The Citation X (10) Private Jet start’s at $4,300 per hour and up. The Citation X (10) Private Jet.


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The Citation X defines the super mid-size "Private Aircraft" category. Powered by massive Rolls-Royce engines originally designed for commercial airliners

citation X interior
The "Citation X" Private Aircraft covers one mile every six seconds, shrinking a Los-Angeles-to-New-York flight to just four hours—an hour faster than conventional business jets.

"Citation X Amenities"
"Complimentary Wi-Fi internet access on every jet."
"Advanced in-flight entertainment systems."
"Touch screens throughout the cabin that let you control lighting and window shades."
"Custom interiors with exquisite finishes and comfortable lie-flat club chairs."
"Pre-stocked amenities such as gourmet snacks, Fiji bottled water, microwave and more."

Business travel just got quicker with this jet, one of the fastest and most luxurious in the midsize category.

In addition to its speed, the Citation X offers a nearly 24-foot-long cabin with eight executive seats, a full refreshment center, a spacious aft lavatory, and a baggage compartment that can hold 72 cubic feet of luggage.

"Citation X Information"
"Flight Displays."
"Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS II)."
"Terrain Awareness Warning System (TAWS)."
"Transponders with ADS-B Out Capability."
"Standby Instrumentation."
"Radio Altimeter."
"Cockpit Voice Recorder."
"Emergency Locator Transmitter."
"Maintenance Diagnostics."

With a Citation X, you can easily cover meetings on both coasts and return home the same evening, while your competitors are still in the air somewhere over Kansas.

The X looks like it does because that's what it took to reach the goal of being the fastest civilian airplane now in service.

"CITATION X JET CHARTER" interiors will always be different. Your Private Jet will feature customized interior finishes to fit your specific requirements.

Select the leathers, fabrics, and hand-finished hardwoods. At can be chartered for $4300 per hour and up.

Select configuration options and details as well. Options include multiple cabin compartments, additional storage space, communication centers, cabin attendant provisions, intercontinental galleys, electronic lumbar and footrest.


Trip Type:
 Round Trip One Way
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"Citation X, Private Jet Charter!"

citation x, National Business Aviation association

And lots of jets, particularly the extremely popular Boeing 737, cruise well under Mach .80, which is 459 knots. The Citation X does stand out.

The Citation X hits its top speeds, like any jet does, at lighter cruise weights and at altitudes below maximum fuel efficiency.

But the X has the range to cross the country at top speed, and that's what many passengers want.

When you buy the fastest airplane available, why throttle back?

But there are trips that require longer range than the X's typical 3,000 miles. And there are warm temperatures aloft that rob cruise efficiency from any jet.

As many jet makers have shown, the way to improve on both of those situations is with carefully designed winglets, and now the X can have them.

A winglet is actually a very clever way to make a wing behave as though it has greater span without adding all of the structural loads the longer span requires.

Winglets are not a free lunch, but they can pay for themselves in terms of fuel savings and avoiding en route fuel stops.

The modern jet wing is much like a glider's, with long span and narrow chord.

Huge trailing-edge flaps and often leading-edge slats transform the jet wing into a different shape and add wing area for the low speeds needed for takeoff and landing.

But for climb and cruise, a long slender wing dominates jet design.

The X is still a unique airplane with its total emphasis on high speed, but the winglets can extend the range and improve efficiency without reducing the 500-plus-knot dash speed most owners love.

More range when you want it without losing any speed is a darn good trade.

With a "CITATION X" you can easily cover meetings on both coasts and return home the same evening, while your competitors are still in the air somewhere over Kansas.

Inside each CITATION X you'll find a haven of sophisticated comfort featuring exotic wood finishes and leather seats. For extended trips, the seats can be quickly converted into true beds.

The Cessna Citation X defines the super mid-size private aircraft category.

"Citation X Private Jet Charter"
citation x, private jets, aircraft charter, aircraft services
Behind solid sliding doors, a finely appointed private lavatory accommodates a flushing toilet, vanity with hot and cold water, and storage space.

"The "CITATION X" defines the :Super Mid-size "Private Aircraft" category. With a top speed of Mach 0.92 (600 miles an hour), the "Citation X" is the one of the fastest "Private Jet Aircraft" available on the market.


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