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The Piaggio Avanti has a unique engine design in that the propellers are in the back of the engine.

Image "PIAGGIO AVANTI, Information!"

Piaggio Avanti interior, private aircraft charter flights
The Piaggio Avanti Private Aircraft versatility and reliability, in unison with advanced technology and optimised cabin pressurisation.

This makes Avanti EVO not only a world-class business aviation aircraft but in its special mission capacity it also functions as a highly accomplished multi utility Aircraft.

The Piaggio Avanti Turboprop Aircraft is used by the armed forces, government agencies and a diverse range of private operators such as air ambulance units, photo patrol units for territorial control and environmental protection.

The Piaggio Avanti Aircraft is even used for flight inspections as a radio measurements and calibration of air navigation aid and instruments.

Turboprops behave in certain ways, and jets in other ways, but the Avanti II is a true hybrid.

It is a product that blends the best traits from two very different air…

The Nextant 90 is one of the most popular Turboprop aircraft.


"NEXTANT G90XT, Information!"

The cabin shell includes new air ducting to improve comfort. The new seats are fully articulating.

The new production interior was ready to install when the G90XT returned to Cleveland after AirVenture.

The G90XT does not have the single-lever power control, which was designed in partnership with GE’s Unison Industries.

For pilots, the new power levers make flying much easier because they are tied to single-channel electronic engine controls

Because so many modifications are done to the G90XT, Nextant engineers developed a new flight manual to reflect the changes.

The maintenance manuals include new material for the new engines and systems, and an ATA chapter reference tells the technician exactly where to go in the manuals for pertinent information.

The aircraft shown at Oshkosh is the first G90XT remanufactured by Nextant and the fourth C90 ever built.

It has about 13,000 hours on the airframe. …

The King Air 90 can seat 4 very comfortably.

"KING AIR 90, Information!"

"Central Jet Charter Inc., & The King Air 90."

Since its incorporation in 1932, Beech Aircraft was a successful builder of civil and military aircraft.

The design was a low-wing cantilever monoplane of aluminium construction with retractable tricycle landing gear.

To improve its utility and safety in changing flight conditions, standard equipment, that had been optional on the Queen Air.

This includes de-icing boots on the leading edges of the wings, fin, and tail plane.

The Model 90 had two seats in the cockpit and four reclining passenger seats facing each other in the cabin, with options for a two or three-place couch for passengers.

Air conditioning and soundproofing also improved passenger comfort in the cabin.

Two 500-hp P&W Canada PT6A-6 turboprop engines with three-blade Hartzell propellers gave the King Air a top ceiling of 27,400 feet and a range of 1,565 miles at 270 mph.

The King Air C90gtx is one of the newest private aircraft made by Beechcraft.


"KING AIR C90GTx, Information!"

What makes it a "GT" are new Pratt & Whitney PT6 engines, and new four-blade propellers, that increase cruise speed by at least 25 knots.

"King Air C90GTX Specifications"
"Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS)."

"Engine Indicating System (EIS)."

"Air Data System (ADS)."

"Dual Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS)."

"Automatic Flight Guidance System (AFGS)."

"Flight Management System (FMS)."

"Weather Radar System (WXR)."

"Dual Navigation and Communication Radios."

This improves climb rates by as much as 50 percent at higher altitudes, all without shortening range on the same amount of fuel.

But the new Pratts are really 750-shp engines that have been restricted to the lower maximum output for takeoff.

That means as the GT climbs, the new engines can keep putting out full-rated horsepo…

The King Air 100 has now been updated to the King Air 350i.

Image "KING AIR 100, Information!"

"The King Air 100 Turboprop Aircraft" which has approximately 120 remaining in service, about 100 of which are on the U.S. registry.

"King Air 100 Private Plane Charter"
king air 100 plane, aircraft private flight
Collins Pro Line avionics were offered as standard equipment on the B100, although some buyers opted for Bendix Gold Crown equipment.

In January 1964, the first Beechcraft 65-90 took to the air.

Based on the piston-engined Model 65 Queen Air, the -90 featured the then-new Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A turboprop powerplants in place of the earlier 65’s Lycoming flat-six piston engines.

A pressurized model was developed, and was designated the King Air 90. Many variants followed including the PT6A-20-powered A90 and B90, and the C90 powered by the -21 variant of the PT6A.

In 1969, Beech introduced the Model 100 King Air. It featured a 4.2ft. stretch of the -90’s fuselag…

The King Air 200 has the same size cabin as a MIdsize jet..


"KING AIR 200, Information!"

The King Air Private Aircraft are one of the most popular brands in the Turboprop Airplane sector.

These Private Airplanes charter for less than jets and will only add a little additional time onto your flight.

Standard configuration of the King Air B200 is for eight passengers in an arrangement with a club plus four individual seats.

A ten-passenger configuration is available in which a two-place divan is located aft of the copilot seat, a single seat is behind the pilot’s position.

A four-seat club is aft of those seats, and a lavatory seat and two fold-down seats occupy the aft cabin area.

The King Air B200 is the most successful business aircraft in the world. Since its introduction, the Model 200 has outsold every other single line of business airplane, jet, or turboprop.

The B200 has been extensively updated, inside and out, to achieve new levels of quietness and comfort.

Compared to its jet c…

The King Air 250 has the newer model out the King Air 350i


"KING AIR 250, Information"

The King Air 250 Aircraft has a new Enhanced Payload Option which raises maximum takeoff weight to 13,420 pounds for an 870 pound increase in useful load.

New ergonomic yokes and a standard lighted chart holder increase crew comfort, while the square-oval cabin provides passengers with generous head and shoulder room.

The King Air 250 has eleven cabin windows with rotating polarized sun shields help control brightness.

Lightweight composite executive tables with large leather surfaces and solid wood trim are perfect for work and four 115V AC outlets are available for portable devices.

The King Air 250 has new composite winglets and propellers deliver substantial improvements in takeoff performance, without compromising-but actually increasing-speed, range and climb.

"King Air 250 Aircraft Services"
"Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion Avionics Suite."

"Three 14 inch touchscreen …

The King Air 300 is now the upgraded King Air 350i.


"KING AIR 300, Information"

The King Air 300 and 350 have longer takeoff distances than 90-, 100- and 200-series King Airs because of the apples-and-oranges OEI versus all-engine takeoff performance comparisons.

Cabin volume, passenger comfort and interior cabin quiet also ranked high on 300-series King Air operators' lists of favorite qualities, especially when compared to the King Air 200.

The average passenger load is four people, but several operators-especially some corporate operators with high annual utilization-say they routinely fill all the passenger seats.

The King Air 300 aircraft are configured in double club. Several said their aircraft are fitted with belted potty seats.

Some companies occasionally use one or both optional jump seats in the aft cargo compartment.

The average trip is 150 mi., and for others, the mean is 870 mi. Many of these aircraft work as corporate shuttles.

Dollar for dollar, it's a gr…

The King Air 350 has a big cabin with excellent range.


"KING AIR 350, Information!"

The 350 is a rare airplane that can carry full fuel and full seats, and it can do it under extreme conditions.

"King Air 350 Charter Flights"
king air 350 flights, private aircraft charter, private airplane charter
High air temperature robs all airplanes of takeoff performance, but the 350 has enough margin to safely take off at maximum weight at sea level on a 126º F day.

Move up to Denver and it can still take off at maximum weight on a 90º F day.

And if for some reason you need to fly a short hop, no problem, because the maximum landing weight is the same as max takeoff, 15,000 pounds. If you guessed the landing gear and air frame structure must be super strong, you'd be right.

That means pilots must have a type rating to fly it and must observe minimum runway requirements that assure a margin of safety if an engine fails during takeoff, just as the rules do in jets.

The huge 355-cu…

The King Air 350i has one of the largest cabins of the turboprop aircraft.

Image "KING AIR 350i, Information"
The King Air 350i is powered by two Pratt and Whitney PT6A turbine engines.

These are built on the same core technology as engines found on jet airliners and renowned for its superior safety, reliability, and performance.

"Cabin King Air 350i" king air 350i cabin State-of-the-art navigation equipment and a pressurized cabin make for smooth flying.

The cabin has all-leather double-club seating, stowable worktables and built-in refreshment centers.

Additional features include in-flight accessible storage areas, and a flushing toilet with solid wood privacy door located in the aft cabin.

"King Air 350i Airplane Charter" king air 350i airplane, charter flights, aircraft private charter The 350—and the 300 before it—is certified under the FAA’s Part 23 Commuter category since both weigh more than 12,500 pounds.

The Commuter category certification assures that the 350 has single-engin…

The King Air 350ER has extended range.

"KING AIR 350ER, Information"

Intuitive graphical touchscreen flight planning.

High_resolution Synthetic Vision System (SVS).Convenient presets to reconfigure all three displays with a single touch.

Full multi-sensor flight management system. Integrated touchscreen checklists. Available automatic wireless database and chart uploads.

Open and scalable architecture for future upgrades and mandates. NextGen and precision GPS capabilities.

Of course, there may be some pilots and owners who simply want to go a long way without stopping.

Pro Line Fusions modernized center console provides an alternate input method for flexible, heads-up flying.

Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion was created with pilot workload in mind.

This system offers simplified single-pilot operation to reduce pilot fatigue and reduce operating economics.

"Private Aircraft Charter, KING AIR 350ER"

The Grand Caravan EX has extended range.

"GRAND CARAVAN EX, Information"

This workhorse has the agility of a much smaller aircraft — it can take off with less than 1,399 feet of ground and climb at 1,275 feet per minute, reaching cruise speeds of 185 ktas and traveling distances of up to 904 nautical miles.

"Grand Caravan EX Exterior"
grand caravan EX exterior
With the dependable and versatile "Grand Caravan EX", you can count on exceptional performance whether you need it for business or personal adventures.

The Grand Caravan EX Private Aircraft oasis interior offers two seat types to select from for enhanced comfort and style — the Classic Oasis Executive seat or the VLS seat.

The VLS seat is the lightweight solution ideal for easy removal when converting your cabin to a cargo hauler.

"The Grand Caravan EX Airplane Oasis Executive seat offers enhanced elegance and greater comfort for missions that call for fully functional seats without …

The Epic E1000 is a super small fast plane.

"Epic E1000, Information!"

Epic Aircraft completed the successful maiden flight of its first conforming prototype E1000 single-engine turboprop, putting the manufacturer on track to achieve certification later this year.

Epic has adding employees. In 2012, it employed 55 people. It now employs 185 with plans to employ more than 200 in early 2016.

A flight by the carbon fiber, six-seat Epic E1000 turboprop lasted 20 minutes with no surprises, and marked a milestone toward entry into the market as a factory-built alternative to the Epic LT kitplane.

Carbon fiber is lighter, stronger, more aerodynamic and less expensive to manufacture, providing more speed, range, payload, and performance at a highly competitive price.

Epic Aircraft is a privately owned company created to certify the sleek kit plane and is led by Doug King, a former builder who is among those who worked to rescue the company from a 2009 bankruptcy.

Fresh investment …

The Cessna Sky Courier is a great plane for up to 12 passengers comfortably.

Reliably lifting off day after day with heavy payloads requires real performance and capability. Cessna designed the all new Cessna SkyCourier turboprop for fully loaded high frequency operations and maximum efficiency.

Load, fly, unload and repeat, then watch your business grow.

So far, the design parameters for the SkyCourier are for a large, high wing, twin-turboprop with a 6,000-pound maximum payload capacity.

The range is expected to be about 900 nm at a cruise speed of around 200 knots.

Two versions of the SkyCourier are planned: a commuter option and a freight option.

The freight version will include an oversized cargo door and a wide-open space in the back, while the commuter will offer seats for 19 passengers.

"The Cessna Skycourier TurboProp Charter"

The Cessna Caravan has one of the biggest cabins for a turboprop aircraft.



The Cessna 208 Caravan is a single-engine ten- or fourteen-seat light turboprop utility aircraft produced by the US-American manufacturer Cessna Aircraft Company, today a brand of Textron Aviation.

"Cessna Caravan Air Charter"
cessna caravan, plane charter, private plane flights
Seating can be customized quickly and easily along full length seat tracks, to emphasize passenger capacity or cargo space ― or the ideal combination of both.

"Cessna Caravan Aircraft Charter"
cessna caravan, plane charter, private plane flights
Blackhawk offers two outstanding upgrade systems for the Cessna Caravan 208A and Grand Caravan 208B aircraft.

"Cessna Caravan Information"
"We can notice here the Garmin G1000 glass cockpit which integrates all primary flight, also a powerful engine and a sensor data, necessary for flight."

"The system is composed of some important ele…

Turboprop aircraft are more cost efficient then the private jets.

Turboprop Aircraft, Information!

Popular for short to mid-range flights, Turboprops can access runways that are often too short for Private Jet Aircraft and can even go into dirt fields

"Turboprop Aircraft"
turboprop aircraft, private aircraft, charter flights, aircraft charter
Amenities often include: pressurized passenger cabins for added comfort, safety and performance and a semi-private lavatory.

Are Jets safer than Turboprops? One of the most common concerns people have when hopping on an aircraft with propellers is that it lacks the safety of a jet without propellers. Why the fear?

Perhaps the concern is related to the additional noise produced by turboprops.

"Grand Caravan Charter"
grand caravan inside, grand caravan interior, grand caravan inside
Turboprops and jets are both built with turbine, or jet, engines. Jets have turbine engines encased with fan blades while turboprops have a propeller on the out…

The Boeing 727 is decades old but they are still around and going strong.


Central Jet Charter Inc. & The V.I.P. Boeing 727.

"Boeing 727 V.I.P. Aircraft"
vip boeing 727 aircraft, interior vip Boeing Jet, inside VIP Boeing 747
The Boeing 727 is one of the most popular Aircraft in the world and is the mainstay of many Airline's fleets.

If you are looking for the ultimate in luxury and comfort for your business jet charter, contact us to arrange your travel to and from domestic and global destinations on the Boeing 727 VIP.

"Boeing 727 Private Jet"
vip boeing 727, interior vip Boeing Jet, insdie VIP Boeing 747, boeing 727, boeing 727 jet
This midsize, narrow-body, multi-engine executive airliner serves as your home in the sky as you travel on short- to medium-range domestic and transcontinental routes that cannot be covered by smaller jet aircraft charters.

"Boeing 727 Services"
"Superior End-to-End Experience."


The Boeing 737 have been put on hold.


The short-haul 737 is dependable, economical and can operate from unprepared grass and gravel runways -- making it a popular choice of many airlines throughout the world.

"Boeing 737 Max Exterior"
boeing 737 exterior, vip aircraft, vip flights, private jet charter
Developed as a short haul, low cost jet, this Long range Executive VIP jet has been reconfigured from the usual 148 economy, to 44 Business Class seats.

These wing tip extensions reduce lift induced drag and provide some extra lift allowing for improved takeoff performance.

"V.I.P Boeing 737 Max"
boeing 737 exterior, vip aircraft, vip flights, private jet charter
The Boeing 737-400 is a single aisle, twin-engine jet.

The major change of the 737-400 over the smaller 300 is a 3.05m (10ft 0in) fuselage stretch, consisting of a 1.83m (6ft 0in) stretch forward and a 1.22m (4ft 0in) plug rear of the wing.

The stretch allows an incre…

The BBJ Max can be made into many different configurations but it is pure luxury.



Since 2006, Boeing has discussed replacing the BBJ Max with a "clean-sheet" design that could follow the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

"BBJ Max Interior"
boeing BBJ Max, 737 max interior, private jet charter
A decision on this replacement was postponed, and delayed into 2011. In November 2014, it was reported that Boeing intends to replace the 737 by 2030 with a new airplane, possibly with a composite air frame, internally named Boeing Y1.

"BBJ Max Private Jet Charter"
boeing BBJ Max charter, 737 max interior, private jet charter aircraft, boeing 737 max inside
The decision was met with positive reaction by many airlines and they began making major orders for the aircraft.

"BBJ Max Charter Flights"
boeing 737 max, BBJ Max interior, private jet charter aircraft, boeing 737 max inside
Pressure from airlines for more fuel efficient aircraft forced Boeing to shelve plans fo…

The Boeing Business is a luxury home in the sky.


"BOEING BUSINESS JET (BBJ): Private Jet Charter!"

The Boeing Business Jet V.I.P. Aircraft (BBJ) commercially inspired "Boeing Business Jet" (BBJ) is dedicated to bringing the best of Aviation to "private air" travelers.

"BBJ Charter Flights"
boeing business jet flights, BBJ, Boeing business jet charter, jet charter flights
The Boeing Business Jet V.I.P. Aircraft offers its customers the ability to customize a wide range of its aircraft for private, business, or governmental sectors.

"Boeing Business Jet" delivers "BBJs" to its customers in "green" configurations.

"BBJ Jet Exterior"
boeing business jet, BBJ, Boeing business jet charter, bbj jet charter
The Boeing Business Jet V.I.P. Aircraft (BBJ) will oversees all details of this completion process from initial design, through engineering, fabrication, installation, testing and inspection.

The Boeing B…

The Boeing Business Jet can come in many different VIP configurations.

"BOEING BUSINESS JET 2 (BBJ2): Private Jet Charter!"

The "BBJ 2" is the newer model based on the original Boeing Business Jet!

"Boeing Business Jet 2 Exterior"
boeing business jet 2 exterior, vip airliner, bbj2, vip aircraft
The aircraft's long-range capability allows direct non-stop flight from New York to London, Moscow or Dubai or London to Rio de Janeiro, Johannesburg, Singapore or Tokyo.

The Boeing Company and the General Electric Company announced the formation of a joint venture company, Boeing Business Jets, on 2nd July 1996.

The joint venture initiative was set up in response to the market demand for larger higher-capability business aircraft with a range of more than 6,000 miles.

The delivery of the first Boeing business jet was in October 1998 and more than 154 were ordered as of July 2011 (including BBJ, BBJ2, BBJ C and BBJ3), with more than 138 BBJ aircraft delivered worldwide.

The …

The Boeing Business Jet 3 is the newest private jet out made by Boeing



The first "BBJ" surprised customers and manufacturers by selling more than ever expected.

"Boeing Business Jet 3 Exterior"
exterior boeing business jet 3
It is based on the 737-900ER (Extended Range) Airliner.

Introduced in 2006, the "ultra-long range BBJ3" is the largest in the family of "Business Jets."

"BOEING BUSINESS JET" (BBJ3)" is the product of a Boeing and General Electric joint venture to create a high performing aircraft.

It is outfitted with custom VIP interiors.

The range of the BBJ 3 exceeds that of other business jets in its class, according to Boeing.

"BBJ 3 Private Jet Charter"
boeing business jet 3, exterior bbj3, boeing business jet 3 outside
It can fly 4,900 nautical miles; more than 1,500 nautical miles (3 hours) farther than its direct competitor.

The BBJ 3 on display can carry 38 passengers…

The Airbus A318 can be configured into many different configurations.


"Airbus A318, Aircraft Information"

"The Airbus A318 V.I.P. Airliner" is the largest commercial Aircraft certified to land at steeper-than-usual gradients, making it ideal for operations at such constrained locations as downtown airports – translating to significant cost and time savings for business travel.

"Airbus 318 Exterior"
airbus A318 exterior
As the smallest A320 Family member, the A318’s fuselage is 2.39 metres shorter than the A319.

Takeoff weight choices of up to 66 metric tonnes provide airlines with greater operating versatility and higher loads in operating the A318, with a maximum flight range of 2,800 km.

"Airbus 318 Bedroom"
airbus A318 interior, cabin airbus a318, private jet charter, vip airliners, aircraft charter flights
Designed to serve markets with frequent services on low-density routes, the A318 accommodates 107 passengers in a typical two-class cabin configuration, but we …

The Airbus A319 is an airliner built into a luxury home in the sky.


"AIRBUS A319, Information!"

The Airbus A319 significant enhancement was the introduction of large wingtip devices called “Sharklets” – which provide up to four per cent reduction in fuel costs.

"Airbus a319"
Airbus A319 exterior, airbus a319 charter, VIP Aircraft Charter, Airbus a319
As a shortened-fuselage version of Airbus’ A320 cornerstone single-aisle jetliner

The A319 continues to prove its versatility – enabling carriers around the world to benefit from the aircraft’s range options and seat layout versatility.

In addition to the standard A319 124-seat configuration, Airbus offers an option with a seating capacity of up to 156 passengers – a version that is being ordered by an increasing number of low-cost airlines.

"Airbus a319 Private Jet"
Airbus A319 jets, airbus a319 private jets, airbus a319 private aircraft, airbus a319 private flights
This allows for top-of-the-range comfort with generous seat wid…