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The GRAND CARAVAN is great for Charter Flights because they can seat up to 8 passengers comfortably. Turboprop aircraft can fit all your short-range travel needs. CENTRAL JET CHARTER Inc. Turboprops!

These aircraft have state of the art avionics and can be configured with executive club seating or “airline configuration” if used for event travel or corporate shuttle missions.

A turboprop engine is a turbine engine that drives an aircraft propeller. In contrast to a turbojet, the engine's exhaust gases do not contain enough energy to create significant thrust, since almost all of the engine's power is used to drive the propeller.

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TURBOPROPS AIRCRAFT combine the low-cost advantages of the piston aircraft while sharing some of the performance and cabin comfort advantages of "Light Jets." Turboprops are powered by turbo propeller engines. "KING AIR 350."

"A KING AIR 350" can fly slower than Jets and most are fairly small, seating 6 to 8, though there are larger turboprops available. The typical turboprop may be compared in size to a large SUV, and is often arranged in the layout of a small office.

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"Private Aviation" at its best. Amenities vary from full entertainment systems, galley and private lavatories to standard seating with a beverage station. We are one of the best Private aviation companies!

"PRIVATE AIRCRAFT CHARTER" has many advantages such as time savings, and great costs. Average passenger capacity is from 6-8 people on the light models and 30+ on larger models. Turboprops average approximately 1500 miles. If recreation is your primary objective, a single-engine propeller plane with a piston or tubo-prop engine should meet your needs.

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Turboprops are equally as safe as jet engines. In fact, turboprops and jets both have turbine engines and are virtually the same thing. Propellar Private Aircraft are much cheaper to run, service, and buy compared to their jet plane counterparts.


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