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hawker 4000 specifications
The Hawker 4000 to put things into a business perspective, let’s start with the big picture. The Hawker 4000 is a "Super Midsize Aircraft" with a stand up cabin. The cabin can carry between eight and fourteen passengers.

"The HAWKER 4000" has a cabin that is 29.5 feet long, 6 feet high and 6.5 feet wide. There is 115 cubic feet of baggage space available in an unpressurized external compartment.

The Hawker 4000 is a coast to coast performer against nearly any headwind and at better than airline speeds. All of the typical "Aircraft Amenities" are available as well: a fully enclosed lavatory, appliances for hot and cold food preparation, and power plugs.field performer for an airplane in its class.

hawker 4000 cabin
The Hawker 4000 is a good choice because these Jets have one of the roomiest Cabins in the "Su…
hawker 1000 interior, aircraft charter flights, charter fly, charter air
The Hawker 1000 has a good balance between the various areas of private jets. The cabin of the Hawker 1000 can come in a traditional or a biomorphic design.

The Hawker 1000 biomorphic design has smooth curves and is supposed to increase passenger comfort and useful space. The "Hawker 1000" is an upgrade from the Hawker 800 and is one of the largest Midsize Jets available.

hawker 1000 cabin, private jets, charter flight aircraft
"The Hawker 1000 has a cabin that stretches to 24.4 feet long (not including the cockpit), 5.8 feet high, and 6 feet wide. It is usually configured to hold eight seats, but can hold as many as eight.

The |Hawker 1000 is the largest member of the Hawker 800 series of corporate jets. The Hawker 1000 was based on the smaller Hawker 800, and until 1997 the two types w…

gulfstream g650 specifications
Every detail of the Gulfstream G-650 interior was designed to create an atmosphere that intuitively provides the utmost control and comfort.

The Gulfstream Cabin Management System synchronizes with Apple iOS or select Google Android smartphones and tablets to provide touch-screen control for temperature, lighting, window shades and entertainment options.

Apple iPod touches or Google Android devices are provided as cabin controls, but GCMS also can be saved to a free mobile application on a passenger’s iPhone, iPad or Android device, which allows a passenger to save and recall preferences for a subsequent flight.

The Gulfstream G-650 has high-speed connectivity Wifi, phone and internet.

gulfstream g650 Interior, aircraft flights, aircraft charter, charter airplane
The Gulfstream G650 offers a variety of ways to stay connect…

gulfstream g600, jet interior
The Gulfstream G-600 frequent flyers over the course of a year will save more than 50 hours of travel time flying in the G600 versus other private aircraft on the market.

With an 18-passsenger cabin, that amounts to hundreds of hours better dedicated to work or family and friends.

The main cabin features single seats and divans that convert into beds, a multipurpose credenza, and adjustable conference tables.

The interior of this deluxe aircraft focuses on providing working, living, dining, and relaxing areas for passengers.

gulfstream g600 Cabin, aircraft flights, private air, charter jets
The Gulfstream G-600 efficiency is another hallmark by Gulfstream.

With its advanced wing design and Pratt & Whitney Canada engines, the G600 is as much as 23 percent more efficient than other "Private Airplane" in its class.

The Pr…

interior gulfstream g500
Payload isn’t sacrificed for speed and range. A fully fueled G500 covers 5,000 nautical miles/9,260 kilometers at Mach 0.85 with eight passengers and luggage.

Double the payload and the G500 still flies up to 4,600 nautical miles/8,519 kilometers nonstop, enough to fly from São Paulo, Brazil, to Madrid.

The a width of 7 feet 11 inches/2.41 meters and a height of 6 feet 4 inches/1.93 meters, the all-new Gulfstream G500 cabin is the optimal size and shape to help produce best-in-class speed, maneuverability and fuel efficiency, yet it’s still large enough to carry 19 passengers.

gulfstream g500 interior
Pedestal-mounted conference tables provide stability for working and are height adjustable.

High-speed communications and entertainment equipment allow the cabin to double as an office in the sky or a media room.

Resembling the flagship G6…

gulfstream V specifications
Every aspect of the all-new "Gulfstream G500’s" design and performance is dedicated to the fastest flight possible, while in the cabin, every detail is devoted to providing a uniquely personalized and completely comfortable interior.

gulfstream g5 Cabin, jet charter, private jet charter, airplane services
The Gulfstream G-V (5) has never been better. The 1,669 cubic foot cabin usually seats 15 passengers, but can be configured to hold more. The stand-up (6.1 feet high) cabin is 50.1 feet long and is usually partitioned into three separate areas.

The Gulfstream G5 noise levels are uniformly low throughout the cabin in this Private Jet. An external baggage compartment can hold 226 cubic feet of baggage, or a total of 2,500 pounds.

interior gulfstream V
The Gulfstream G-V (5) with its standard…

gulfstream g4sp Cabin, private jet charter, charter aircraft flight
The Gulfstream G4-SP is the fourth installation in the Gulfstream family line, the "GIVSP" offers new advancements that the former aircraft lacked.

One of the most significant improvements is the change of engines from the Rolls-Royce Spey to the Rolls-Royce Tay Mk 611-8, used in later Jets including the G300 and G400.

gulfstream g4sp interior, private jet, private air charter
"GULFSTREAM JET CHARTER" is a great choice because it has a large cabin, and a long range of 4,350 nautical miles (8,060 km) and the same comfort and design that characterize the G series. High altitudes do not faze this Aircraft.

The Gulfstream G4-SP is a great choice because it has had a complete upgrade of what was an outstanding business jet to begin with.

With its intercontinental range, the Gulf…

gulfstream g450, private jets, charter aircraft
The Gulfstream G450 has increased range, and has upgraded Aircraft systems to improve safety and pilot efficiency.

A repositioned main cabin entrance door for improved access to the cabin, and lengthened fuselage by 12 inches (30 cm) to enhance passenger comfort.

With eight passengers, the "G450" flies nonstop from New York to São Paulo, Brazil, with miles to spare before reaching its maximum range of 4,350 nautical miles/8,056 kilometers.

The "Gulfstream GIV" earned a loyal following for its reliability, speed and versatility, making it one of the best-selling business jets of all time.

That lineage of performance is embedded in its successor, the Gulfstream G450, a high-performance, stylish aircraft equipped to meet the demands of international travel.

Cross a continent. Cruise at Mach …

As the fourth installation in the Gulfstream family line, "The Gulfstream G4" offers new advancements that the former Aircraft lacked.

The Gulfstream G4 most significant improvements is the change of engines from the Rolls-Royce Spey to the Rolls-Royce Tay Mk 611-8, used in later Jets including the G300 and 400.

The successful intercontinental "Ultra Long Range Business Jet" has been a prototype for later Gulfstream models.

"The Gulfstream G4" meets every requirement a world traveler could have for a "Private Aircraft" when it comes to cabin space, speed, range, and reliability with its innovation and quality.

"The Gulfstream IV" is the leader among large-cabin "Private Jets" since its introduction, being able to fly 8 passengers and 3 crew from Tokyo to Seattle at a speed of .80 Mach.

gulfstream g4 s…

The GULFSTREAM G350 prime appeal is simple: When it comes to Aircraft cabins, size has no substitute. Realizing this, Gulfstream introduced the "G300" in 2002.

It was admittedly a niche player, a large-cabin business Jet with slightly reduced range and a lower price than its "G400" sibling. The "G350" was first delivered in 2005.

The GULFSTREAM G350 is basically a "G300" with the Plane-View avionics system.

This allows pilots to fly it and other Plane-View equipped Gulfstreams, such as the "G450," "G500" and "G550," with the same type rating. Such a mixed fleet works well for larger flight departments.

"The GULFSTREAM G350" before it entered bankruptcy, for example, General Motors operated a highly efficient fleet that included five "G350s" and two "Ultra-Long-Range G550s."

The Gulfstream G350 is a…

"GULFSTREAM G200 SPECIFICATIONS" gulfstream g200 specifications The Gulfstream g200 Private Jet is one of the most popular "Private Jets" and they are great for longer range "Jet Charter" trips.

It encompasses, outstand performance, comfort and, advanced technology to bring together this best-in-class Aircraft.

"The GULFSTREAM G200" design of basic airplane systems, redundancy and separation of key functions assures that the cabin will be a comfortable, workable space on trips that can span New York to London, or London to Dubai.

"GULFSTREAM G200 INTERIOR" gulfstream g200 inside "The GULFSTREAM G200" can hold up to 10 passengers comfortably, in a variety of seating layouts.

Some typical amenities include an ergonomic galley, spacious in-flight-accessible baggage compartments, and 19 large windows-4 more than the G200-for increased natural light.

The roomy height and width of t…

grand caravan EX, private planes, charter aircraft
The Grand Caravan EX Aircraft is a durable workhorse which will take to the sky from rough, unprepared, and short airstrips. The GRAND CARAVAN EX reliability even in remote areas, at high altitudes, and in hot climates is unbeatable.

We have two seat types to select from for enhanced comfort and style — the Classic Oasis Executive seat or the VLS seat. The VLS seat is the lightweight solution ideal for easy removal when converting your cabin to a cargo hauler.

grand caravan EX cabin
"The Grand Caravan EX, Turboprop" is a workhorse on the outside, luxury on the inside and extremely adaptable. The "Grand Caravan EX" cavernous interior comes in multiple seating arrangements that can be customized for "executive travel or charter operations."


The Global Express Ultra Long Range Jet can be chartered for $5,000 per hour and up. The Global Express Private Jet.


TOLL FREE #: 1-(800) 717-1062

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GLOBAL EXPRESS, Information!

In this class the Global Express competes with the Airbus Corporate Jet, Boeing Business Jet, Dassault Falcon 7X and Gulfstream G550.

The Global Express sets a new world standard for performance, range, speed, safety and comfort.

A full array of sophisticated, next-generation technology improves pilot situational awareness and enhances safety.

The ultra-long-range Bombardier Global Express offers passengers a large spac…

Central Jet Charter Inc.,

"Services for Private Jet Charter!"

"If you are flying for business we offer a pay as you go system that allows you the freedom to fly when you want with no contract.

"Private Jet Charter Services"
private jet deplane, jet charter, getting off the private jet
We are able to offer you extended services at your destination. Our highly experienced aviation specialist will offer you concierge services limited only to your imagination.

"Private Jet Charter Services"
"We offer on-demand aircraft charter services for popular flights between 22,000 destinations on the largest owner-operated fleet of private aircraft in the industry."

"Preferred Access provides priority access to any type of private jet while letting you optimize your price by making a few simple choices about the travel options that matter most to you."

"Elite Access designed for flyers who have demanding schedules and minimal flexibility around how and when they fl…


Such features, in addition to the multiple bespoke luxurious configurations, make it a perfect choice for business travel worldwide.

"Global Express XRS Exterior"
global express xrs, global express xrs exterior, outside the global express jet, private jet charter
A spacious cabin with a well-appointed aft stateroom and its own adjoining amenities, accords optimal relaxation and privacy in the Global Express XRS Private Jet.

The Global Express jet has been extensively refitted with three spacious cabins, which will accommodate business activities, relaxation and sleeping quarters.

"Global Express XRS Information"
"Up to 19 seat configuration."

"Well designed spacious interior."

"Large luggage capacity."

"Impressive flight rang."

The forward cabin boasts four executive wide club seats with foldout tables for dining or meeting.

It's mid…

"GLOBAL EXPRESS 8000, Information!"

Designed to match today's customers' needs and lifestyle more completely by accessing more challenging and city center airports, "The GLOBAL EXPRESS 8000."

"Global Express 8000 Exterior"
exterior global express 8000, exterior private jet, Private Jet Charter
Business Jet achieves a remarkable range and speed. A power lunch or a family dinner, your dining table balances work and pleasure, crafted with luxury and lifestyle in mind.

A large galley ensures extraordinary culinary experiences. Take in a movie, enjoying front row comfort like never before.

Introduce your family and your business world to an in-flight experience of unsurpassed excellence

"Global Express 8000 Private Jet Charter"
global express 8000, private jet,  Jet Charter
The Global Express 8000 Business Jet reaffirms the leadership position of this jet family in private jet avi…
Safety & Security at C.J.C. Inc."

Here at "Central Jet Charter Inc." every aspect of our "Private Charter Flight" operations revolve around our steadfast commitment to safety.

Our management team is led by aviation veterans with years of experience meeting the rigorous private aircraft safety standards utilized by the major airlines and the Federal Aviation Association(FAA).

"Safety & Security Federal Regulation"
"All aircraft have insurance ranging from $50,000,000 to $500,000,000."

"Compliance with FAA FAR part 135 (Federal Aviation Regulations)."

"Compliance with EU OPS (European commercial certification)."

"Our operators are the highest rated by the Wyvern Standard."

"We only use ARG/US Gold or Platinum rated aircraft."

"We constantly assess and revise our security measures with aviation officials."

"Enhanced security…

"GLOBAL EXPRESS 7000, Information"


The new Global Express 7000 Jet window design optimizes natural light at all seating locations and provides considerably improved viewing angles, and viewing range, seated or standing.

global express 7000, jet charter, private flights, charter aircraft
6 windows per zone are optimally aligned with seats and with monuments throughout all 4 living areas.


Set in the cabin’s quietest area, and with its permanent bed option, the aft stateroom provides ‘home-like’ master bedroom comfort and intimacy.

The private en-suite amenities, luxuriously detailed, can also be furnished with a true stand-up shower.

The remarkable cabin of the Global Express 70000 Business Jet is the very heart of an unparalleled experience in comfort and luxury.

"Global Express 7000 Airplane Charter"…

Central Jet Charter Inc.,

Private jet charter services have never been because we always take care of all the details down to the smallest things.


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"Private Jet Charter Flights!"
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With our highly trained staff, and access to the world's most elite services, we guarantee a process that transcends luxury and convenience.

"Charter Flights"
hire charter jet, private aircraft flights
C.J.C. Inc., provides On-Demand Charters, meaning that flights and crew are available with only 3-hours notice.

"Concierge Services"
"V.I.P. Catering, with Any types of foods."

"Ground Transportation right…