The Falcon 900C ultra long range jet start’s at $5,200 per hour and up. The Falcon 900C Private Jet.


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"Falcon 900C, Information!"

The long-range (4,500nm) Falcon 900EX first flight was in 1995 flying non-stop from Luton in England to Las Vegas, Nevada and it entered service in 1996.

200 Falcon 900 and 200 Falcon 900EX/DX aircraft have been delivered and are operational. Government and VIP executive versions of the Falcon 900 are in operation in Algeria, Australia, France, Gabon, Guinea, Italy, Malaysia, Nigeria, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Syria and the United Arab Emirates.

"Falcon 900C Information"
"Fully Equipped Forward Galley."
"Microwave Oven, 2 Toaster Ovens."
"2 Separate & Enclosed Lavatories."
"Entertainment System."
"DVD Player, CD Player, Headsets."
"2 Widescreen Monitors."
"4 Individual Portable Monitors."
"iPhone/iPad/iPod Docking Station."
"3 Single, 1 Double Berthable Seats."

The aircraft is of damage-tolerant design and the design and manufacture used Dassault's CAD/CAM facilities. Kevlar and carbon-fibre materials have been used in the construction.

Kevlar has been used for the radome, tailcone, and nosewheel doors. The air inlet trunk on the centre engine is also of Kevlar construction.The FALCON 900C PRIVATE JET,

Carbon fibre has been used in the manufacture of the main landing gear doors and for the centre section of the three engine cowlings.

The aircraft also enjoys better visibility approach clearance (Category II) and operation on unprepared strips that its original predecessor cannot.

"Falcon 900C Spectations"
"12 Passenger Capacity."
"4,500 Statute Miles."
"Intercontinental Range."
"Stand-Up Cabin."
"Wi-Fi Access - Free Domestic."
"Satellite Phone."

The Rockwell Collins Pro Line flight management system is linked to two AZ810 air data computers and a dual SPZ8000 autopilot and flight director.

The configuration of the passenger cabin can be customised to suit the operator's requirements. The 900C can seat up to 19 passengers, but more normally it is fitted for 12 to 15. The passenger cabin can be configured in three VIP lounge areas.

The forward area has four sleeping chairs and tables. The central dining area can seat six people and has a dining table with two double seats and a cabinet with a foldaway bench.

At this jet can be chartered for $5,000 per hour and up!

The Falcon 900C pairs an expansive carrying capacity with the impressive range needed for a cross-country jaunt or intercontinental trip.

"Falcon 900C, for Jet Charter!"

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 Round Trip One Way
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"The Falcon 900C, Aircraft Charter!"

14 passengers: 4 forward club seats, 4 places mid-cabin dining group with electrical table with credenza opposite, 2 aft 3 places divans (berthable). Fwd & Aft lvs. ERDA jump seat. Galley and AFT cabin pocket doors. Crystal Liquid R/H AFT bulkhead.

"Falcon 900C Private Jet Charter"
charter falcon 900C
Off-white leather seats, beige fabric sofas, Flat Cut Cherry wood veneer (glossy). Brushed Aluminium metal plating. Round Look Design.

Multi Standard VHS, DVD player, 2 ea. 15" and 1 ea. 18" LCD monitors, TIA High Temp Oven, 1 ea. add 1 small electrical oven, Nespresso Coffee Machine, 220 VAC, 1200 VA, 50 Hz outlets, 2 ea. Dual wing tip nav lights, Oxygen Bottle, 2 ea. 12 Man Life Rafts, Dual Nav. Lights, Telescopic Towbar.

The Falcon 900C is a long-range business jet from Dassault. Dassault Aviation has a dedicated subsidiary for the Falcon family called the Dassault Falcon Jet Corporation. Over 1,500 Falcon jets have been delivered since the first Falcon 20 in 1963.

Falcon jets are built at Dassault production facilities in France and then flown to the completion and service centre in Little Rock, Arkansas, where they are fitted to customer specifications.

Over the past few decades cockpits have undergone major changes as new technologies have been incorporated.

Accident rates for US-registered airliners and professionally piloted business jets have not declined appreciably; rather they have remained relatively constant.

Dassault's analysis of this trend led it to conclude that, for business jets, pilot actions were a major factor in many accidents.

Additionally, the manufacturer concluded that inadequate training and flightdeck deficiencies led to many of these human factors-related accidents.

Then relax and enjoy the state-of-the-art entertainment system complete with DVD player, CD player, headsets, wide-screen and individual monitors along with iPhone/iPad/iPod docking stations.

The berthable seats will allow you to sleep through the night on a trans-Atlantic charter flight and with 2 separate and enclosed private lavatories, freshen up for your arrival.

Dassault's Falcon 900EX is perhaps the premier large business jet on the market. A derivative of the Falcon 900C, the 900EX added range and reliability to an already capable aircraft.

Built on Honeywell Primus Epic integrated avionics, the EASy cockpit is Dassault's clean-sheet redefinition of the business jet flight deck.

"Falcon 900C Private Jet"
falcon 900C inside
The Falcon 900C is a great, intercontinental business jet that upholds Dassault’s promise to present the latest and most innovative technology to the skies.


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