The Falcon 2000LX Private Jet start’s at $4,600 per hour and up. The Falcon 2000LX Private Jet.


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"FALCON 2000LX, Information"

Central Jet Charter Inc. & The Falcon 2000LX Private Jet!

"The range increase certainly gives our customers more capability and more efficiency on longer trips and they will surely enjoy seeing their fuel consumption numbers drop."

"Faclon 2000LX Charter"
"Improved engine effeciency and low fuel burn."
"Super quiet and very spacious cabin."
"4000nm range with up to 6 passengers."
"Fully equipped galley."

The new 2000LX offers the same spacious, quiet interior as the 2000EX EASy but with a list of more extensive city pairs. The 2000LX will be able to connect New York to Moscow; Paris to Delhi and Hong Kong to Brisbane.

The Falcon 2000LX will also come standard with the award-winning EASy flight deck which has won high marks and praise for its integrated features and intuitive displays. Over 145 EASy equipped aircraft are in operation.

The spacious passenger area in the ergonomically designed aircraft allows multiple groupings in adjoining spaces without intrusion.

The luxurious cabin features, handcrafted seats and side panels are made of leather. The large windows offer panoramic views.

"Faclon 2000LX Inside"
falcon 2000lx, charter aircraft, aircraft services
Roomy seats enable you to recline up to 180º and can be converted into 4 flat beds (2 single beds and one double bed).

The Dassault Falcon 2000LX aircraft is equipped with a satellite phone and facsimile. A spacious and well appointed wash room/vanity adds to the convenience of the guest.

Onboard entertainment includes movies on a large LCD screen, and choice of music. Do specify your movie and music preferences at least 24 hours before departure.

The baggage hold of the Dassault Falcon 2000LX has a maximum capacity of 60 kgs per passenger which exceeds that on most aircrafts available for air charter.

The Dassault Falcon 2000LX is equipped with a full-service glossy laminated galley and can cater to the cuisine preferences of the discerning connoisseur.

This aircraft features full-width seating for up to ten passengers plus generous work surfaces, several video screens, and a full suite of business tools and communications facilities.

Two seats can fold down flat, to enable comfortable napping in bed-like form.

"Private Jet Charter, FALCON 2000LX"

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"FALCON 2000LX, Private Flights!"

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The Falcon 2000lx is an upgrade from the Falcon 2000 with a range of up to 8 hours of flight time.

The Dassault Falcon 2000LX jet aircrafts offer the new EASy state-of-the-art advanced cockpit with a range of 3,800 NM thanks to better fuel efficiency and additional fuel tanks.

All this comes to you, along with a roomier cabin and a more efficient fuel burn - than other jet aircrafts in its category.

The range of the 2000LX adds an extra 200 NM thanks to the winglets i.e. 4,000 NM. Click here for more details.

The Dassault Falcon 2000LX, originally designed for 16 passengers in an economy configuration, are now reconfigured to seat 9 passengers.

"Faclon 2000LX Private Jet Charter"
falcon 2000lx, charter jet, charter airplane, charter flight
In addition to range, the Falcon 2000LX offers versatility, speed, and efficiency. At sea level, it can take off in less than 5,600 feet of runway and can climb to its cruise altitude in 15 minutes.

It also burns just 270 gallons of fuel per hour of flight, which is unusually low for an aircraft with the Falcon’s capabilities.

This $33.4 million jet seats 10 passengers in a cabin that has 6.2 feet of headroom and is nearly 8 feet wide and more than 26 feet long.

The winglets and associated components will be installed per OEM approved data via Dassault Aviation Mods.

The result is an aircraft with the commercial designation Falcon 2000LX with increased resale value and is eligible for all Falcon 2000LX specific Service Bulletins.

True to the French sense of style, a wide variety of interior decorating options are available for example, there are eighteen different metal finishes just for the bathroom sink.

"Faclon 2000LX Jet Charter"
falcon 2000lx, private jets, charter aircraft
Based on the popular Falcon 2000EX, the 2000LX will feature a range of 4,000 nautical miles at Mach .80 and a best-in-class climb speed to 41,000 feet in just 18 minutes.

"The FALCON 2000LX" version offers the same exceptional cabin space, due to its wide body, and performance that has made leaps and bounds since its initial introduction.


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