus, private jet charter aircraft, charter flights, charter airplanes
Cessna also added winglets, which help save fuel and enhance takeoff and landing performance.

The jet is powered by two Rolls-Royce turbofan engines and can reach altitudes up to 51,000 feet, well above most weather and traffic.

Other updates to the new model include a dual-zone temperature system with separate controls for the cockpit and the cabin, as well as ergonomic seats for the cockpit crew.

The flight deck features Garmin G5000 touchscreen avionics with four full-color touchscreen control panels, plus fully integrated auto-throttles, which reduce pilot workload.

"Citation X+ Cabin"
citation 10 plus cabin, jet charter, private flights, charter aircraft interior
When it came time for a refresh of the Citation X+, Cessna could have taken the existing air frame and updated the avionics

Added winglets and redesigned the interior–as it did with other recent “plus” models such as the Sovereign+ and CJ3+–but engineers were able to unlock more performance when they created the X+.

If the cabin of the original X was a weakness, the passenger section on the new model is a selling point.

If there's any doubt about it, it's clear that Cessna has a winner in the Citation X+.

"Jet Charter Private Citation X+ (Plus)"
citation 10 plus, interior private jet, inside private aircraft
An airplane that was already a strong performer gets more room, a better, more sophisticated and advanced cabin, even more speed, a remarkable new cockpit with auto-throttles, better fuel efficiency, more payload and greater range.

This Jet can be chartered for $4600 an hour and up to Charter this Aircraft.

The new airplane would get 14 additional inches of cabin length, which would create a lot of extra legroom for the front club grouping, which would get eight of those inches. Typically configured, the X+ is a double-club-plus-one configuration.

The cabin height is what I'd call stand-up, though that is a subjective term, of course. I find it the perfect height.

The flashiest news was that the new X+ would get up to Mach 0.935, edging out the Gulfstream G650, aiming for Mach 0.925, a speed it would indeed achieve.

By hitting 0.935, the Citation X+ would reclaim the "fastest bizjet" title from Gulfsream.

It was, in effect, a friendly game of leapfrog products that were not remotely competitive.

"Citation X+ Inside"
citation 10+, private jets, charter aircraft, charter a jet
There would also be a fuselage stretch, which for the folks in back was the biggest news of all.

Lighting was also improved, with LEDs throughout offering mood and brightness options. There are two-layer window shades to let some light through or none at all.


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