The Falcon 7X private jet start’s at $5,200 per hour and up. The Falcon 7X Private Jet.


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"FALCON 7X, Information!"

There is no better example than the Dassault "Falcon 7X;" it flies higher, farther and faster than any of its predecessors, the "FALCON 7X."

When it comes to the business jet mission a smooth and stable flight with the precision to make a safe and predictable touchdown in the worst weather is what everybody wants -- particularly the passengers.

The computers automatically correct for any gusts or turbulence that displace the 7X from its present flight path, which keeps the airplane traveling to where you want it to go, but also has the unintended effect of smoothing the ride.

Because the DFCS system instantly makes very small control movements when the 7X hits turbulence, the bumps, wallows and rolls that other airplanes experience are minimized.

That long and very flexible wing also helps damp out the jolts of turbulence that are transmitted to the cabin.

The fly-by-wire control technology, adapted from Dassault fighter aircraft, adds performance and safety benefits, including precise flight path control.

The Falcon 5x has automatic trim adjustment, and basic autopilot functions via the sidestick control for setting the heading and attitude.

With 14 passengers and a crew of three, the range of the aircraft is 10,556km (5,700nm), allowing non-stop flight from Riyadh to New York or from Paris to Tokyo.

The aircraft is unrestricted by ETOPS considerations across oceans. The aircraft flies at speeds above Mach 0.85.

The fin box is of carbon construction. The vertical stabiliser is lighter and stronger and 20% larger in size than that of the Falcon 900EX.

The wing area is increased by 40% compared to that of the Falcon 900 aircraft. New design improvements are being planned for Falcon 7X in the future.

The improvements include the "load 10" update to the EASy flight deck. Load 10 includes take-off and landing data. The certification of Falcon 7X enhanced flight vision system (EFVS) is expected in late 2010.

The Dassault / Honeywell EASy cockpit reduces the pilot workload, allowing the pilot to concentrate on the successful completion of the flight and on situational awareness.

The cabin width, 2.64m, is the same as in the Falcon 900EX. It is however substantially longer at 11.91m from the baggage hold door to the third flight deck seat.

The cabin design has been configured for passenger comfort for 13-hour non-stop flights and has acoustic control (with noise levels between 50dB and 52dB SIL) and thermal control.

Including those with hot and high conditions, steep approaches and stringent noise restrictions. The "Falcon 7X" is the only Aircraft in its class able to reach New York, from London City Airport.

From nose to tail, wingtip to wingtip, the Falcon 7X is pure elegance, efficiency, and performance. The following specifications physically define the world’s most technologically advanced "Business Jet."

The FALCON 7X has over 200 Private Jet Aircraft which are in service in 32 countries. The fleet has performed some 250,000 flight hours and presents excellent dispatch reliability. When an Aircraft manufacturer introduces a new model, it is most likely an improved version of the predecessor.

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"FALCON 7X, Charter Flights!"

nbaa, falcon 7x exterior
There are 218 Falcon 7Xs in service, but surprisingly, few operators are aware that the 7X is currently the only aircraft that can fly non-stop from London City Airport to New York. Dassault set about changing that last week, and decided to set a speed record in the process.

The first flight of the aircraft took place in May 2005. The Falcon 7X received FAA and EASA certification in April 2007 and entered service in June 2007.

"Falcon 7x Private Jet Charter"
falcon 7x, jet charter, charter airplane, airplane services
The Falcon 7X is the latest member of the Falcon family of aircraft and flies faster, further and higher than its predecessors. Dassault states that the Falcon 7X is the world's first fly-by-wire business jet.

The 7X's landing speed, though, is as low as 104 knots, letting it set down on runways normally far too short for large-body jets. No other plane in its class, for example, can land at London City Airport.

The Dassault Falcon 7X isn't the biggest, fastest, or priciest jet a billionaire can buy. But it's easily the coolest: Its triple cluster of jet engines makes it one of just two trijet models in the air (Dassault also makes the other), and it's huge, with a stand-up cabin and bathroom and seating for up to 16 passengers.

The new lighting in the cabin gives it a spacious look.

The three Pratt & Whitney Canada PW307A engines are flat rated to 28.47kN (6,402lb) thrust which allows the aircraft to operate from more demanding airfields in hot and high terrain.

"Falcon 7x Exterior"
falcon 7x exterior
The flight was for exhibition only; the plane did not officially compete in the races. But with a top speed pushing 600 mph and impressive maneuverability, the 7X would make for fine competition among the other fast movers in the Jet Class. Not bad for a business jet.

The 7X was born from technology found in the company's military fighter aircraft like the Rafale. That includes becoming the first business jet with a digital fly-by-wire flight control system.

Since certification in 2007, Falcons have become known known for their robust design, unparalleled flying qualities, and spacious quiet cabins.

The Dassault Falcon 7X is a sleek beauty. It allies spacious comfort to three-engine saftey.

Its transcontinental performances are the best in the mid-size category. Passengers will, for sure, enjoy this brand-new aircraft.

"Falcon 7x Jet Charter"
falcon 7x cabin
The Dassault Falcon 7X is a high-performance, long-range jet with no shortage of style. Introduced to the world in 2005, the Falcon is the world’s first fly-by-wire business jet.

The big cabin, ultra-long-range Falcon 7X uses fly-by-wire technology to connect the human pilot to the flight controls, a first for business jets.


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