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Light Jets can seat up to 6-7 passengers very comfortably.

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Light Jets typically have a capacity of 5 to 8 passengers with a cruise speed of 400-520 mph.

When Pilatus did make its move into jets, it stuck to the road most traveled, and effectively designed a jet aircraft with all the characteristics of its PC-12.

Technology makes many things smaller and cheaper, and thankfully light jets are no exception.

Until 2006, when the new generation of very light jets like the Cessna Mustang and Eclipse 500 hit the market, and then, two years later, the Embraer Phenom 100, your only choices were supercramped light jets or putting up with the extra cost of flying larger models.

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But now there are options. The vast majority of light jet's seat six to seven passengers in a cabin roughly the size of a large SUV and fly an average trip of 1,500 nautical miles.

That's frequently in planes…

The Stratos 714 is a very light jet that can seat up to 4 comfortably.

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The Stratos was designed with the owner-operator in mind, focusing on simplicity and docile flight qualities for ease of operation.

The configuration is optimized with a long tail arm (relative distance between the wing and horizontal tail), ensuring good stability.

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The Stratos 714´s engine thrust acts close to the aircraft´s center of gravity, contributing to the design objectives of easy handling and low pilot workload. A wide center of gravity envelope simplifies loading.

The Stratos 714 will safely land at much lower speeds than twin-engine jets with similar performance.

As a Very Light Personal Jet, emphasis has been placed on making the Stratos 714 handling simple and predictable with benign stall characteristics for safe flight by owner-operators, even at low speed.

Much of the efforts over the past two years h…

The Premier 1 is a very light jet that can seat up to 4 people very comfortably.

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The Premier was certified in 2001 and its upgraded successor, Premier IA, was certified in 2005.

"Premier I Inside"
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The Premier I (1) Private Jet cabin pressure can be automatically or manually controlled and is rated to a maximum of 8.4 psi.

The design of this aircraft has some “wow” factor due to the amazingly strong composite fuselage which was designed with CATIA Computer-Aided Design technology.

"Premier I Charter"
"Superior End-to-End Experience."

"Dedicated 24/7 VIP Service."

"Integrated Trip Planning."

"ARGUS Platinum, IS-BAO Aircraft."

"Wyvern Recommended Aircraft Backed by Charter Vault Escrow."

"Point-to-Point Pricing."

The biggest advantage is that Premier fuselage could be built in one day compared to the two to three weeks needed fo…

The Premier 1A is the upgrade from the Premier I, and it is a very light jet.

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"The PREMIER 1A" unlike some other light jets, you can sit upright without your shoulder, or your head, being squeezed inboard by the curve of the fuselage.

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The Premier 1A, Private Jet overhead Beech created a smooth headliner without the protrusions of the original.

The environmental duct work that took up cabin space has been redesigned and offers improved temperature control, and soft light washes down the sidewalls from the new headliner.

Perhaps even gaudy, the IA cabin is subtle and elegant, with obviously only top grade leathers, wood veneer and carpet. "The PREMIER 1A"

Overhead Beech created a smooth headliner without the protrusions of the original.

The environmental duct work that took up cabin space has been redesigned and offers improved temperature control, and soft light washes down …

The Premier II is one of the new private jets out today that can seat up to 4 comfortably.


"Premeir 2, Information"

The two-zone cabin environmental system also uses bleed air for heating and one of two separate generators for cooling.

The Premier 2 cabin pressure can be automatically or manually controlled and is rated to a maximum of 8.4 psi.

"Premeir II Private Jet Charter"
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While the Premier II’s cabin will pamper passengers with luxury and comfort, its cockpit will deliver an advanced level of operational sophistication.

It has situational awareness—just what one would expect in a jet designed to be flown single-pilot.

Elliptical shaped winglets, crafted of lightweight, ultra strong composites, will be installed to enhance aerodynamic performance.

The winglets offer reduced drag and an increased effective wingspan without actually lengthening the wings, enabling the Premier II to fly farther than its predecessor.

The custom designed wing…

The Phenom 100 is one of the most popular private jets made today.

"PHENOM 100, Information!"

The "Phenom 100" and Mustang, respectively, were simply new Part 23 models and not an attempt to create any kind of new category.

It’s clear in hindsight their approach was conservative and largely conventional.

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Both airplanes are no-compromise jets that just happen to be at the light end of the spectrum.

And despite a challenging market, both airplanes have enjoyed strong sales over their still short histories. "The Phenom 100 Charter Flights."

While there were the expected growing pains, the effort was a success.

It signaled clearly Embraer’s commitment to being a major player. And no one questioned the underlying quality of the Phenon 100, despite the teething pain. Owners love the airplane.

Following the 100, Embraer quickly earned certification for its Em…

The Phenom 100E is a very light jet, that is one of the newer private jets on the market.

"PHENOM 100E, Information!"

It features large leather seats that include arm rests, power outlets and multiple controls at you fingertips.

This Jet has nice-looking wood finishing that is consistent throughout. The "Phenom’s 100" interior can be configured using seven pre-defined factory options.

The Phenom 100E is great for small companies traveling short distances, the Phenom 100 is a great value.

"Phemon 100E Private Jet Charter"
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Embraer’s conservative airframe design philosophy dictated the use of conventional high-strength aluminum alloys for the primary airframe.

But that didn’t limit the freedom of the firm’s aero engineers in optimizing the Phenom 100E’s external shape for low drag.

At its Botucatu manufacturing facility, the firm invested heavily in computer numerically controlled manufacturing mills and metal forming tools.

This enables it to…

The Phenom 100EV has extended range and can seat up to 4 passengers very comfortably.


"PHENOM 100EV, Information!"

An updated engine, with the latest FADEC, allows the Phenom 100 to break the 400-knot cruisespeed barrier for the first time ever.

Improved hot and high performance, and performance on takeoff in hot and high conditions has been significantly improved.

Greater thrust shortens liftoffs by the length of three football fields – a better than 15% improvement – and shaves 25% off time to initial cruise altitude.

All this, with a gross weight increase that allows the aircraft to carry more payload for added versatility.

The Embraer Phenom 100 EV will make its global debut at the NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE), which takes place November 1-3 in Orlando, Florida.

Embraer’s aviation roots are strong and deep. A leading force in aerospace technology and innovation.

Embraer has delivered more than 5,000 executive, commercial and defense aircraft in its 40+ years which are now op…

The Honda Jet is made by the Honda car corporation.


Passenger Capacity: 4 – 5

Lavatory: Full

Airspeed (MPH): 340

Range (nm): 1,500

Cabin Width: 5′ 0″

Cabin Height: 4′ 8″

Cabin Length: 17′ 9″

Baggage Capacity: 66 cu. ft.

Cost to Buy $5.25 Million.

Rate $1,200 – $1,900/hr.

The Honda Jet Elite (VLJ) Very Light Jet, by Honda Aircraft unveiled a new version of its light jet Sunday evening at EBACE 2018, the HondaJet Elite. More than just a cosmetic upgrade, the Elite expands the light jet’s performance envelope while adding interior improvements and significant updates to the Garmin G3000-based flight deck.

honda-jet elite exterior
The Honda Jet Elite (VLJ) Very Light Jet: While the amended type certificate for the HondaJet Elite was issued by the FAA on May 2 and it is also EASA certified, Honda Aircraft engineers have been working on the improvements>

Since the jet first achieved certification in December 2015, according to company president and CEO Mich…

The Eclipse Se is one of the newer private jets out.



Cabin Height: 4' 2"

Cabin Width 4' 7"

Range, 825nm

Passengers: 4

Cost to Buy $2.1 Million.

Rate $900 – $1,500/hr.

The Eclipse SE very light jet was a revolutionary Very Light Jets. Offering competitive performance, an innovative avionics system, and a sleek and comfortable design, the "Eclipse se" was a great buy for smaller-scale, private jet users.

eclipse SE
The Eclipse SE very light jet introduced a radically new category called the Very Light Jets (VLJ). The twin-turbofan Private Jet nicely combines reliability, fuel efficiency, and simplicity in a sleek and stylish casing.

This is a dramatic departure from today's commercial airline system, which forces 70 percent of all air travelers to pass through 29 increasingly crowded "hub" airports.

The airplane itself is a remarkable thing. It's small, which is the whole …

The Eclipse 550 is a very light jet that seats 4 comfortably.


High Speed Cruise, knots 370

Range, 1,000 (NM)

Passengers: 4

1000 NM Mission, Flight Time 3+15

Cost to Buy $2.99 Million.

Rate $600 – $1,600/hr.

The Eclipse 550 very light jet features best in class performance, economics, and safety. With the ability to fly at altitudes up to 41,000 feet at a max cruise of 430 mph, all while consuming a mere 59 gallons of fuel per hour, the Eclipse 550 is the most efficient twin-engine private jet on the planet.

eclipse 550
The Eclipse 550 is a Very Light Jet (VJL) that is great for shorter trips, and they can seat up to four Comfortably. This aircraft can seat up to 4 passengers comfortably and has a range of 1k miles. The Eclipse 550 has a new production twin-engine jet from Eclipse aerospace, features best in class performance, economics, and safety.

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The Citation Mustang is one of the newer private jets made by Cessna.


Passenger Capacity: 4 – 5

Lavatory: Full

Airspeed (MPH): 340

Range (nm): 1,200

Cabin Width: 4′ 6″

Cabin Height: 4′ 5″

Cabin Length: 9′ 9″

Baggage Capacity: 47' cu. ft.

Cost to Buy $2.7 Million.

Rate $1,200 – $1,600/hr.

The Citation Mustang very light jet has speed, range and inspired performance that will tackle the sky like a Jet, while delivering the efficiency of a lighter Aircraft. The aerodynamic design and advanced technology of the Mustang make for exceptional short-field performance and the ability to cruise over the weather.

citation mustang
The Citation Mustang Private Jet is considered a "Very Light Jet (VLJ)" is a versatile nice smaller very light jet ideal for doing very short trips. The Cessna Citation Mustang can be described as an entry level business jet belonging to the extremely successful Citation series. Aimed toward owners of light press…

The Cirrus Vision Jet is one that has the lowest cost to buy.



Passenger Capacity: 4 – 5

Lavatory: Full

Airspeed (knots): 400-425

Range (nm): 1,000 – 1,200

Cabin Width: 5′ 1″

Cabin Height: 4′ 1″

Cabin Length: 10′ 9″

Baggage Capacity: 25 cu. ft.

Cost to Buy $1.96 Million.

Rate $800 – $1,500/hr.

The Cirrus Vision Very Light Jet is the realization of a vision to re-imagine and reinvent the jet airplane in order to create a whole new category of aircraft —The Personal Very Light Jet. This is a single engine Jet versus most other jets that are twin engine.

Cirrus Vision Jet
The Cirrus Vision Very Light Jet is simpler to fly and easier to operate and own, the Vision Jet is truly a revolution in personal transportation. It makes jet performance accessible to pilots and aircraft owners who, up until now, could only dream. Of course, with the exclusive Cirrus Airframe Parachute System™ (CAPS™) the Vision Jet also sets a new standar…

Very Light Jets can seat up to 4 comfortably have a range around 1300 miles.


"Very Light Jets, Information!"
A Very Light Jet can be airborne 15 minutes after the passengers arrival. Very light jets have the flexibility to get up into the air quickly because of their smaller size.

"The Citation Mustang" citation mustang interior, citation mustang jet, private jet charter Aimed toward owners of light pressurized prop jets, the Citation Mustang delivers excellent value in the compact light jet category.

The twin-turbofan jet nicely combines reliability, fuel efficiency, and simplicity in a sleek and stylish casing.

Although classified as a very light jet, the Eclipse 500 can accommodate up to 6 seats, making it just right for individual/small company ownership.

"The Eclipse 500" eclipse 500, eclipse 500 exterior, very light jet charter The Honda Jet is classified as a very light jet (VLJ), combines revolutionary design with a truly unique buyer experience.

Best known for its automob…