The Falcon 2000LXS Private Jet start’s at $4,800 per hour and up. The Falcon 2000LXS Private Jet.


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"FALCON 2000LXS, Information"

No other airplane can deliver so many airports in such quiet comfort. Thank optimized aerodynamics and new inboard slats. Thank highly advanced accoustics. Thank Falcon DNA.

Its short-field advantage is measurable. At MTOW, the "2000LXS" needs 1,000 feet less runway than comparable Aircraft. "The FALCON 2000LXS."

The Falcon 2000LXS also comes standard with EASy II avionics and FalconCabin HD+ entertainment system.

The biggest changes center on new model’s improved short-field capability thanks to the addition of full-length inboard slats on the wing.

The 2000LXS will also boast increased payload carrying capability and a sleek refresh of the cabin and cockpit.

The superior runway performance of the Dassault Falcon 2000LXS. ( enables it to access resorts such as Hilton Head, S.C., and make the steep descent into London City Airport.

As of February 2015, the Falcon 2000LXS market is comprised of 6% pre-owned. The percentage for sale is 10.5% with 50% under an exclusive broker agreement and average days on the market are 46 days.

Of the 19 Falcon 2000LXS in operation by continent, North America has 63%, followed by Europe at 25% for a combined total of 88%.

There is only one company (International Paper Company) having a 2 aircraft fleet, the others are all single aircraft owners and operators. Additionally, only one of the Falcon 2000LXS jets is leased.

The Falcon 2000LXS is powered by two Pratt and Whitney Canada PWC308C engines each offering 7,000 pounds of thrust. The Falcon 2000LXS uses 238 gallons per hour (GPH).

Building on the success of its 4,000-nautical-mile model 2000LX, Dassault Falcon Jet, the launch of a lighter variant—the 2000LXS—that promises the same range as its predecessor.

Though the LXS will have a 600-pound heavier max takeoff weight, this will be partially offset by weight savings worth 400 pounds through structural improvements and lighter completion items such as soundproofing and insulation.

But the LXS engines will come with new Talon II combustors, which will produce 20 percent lower nitrogen oxide emissions without any penalty in power.

Dassault Falcon says the new combustor will make the engines 40 percent greener than required by future regulations.

Cabin sound levels will be lowered by two decibels compared to the LX, and interiors will come with the new FalconCabin HD+ cabin management system.

The system has high-definition touchscreens, Rockwell Collins’ Airshow 3D, and functions that can be controlled by iPods or iPhones anywhere in the cabin.

Window shades, lighting, and cabin temperatures also can be controlled by the HD+.

"FALCON 2000LXS" owners take a quiet pride in the fact that efficiency means more than just the best fuel economy. It also means enviably low carbon emissions.

Fuel can be expensive on the road. And stopping to fill the tanks wastes precious time. The Falcon 2000LXS lets you load up at home base (or wherever fuel is cheaper), make multiple short hops – and still have plenty of nonstop range for a longer trip, without refueling. At can be chartered for $4700 an hour and up.

The FALCON 2000LXS can land at over 90% of its maximum takeoff weight. So go ahead and load up the tanks at home base, where fuel is often less expensive.

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"Falcon 2000LXS Private Jet Charter"
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The Falcon 2000LXS was launched in October 2012 during the NBAA convention in Orlando. The Falcon 2000LXS flies 4,000 nm/7,400 km while cruising at Mach .80.

Like the LX, the LXS will be powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW308C engines of 7,000 lbs max thrust.

The reduced landing distance allows for more airports to open up compared to other aircraft in its class.

The engines are fitted with Talon II combustors which can reduce NOx emissions by 20%. The engine is environment-friendly and is 40% greener than that required by future CAEP/6 regulations.

"Falcon 2000LXS Charter Flights"
falcon 2000lxs

It also features similar landing performance of the 2000S. The new aircraft uses the similar proven wing designs used in the Falcon 900 family.

The aircraft cabin is spacious and can accommodate seating for eight to ten passengers. The cabin has a width of 92in, height of more than six feet, and a volume of 1,000ft³.

The cabin features fully customised interior with better soundproofing and the sound level has been reduced by two decibels compared with other similar size business jets. The cabin features large windows for natural ventilation.

"Falcon 2000LXS Private Aircraft Charter"
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In addition, cabin also features Falcon Cabin HD+ cabin management system by Rockwell Collins. Passengers can adjust lighting and temperature within the cabin according to their wish, using the cabin management system.

The entertainment system in the cabin is equipped with 22in monitors, accessibility to video playback, Pod Touch or iPhone, and other optional electronic window shades.

The cabin also features Rockwell Collins Skybox wireless system which provides the passengers an option to access Apple iTunes library to share television shows, on board.

"The FALCON 2000LXS" has twin Pratt & Whitney Canada PW308C turbofans power the "Falcon 2000LXS." These rugged, 7,000lb thrust engines incorporate advanced technology for high durability, low emissions and low operating costs.

Talon II combustors reduce emissions by an additional 20%, outdistancing margins set by current Committee on Aviation Environment Protection (CAEP/6) regulations by 40%.

Make multiple short hops and still have plenty of nonstop, long-distance range, without refueling. Save money. Save time. Do what others can’t.

"Jet Charter Falcon 2000LXS"
falcon 2000lxs, charter a jet, charter a aircraft, charter a plane
The aircraft's design was incorporated from the Falcon 2000S and 2000LX versions. The 2000LXS features similar inboard slats of Falcon 2000S model.


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