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Central Jet Charter Inc.


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"Charter Flights in Light Jets!"
Light jets can accommodate up to 6 to 8 people in a mixture of sitting configuration and flight ranges.

A light jet can fly at higher altitudes, making trips much smoother than flights in their turboprop counter parts.

"Light Jet Interior" light jet interior, Private Jet interior, private aircraft interior Light jets are a great way to travel because they usually are the best priced compared to their larger counterparts.

For those unfamiliar with Learjets, their name is synonymous with speed. The Learjet 31A can reach a cruise speed of .81 Mach after climbing to its cruise level in just 2…
Central Jet Charter Inc.:

The LEARJET 40XR" in which Bombardier expertise ensures that with each evolution, the Learjet family of "Private Airplane" passengers travels in maximum comfort. At can be chartered for $2,800 per hour and up.

The Learjet 40xr travels faster, farther and ever more efficiently—supported by a Customer Service promise that always puts you first to meet your needs and those of your Learjet Business aircraft,everywhere you go.

With seating for up to seven passengers (including the belted lavatory seat), the 40XR features a flat floor and an oval shaped cabin that is a respectable 17 feet 9 inches in length, 4 feet 11 inches tall and 5 feet 1 inch wide. The Learjet 40xr is considered a Super Light Jet that can seat up to 8 passengers ...

The LEARJET 40XR" stands out in the world of light "Privat…
Image "THE FALCON 2000DX"
Passenger Capacity: 8 – 19
Lavatory: Full
Airspeed (knots): 476 – 493
Range (nm): 3,250 – 3,500
Cabin Width: 7′ 7″
Cabin Height: 6′ 1″
Cabin Length: 26′ 4″
Baggage Capacity: 134 cu. ft.
Rate $4,100 – $5,100/hr.
The Falcon 2000DX private jet has very high standards of engineering, structural quality, and technological advancement are at the forefront of the Dassault Family thinking. The Falcon 900 series has been one of Dassaults best-performing aircraft.

"FALCON 2000DX PRIVATE JET" falcon 2000DX The Falcon 2000DX Private Jet is a wide-body aircraft in the market, which Dassault produced for shorter range line: the Falcon 2000. The 2000 series is a reduced size (6 feet shorter), twin-engine version of the Falcon 900.

"The FALCON 2000DX" will carry on the long tradition of high performance, superior efficiency and cabin comfort that the Falcon family is known for.

The Falcon 2000dx expect…