The Challenger 350 Aircraft delivers uncompromising all-around performance, carrying eight passengers at an outstanding 3,200 nautical miles (5,926 km) non-stop at a cruise speed of Mach 0.80."
"The CHALLENGER 350" has its newly derived engines offering increased power and lower emissions, the Challenger 350 aircraft now has the fastest time-to-climb in business aviation."
"The CHALLENGER 350" business jet can directly climb to an impressive 43,000 feet (13,106 m) altitude*, saving fuel in addition to avoiding traffic and bad weather."
"The Challenger 350" has more power and impressive short airfield performance, the Challenger 350 aircraft brings executives faster and closer to their destination by ensuring easier access to challenging runways."

"The CHALLENGER 350" has achieved groundbreaking aesthetic and ergonomic advances to provide an entirely new cabin design and the ultimate in-flight experience.

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The Challenger 350 has ample storage space offered in both the crew and passenger wardrobe areas, the "Challenger 350" offers unrestricted in-flight access to baggage in the intelligently designed compartment situated just aft of the passenger lavatory.

The overhead, with a new and understated Passenger Service Unit design reaffirms the commitment to cleaner lines and the cabin’s more spacious feel.
In the quest to build on an already outstanding and uncompromising Aircraft, no area, aspect, or factor contributing to ‘class-leading’ all-around excellence has been overlooked.
Building on the success of an already incomparable aircraft family, the "Challenger 350" "Business Aircraft" has achieved groundbreaking aesthetic and ergonomic advances to provide an entirely new cabin design and the ultimate in-flight experience.

CHARTERING A PRIVATE JET AIRCRAFT in the CHALLENGER 350 because it has windows a full 2 inches taller which provide even more natural light and expanded viewing angles from each of the newly-designed seats, capable of reclining 180° to a full ‘lie-flat’ position for more comfortable sleeping.

challenger 350 interior
The flat floor, in flight access to the luggage compartment and redesigned 180-degree swivel and reclining seats enhance passenger comfort and functionality, providing both an ideal in-flight office and home-away-from-home environment.

"The CHALLENGER 350" with its ground-breaking cabin design, new range capability and lowest-in-class direct operating costs no opportunity to advance on class-leading excellence has been overlooked.

Competition in the super-midsize class is increasing steadily, so the new model is entering service at an opportune time as Bombardier attempts to protect its lead.

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The entry area houses compact left and right radio racks along with a right-side galley, left-side wardrobe closet and acoustical curtain for the entry door.

Standard equipment for the galley includes a coffeemaker or espresso machine, microwave oven, ice drawer and trash bin, plus flatware, and food and beverage storage. The galley has a full-length, solid counter top.


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