The Citation XLS+ (Plus) Private Jet start’s at $3,500 per hour and up. The Citation XLS+ (Plus) Private Jet.



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"CITATION XLS+, Information!"

The Citation XLS+ has in its standard configuration, the XLS+ cabin has a side-facing couch as well as six fully reclining leather seats that are wide and accommodating and feature redesigned head and armrests for optimal comfort during flight in a "Citation XLS+."

"Citation XLS+ Private Plane Charter"
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"The Citation XLS+" air-frame is made from riveted, hot-bonded aluminum alloy, which reduces assembly cost and slightly increases drag.

This is more than made-up for by the straight-wing design and narrower, pointed nose, which greatly reduce drag.

"CITATION XLS+ Business Jet" has subtle design details to illustrate Cessna’s custom of creating simple, high-performance "Private jets."

"The Citation XLS+" low-drag, straight-wing design contributes powerfully to its short takeoff and landing performance.

Control surfaces on the wing include an outboard aileron, two graphite composite flap sections per wing, as well as upper and lower speed brakes.

For clear visibility, the wing tips integrate navigation lights, strobe lights, and flush-mounted landing lights.

"The Citation XLS+" has indirect ambient lighting provided by dimming long-lasting LEDs. Digitally controlled pressurization provides sea-level comfort up to 25,000 feet.

"The Citation XLS+" along with the largest cabin in its class, we’ve given the world’s most sought-after "business jet" a series of improvements that take it to a whole new level.

The "XLS+" combines transcontinental range, first-class cabin luxury for up to 12 passengers, and remarkable performance efficiency in a beautiful "midsize jet" loaded with features generally reserved for large, commercial aircraft.

Take your business global and enjoy the ride. "Aircraft Charter Services in a CITATION XLS+"

"The Citation XLS+" depending on your chosen configuration, a custom-sized closet with removable and adjustable shelves will be installed in the forward cabin, accommodating a variety of belongings during flight.

"The Citation XLS+" has additional various-sized closets and refreshment centers can be added to any configuration along with side-facing seat and sofa combinations, cockpit sliding doors, moving map displays and entertainment systems.

The Sovereign is usually configured for nine passengers but is certified for 12 plus two pilots. The baggage compartments for the XLS Plus and Sovereign are 2.5m³ and 3.8m³ respectively.

The Cessna (a Textron company) Excel also, known as the model 560XL is one of the families of aircraft that formed the basis of the Citation series of business jet aircraft.

"Citation XLS Plus Private Jet Charter"
citation xls plus, private jet
"The Citation XLS+" has details like fold-out tables, sliding headrests, and seats two to four inches wider than in previous models make flying comfortable.

"CITATION XLS+, Jet Charter!"

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"CITATION XLS+, Luxury Jet Charter!"

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The world’s best-selling business jet, Citation XLS+ is an improved variant of Citation XLS, one of the fastest business jets in the Citation family.

Cessna enhanced the Citation XLS+ aircraft with FADEC engines controls, a completely revised nose design and also with improved Pratt & Whitney PW545C engines.

This aircraft is the first of the XL line that includes Collins Pro Line 21 Avionics and a four tube EFIS display, being different of the three tube Honeywell displays in the XL and XLS.

Cessna also says that the Excel / XLS is the world's best selling business jet model with a worldwide fleet of nearly 680 aircraft logging over 1.5 million flight hours; over 160 XLS have been delivered to Europe says Cessna.

"Citation XLS+ Interior"
citation xls plus, private jet charter, aircraft services
The XLS plus is capable of 815km/h and has a range of over 3,441km and says Cessna, climb directly to its service ceiling, 13,716m, in 29 minutes.

In typical configuration the XLS plus can carry nine passengers and two pilots; the aircraft is not certified for single-pilot operation.The cabin is 5.64m long (19ft), with centre-club seating. The height and width dimensions of the XLS plus cabin are same as the Sovereign.

The XLS plus can also operate from comparatively short runways with a take-off at standard sea level conditions from a minimum 1,085m-long runway and land with its typical landing weight on a minimum 823m-long runway.

"Citation XLS Plus Cabin"
citation xls plus, private jets, charter planes
The XLS Plus's 5.64m-long cabin is usually configured for eight passengers plus two pilots. The Sovereign's 1.73m-high cabin is 7.7m long. A fully-equipped Sovereign can feature refreshment centre, private lavatory and centre-line closet for carry-on items.

"The Citation XLS+" has an external compartment provides 80 cubic feet of storage space, along with an additional 10 cubic feet in an internal closet.

In October 2008, Cessna revealed that it already had 225 orders for the XLS plus, 70 of which Cessna says are destined for Europe.

The new XLS plus includes a fully integrated Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite, electronically controlled (FADEC) PW545C engines from Pratt & Whitney Canada and substantial exterior and interior remodelling.

"Citation XLS+ (Plus) Exterior"
citation xls plus exterior, private jet
The standardly configured cabin includes four pullout tables and two electrical outlets that provide 110-volt AC power for laptops and portable electronics.

"The Citation XLS+" has a two-place side-facing couch, a private and spacious aft lavatory, and a deluxe refreshment center round out the appointments in the standard configuration. The luxury interior is detailed to your specifications with the finest high-quality materials, fabrics, and finishes.


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