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It was a bit surprising when Dassault, known for high standards of performance and technological advancement, announced that their next jet would be optimized for economy.

High standards of engineering, structural quality, and technological advancement are at the forefront of the Dassault Family thinking.

The Falcon 900 series has been one of Dassaults best-performing aircraft. However, few wide-body aircraft in the market compelled Dassault to produce a wide-body, shorter range line: the Falcon 2000.

The 2000 series is a reduced size (6' shorter), twin-engine version of the 900. It was certified in 1995 and has since produced upgraded variations including the Falcon 2000DX, EX, and the latest LX.

Introduced in 2000, the Falcon 900C is the sculpted, evolved version of its predecessor, the original Falcon 900, combining the 900B’s improvements with the innovative avionics of the 900EX.

Interiors can be arranged to accommodate practically any configuration, from full galleys to private offices and bedrooms – not to mention plenty of regular seating in spacious comfort.

Heavy Jets are high-performance, stylish Heavy Jet Aircraft equipped to meet the demands of international Private Aircraft Travel. These Private Jets extend the nonstop reach of the industry’s highest performance long-range Business Aircraft.

"The Challenger 604"
challenger 605 exterior
Gulfstream Aerospace Corp designed the Gulfstream G-III to be similar to the GII (of which more than 250 models were sold), but better.

Today, Gulfstream jets are used as a model for comparing large executive aircraft. The Gulfstream II is the quintessential example of a transcontinental-range jet that has stood alone in its class.

After manufacturing the original Gulfstream I turboprop executive jet, Gulfstream completely tore it apart and started from the ground up. The G-II was introduced in 1965, completely altered and enhanced.


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