The Learjet 45XR private aircraft start’s at $2,900 per hour and up. The Learjet 45XR Private Aircraft.



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"LEARJET 45XR, Information!"

Its speed and economy are to be expected – being a "Learjet" – but its remaining features combine to create a high-quality private jet and the "Learjet 45XR" even more so.

The Learjet will soon offer Swift Broadband Internet access, color cabin management system touch screens, an iPod docking station.

It also has newly redesigned crew seats, wireless electronic EFBs with optional GPS and XM Weather, and better Rosen visors in the cockpit.

All interior appointments on this aircraft were elegant, with fit and finish appropriate to an aircraft costing more than $12 million. Learjet does all of its own interior completions in Wichita.

The Lear 45XR is equipped with a four-screen Honeywell Primus 1000 avionics suite, with TCAS and EGPWS. The system is very intuitive and well-organized.

All autopilot functions are controlled through the glareshield control panel. A centrally located EICAS (Engine Instrumentation and Crew Alerting System) calls the crew's attention to system operations and abnormal alerts.

"Learjet 45XR Specifications"
"8 Passenger Capacity."
"2,200 Statute Mile Range."
"Flight Phone."
"DVD Player, CD Player."
"Dual Video Monitors."
"Mini Forward Galley."
"Microwave Oven."
"Separate & Enclosed Lavatory."

WAAS capability and electronic flight bags are available as options, though this aircraft didn't have them installed. No paperless chart option is available yet.

For example, on a 72-degree day in 7,820-foot-elevation Aspen, Colorado, the 45XR can fly eight passengers anywhere in the continental United States.

The Lear 45XR is an impressive combination of range, economy, load-carrying capability, comfort and price.

It's a solid, mature design that offers a lot of bang for the buck in the "super-light" segment of the market shared with the Citation XLS.

"Learjet 45XR Information"
"8 Passenger Capacity."
"2,200 Statute Miles."
"Separate & Enclosed Lavatory."
"Flight Phone."

The Learjet 45XR jet is a late-model aircraft from Bombardier. Released in 2004, the jet represents a significant upgrade from previous models.

A Learjet 45XR charter jet from Key Air provides seamless service and unparalleled performance. Its relatively small size allows the aircraft to reach cruising speeds of over 500 mph, getting you to your destination on time.

Your private Learjet 45XR charter can seat up to 8 passengers in its stylish interior. Its range of 2,200 statute miles is suitable for a trip from New York to St. Louis or from Houston to Ottawa.

The Learjet 45XR has 9 individual seats, large tables for comfortable work stations, a separate fully enclosed flushing lav with sink.It has an exterior over sized baggage compartment to accommodate skis, golf clubs, and larger passenger bags.

Passenger amenities include such items as both forward and aft bulkhead monitors which provide real time moving maps (Airshow) and inflight movies, unlimited Wi-Fi, and galley with hot beverage service.

AIR CHARTER FLIGHTS in a Learjet 45XR. It comes with the most advanced anti-ice system of any light- or mid-sized jet. The engine anti-icing system was completely redesigned for better ice removal.

The LEARJET 45XR bleed air load balancing software increases the engines’ total thrust, and improves the rate of climb while the ice removal system is in use.

LEARJET 45XR, Luxury Air Charter!

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LEARJET 45XR, Jet Charter Executive!

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More than 525 of the two models have been delivered, which means all the inevitable "new airplane bugs" should be worked out by now.

The XR upgrade also upped the gross weight by a thousand pounds, greatly increasing the type's utility.

Variations of the TFE731 engines have powered various jets for decades and have proved to be reliable and efficient. The 45XR's engines are equipped with a DEEC, or digital electronic engine control.

This governs N1 speed and limits fuel during acceleration and deceleration, making power management a simple task.

There is an engine synchronizer that keeps the big fans synced and passengers happy; it's a good thing, since engine noise is not easy to detect from the cockpit.

The Lear 45XR's wing is a beautiful, 13-degree-swept, supercritical airfoil that looks like it was carved from a single bar of Ivory soap.

In fact, the upper and lower skins are machined from a solid piece of aluminum.

The Lear cockpit is tight, requiring a bit of dexterity to step over the center console, around the floor-mounted control column and into the seat - without banging your head.

The aircraft is equipped with a small galley behind the pilot seats, a double-club seating arrangement with eight leather passenger seats and a fully enclosed potty, which can be used as an additional legal seat if needed. Opposite the potty is a handy, 15-cubic-foot, in-flight-accessible baggage area.

Featuring the longest cabin and more seated head, shoulder, and legroom than competitors, the super-light Learjet 45XR provides premium comfort. Its unique combination of agility, design, and performance gives you the ultimate freedom to travel on your terms.

The LR45 is the flagship of the Bombardier Learjet family. The LR45XR flies farther, faster and with more passengers than any other aircraft in its class.

At full capacity, the aircraft can fly non-stop itineraries such as Chicago to Las Vegas or Miami.

The Learjet 45XR is also known as the fastest of all jets in its class. Configured with the latest in avionics technology emphasizing safety.

This jet meets all of the latest ICAO international standards and as with all National charter flights will be operated under ARG/US Gold safety standards.

Bombardier Learjet 45XR offers one of the most comfortable and spacious cabins in the light-midsize class.

A typical cabin configuration includes eight fully articulating seats in a double-club arrangement and 65 cubic feet of luggage space.

The cabin also is quiet; noise rarely exceeds 72 decibels. The roughly $13 million Learjet 45XR can travel farther than 2,200 miles nonstop (when carrying four passengers) at speeds faster than 530 mph.

The Learjet 45XR combines luxurious seating for eight with the kind of performance standards that others are measured by.

A high-speed cruise of almost 850 kilometres per hour and a range approaching 4,000 kilometres. The interior of our Learjet 45XR is the epitome of cool elegance: it blends shades of black, white and grey.

Looking for the perfect charter airplane, look no further. Flying faster, higher, and farther with comfortable seating for eight passengers, the Learjet 45XR is a true overachiever.

Business JET CHARTER services in the Learjet 45XR is a good choice because it is a newer model of Private Jets that have come out, but it’s only ever so often that a jet is released that is truly innovative.

"Learjet 45XR Charter Flights"
Learjet 45xr, charter flight, charter air services, charter air
The interior of the Learjet 45 was designed to offer the most usable passenger space possible so that the passengers do not feel claustrophobic.

When combined, small increases in legroom, seat width and galley storage make a difference. We are one of the Best Jet Charter Companies.


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