Today, the Hawker 1000 represents an incredible value in the super-mid sized aircraft market. The Hawker 1000 private jet start’s at $3,800 per hour and up. The Hawker 1000 Private Jet.


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"HAWKER 1000, Information!"

The Hawker series had been popular since the 1960s and over the years had been updated with new engines, airfoils and amenities.

On the outside, there are subtle differences between the 800 and the 1000. The 800 has six passenger windows per side; the 1000 has seven.

Popular cabin refurb items for this airplane include:

"Interior Hawker 1000"
interior hawker 1000
Yet, the basic design philosophy-building an airplane with rugged and simple systems-remained unchanged. In the high-utilization charter world, Hawkers were the horses and they still are today.

There's another good reason for buying a Hawker 1000: the price gap between it and the smaller Model 800 has narrowed, according to the aircraft pricing service Vref.

"Hawker 1000 Specificaitons"
"Microwave oven."
"In-flight entertainment system with custom-tuned speakers."
"15-inch bulkhead and 8.4-inch plug-in monitors at individual seat locations."
"DVD player."

The Hawker 1000 solved these issues with the addition of an externally-accessible baggage compartment aft of the lavatory.

This doubled available baggage space, and increased range of over 3000 nautical miles, allowing for nonstop flights coast to coast.

"Hawker 1000 Charter Flights"
hawker 1000, charter air services, charter flights, airplane services
Other beneficial changes included the introduction of sturdier landing gear, more powerful and efficient Pratt and Whitney 305B engines, and better construction overall.

"Hawker 1000 Information"
"Moving map package."
"Cordless satellite phone headsets."
"LED lighting."
"Touch-switch cabin controls."
"Lighter-weight noise-dampening cabin insulation."

It has the lowest acquisition cost of any aircraft that can accomplish the East Coast to West Coast mission nonstop, as well as flights to Hawaii from the U.S. West Coast.

The Hawker 1000 offers a spacious midsize cabin with an impressive blend of comfort, speed and efficiency.

"Hawker 1000 Charter"
"Light and spacious cabin."
"8 seat configuration."
"Good flight range."
"Reliable performance."

The combination of range and speed make the Hawker 1000 the perfect option for clients seeking fast, nonstop transcontinental travel.

With accommodations for up to 9 passengers, this comfortable jet is serves perfectly as an office in the sky for airborne meeting, or as a relaxing living room to rest between cities.

"HAWKER 1000, Private Jet Flight!"

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"HAWKER 1000, Private Jet Booking!"

nbaa, interior hawker 1000
The Hawker 1000 is the largest jet in the Hawker 800 family. The Hawker 1000 is optimised for long range flights, and was built using lightweight materials, stretched fuselage, and more powerful engines.

This jet is popular with fractional jet ownership schemes and jet card holders for its reliability and cost effective long-range flight performance.

The Hawker 1000 cabin has 7 cabin windows down each side, making the interior lighter than the other members of the Hawker 800 family of corporate jets.

The Hawker 1000 is the largest of the Hawker Siddeley 125 series of business jets, which includes the Hawker 700, 800, 800XP, 850XP and 900.

Known for its comfortable cabin, coast to coast range and refined style, the Hawker 1000 is also known by the affectionate nickname, “The Gentleman’s Hawker”.

Design and production on the Hawker 1000 began during a hugely successful production run for the Hawker 800.

Luggage in the Hawker 800 was relegated to a small forward closet inside the cabin of the aircraft, making the storage of odd or over sized objects difficult.

Another big improvement on the Hawker 1000 over previous models is the spacious interior cabin, with its 5.8 ft. height, 6 ft. width, and 24.4 ft. length.

The clean lines and uniquely designed cabin add to the overall aesthetic appeal. Business travelers will appreciate the telephone and power outlet which will facilitate meetings.

Those wishing to just relax and enjoy the flight can do so with either movies or music on the CD/DVD player and headphones.

Although there is a full refreshment center, in-flight catering is also available upon request.

There is also 72 cubic feet of storage space for luggage and gear, and the full aft lavatory will provide comfort and privacy for all passengers.

The Hawker 1000 sets the bar for all other mid-size jets in passenger accommodation and range. Its spacious cabin can easily seat up to 9 travelers for non-stop coast-to-coast travel.

Although the speed of the Hawker 1000 is a little slower than comparable jets with a 453 miles per hour cruising speed, it is nonetheless impressive.

In addition, improvements in fuel consumption have made it much more efficient and economical than other jets.

In addition, the Hawker 1000 offers passengers stand up headroom, a full refreshment center and ample baggage compartment.

The Hawker 1000 offers state of the art technology and the pinnacle of comfort. With an expert staff poised to handle every facet of your trip, our aircraft are tailored to your unique mission requirements.

The Raytheon Hawker 1000 is configured with 3 club sections and a 3 Place Divan. Also includes Airshow 400, DVD/CD, Microwave, and Sat Phone.

One of the most popular mid-size jets available for private jet charter is the Hawker 1000.

However as it is optimised for long range intercontinental work, the typical Hawker 1000 configuration seats one less than the smaller "HAWKER 800."

The Hawker 1000 is exactly what it claims to be – an economic and consistent "private jet" that will deliver reliable performance for a long time. Its cabin gives passengers enough room to relax. "Charter a Private Jet!"

"Hawker 1000 Private Jet Charter"
hawker 1000, charter air services, charter flights, private jet charter
It has a flight range of up to 3,800 miles, making it a viable option for transcontinental and transoceanic flights.


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