The Hawker 800A private jet start’s at $4,200 per hour and up. The Hawker 800A Private Jet.



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"HAWKER 800A, Information!"

The Hawker 800 series jets are some of the more popular private jet lines thanks to its mixture of style and flight efficiency.

The cabin’s headroom, its light, modern interior, comfortable seating and plenty of work space are only a few of the many amenities appreciated by "Jet Charter" customers worldwide.

The aircraft offers both range (being able to fly non stop coast to coast in most cases) and performance and boasts the largest cabin in its class.

Now under the Beechcraft/Raytheon banner, this corporate jet still holds its own against newer models.

That’s due in large part to its well-rounded nature, providing the ultimate in comfort, cabin room and range for a business jet of its size.

Ideal for small groups of travelling executives, the Hawker 800A is equipped to handle eight passengers in well-appointed luxury. At 757 cubic feet.

The cabin’s interior is spacious enough to allow headroom while standing. The seating array includes four club-style seats that are fully berthable.

A favorable power-to-weight ratio means the Hawker 800A needs just 5,032 feet of takeoff room. This makes it ideal for trips to smaller centres where airport sizes might be smaller.

It also gives executives multiple landing options for larger cities, which has a number of benefits.

"Hawker 800A Information"
"Land closer to final destination."
"Avoid busier international airports."
"Reduces travel time."
"Saves money."

With a range of 2,439NM and a cruise speed of 461mph, the 800A is suited for both transcontinental and international missions.

Given its lavish amenities, it’s also a great choice for personal travel, and not just for groups requiring a dependable mid-sized business jet.

This midsize corporate jet is extremely spacious making your flight comfortable and enjoyable as you experience the amenities available.

The features in this private jet include large leather Captain chairs, three person divan, dining or writing tables, microwave in the forward galley with full bar, DVD and CD players, flat screen TV with Airshow and more.

Comfortable and spacious describe the mid-size Hawker 800A charter aircraft. Five large plush seats and a three place divan make for an enjoyable and productive travel experience.

The Hawker 800XP charter aircraft is designed to complete transcontinental and international flights as needed, as well as have good short range capabilities with outstanding cruise and climb speeds, runway performance, and weight limits

The cabin of the Hawker 800XP is typically configured with eight seats: a four-person club section, a three-person divan, and one forward-facing seat.

The seats are fully adjustable and can swivel 360°. The cabin measures 21.3 feet long, 5.7 feet high and 6 feet wide. The baggage compartment is accessible in-flight and holds 48 cubic feet of luggage.

The generous cabin interior has true, stand-up headroom and a width of six feet making it a frequently requested aircraft for leisure and executive jet charter.

This Jet is typically configured with eight seats: a four-person club section, a three-person divan, and one forward-facing seat. The seats are fully adjustable and can swivel 360° Hawker 800A.

"HAWKER 800A, Luxury Jet Charters!"

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"HAWKER 800A, Charter Air Services!"

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The BAe 125-800 / Hawker 800 is a series of twin-engined corporate jet aircraft for max. 15 passengers produced by the British manufacturer BAe, British Aerospace.

Later by the US-American manufacturer Raytheon, later Hawker Beechcraft. The BAe 125-800 series include the BAe 125-800 / Hawker 800 (BAe.125 Series 800A & Series 800B), the Hawker Beechcraft Hawker 800XP, Hawker 850XP, Hawker 900XP and the Hawker 750.

The Hawker 800XP is equipped with more powerful AlliedSignal TFE 731-5BR engines. The Hawker 850XP differs from the Hawker 800XP by addition of winglets on the outboard wings.

The Hawker 750 differs from the Hawker 800XP by having an external baggage unit in place of the aft ventral fuel tank.

The range and MTOW is less than that of the Hawker 800XP as a result of the decrease in available fuel. Last production models were the Hawker 750 and the Hawker 900XP.

Own the same winglet technology flying on more than 4,000 Boeing jets. Blended Winglets are available for immediate retrofit on the Hawker 800 and 800XP.

In effect, this creates two exciting new models: the 800SP (Special Performance) and 800XP2.

Blended Winglets cut fuel consumption by up to 7%, increasing your range by up to 180 nautical miles.

"Hawker 800A Private Jet Charter"
hawker 800a, charter flights, air flights, private flights
This enables you to fly nonstop across the U.S., go from California to Hawaii, or comfortably reach Jeddah from Paris. You can also complete shorter missions with greater payload and fuel reserves.

Comfort, amenities and performance are hallmarks of any mid-sized business jet, and the Hawker 800A offers the complete package.

With a lineage that dates back to 1962, the Hawker 800A is a member of one of the longest running, most successful business jet programs in the history of modern aviation.

Able to accommodate eight passengers in luxury, the cabin is equipped with a hot and cold refreshment centre, enclosed lavatory, satellite phone, and in-flight entertainment system.

Two AlliedSignal TFE731-5BR turbofan engines give the aircraft an incredibly great performance, providing exceptional range capabilities.

The Hawker 800 is the perfect aircraft for intercontinental flight with examples including Toronto to Houston and Toronto to Calgary non-stop.

The popularity of the Hawker 800 makes it one of the most popular mid-size jets in its class.

Rockwell Collins has received FAA certification for its Pro Line 21 integrated display system (IDS) retrofit solution for Pro Line II-equipped Hawker 800As.

The retrofit brings Hawker 800A owners modern flight deck capabilities with the same displays found on the Hawker 900XP and 850XP.

Your time is precious, and every hour you spend waiting could be another opportunity lost. For our clients, traveling by private jet charter is all about speed and efficiency. At Short Hills Aviation Services, our priority is the best use of your time by providing world class air charter service.

Our staff will ensure that your travel experience is handled in a comfortable, expedient manner. When you charter your own private jet.

Central Jet Charter Inc., puts your mind at ease by preparing a flight to your desired location within a few hours’ notice.

The Hawker 800A style interiors with large leather captains’ chairs and a three-person couch. Executive writing/dining tables. Microwave. DVD and CD players. Flat screen TV with Airshow. Computer adapter.


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