The Gulfstream G650 private jet start’s at $6,200 per hour and up. The Gulfstream G650 Private Jet.


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"GULFSTREAM G650, Information!"

Engineers considered every element while designing the "GULFSTREAM G650" even the air passengers breathe.

"Gulfstream G650 Exterior"
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The G650 makes once-distant cities all part of a day’s work, and with the lowest pressurized cabin altitude of any business aircraft, passengers arrive feeling refreshed and ready for whatever opportunities lay ahead.

An 8 foot 6 inch /2.59 meter-wide cabin, the largest in its class, helps create an exquisitely comfortable environment for 18 passengers.

Sixteen large "Gulfstream Private Jet" panoramic windows, each 28 by 20.5 inches/71 by 52 centimeters, allow abundant sunlight into the cabin, even in the galley.

"Gulfstream G650 Private Jet Charter"
gulfstream G650 outside, jet charter, private jet charter
That altitude is more than twice as low as commercial airlines and significantly better than any non Gulfstream Aircraft in its class.

Lower cabin altitude means the heart and lungs don’t work as hard to oxygenate the blood, which reduces fatigue and ensures that upon arrival, passengers are more refreshed and alert.

Gulfstream states that with a weight of less than 100,000 pounds (45,400 kg), it is able to land at small airports avoiding the busy airports around the world.

"Jet Charter Gulfstream G650"
gulfstream G650, ultra long range jet, private jet, heavy jet
To provide better usage of the internal volume, Gulfstream designers rejected the usual circular fuselage cross-section in favor of an oval which uses a flatter lower portion.

The cabin is 8 feet 6 inches (2.59 m) wide and 6 feet 5 inches (1.96 m) high, allowing the craft to be configured to carry between 11 and 18 passengers.

As proud as they are of their current jets and as much as they love to discuss them in great detail, employees at Gulfstream Aerospace get used to not talking about other projects that are in development.

Because big jet programs take up to a decade to progress from first concept to first delivery, for a company like Gulfstream there always has to be something in the pipeline that isn’t ready for public release.

"Gulfstream G650 Aircraft Charter"
gulfstream G650, private jet, private aircraft, private plane
Why should a company build an airplane its customers might or might not want when it could simply ask them exactly what they want and then build that product?

And they weren’t shy. What they asked for was, to put it very simply, an airplane that was bigger than the very successful ultralong-range G550.

The GULFSTREAM G650 can travel at near the speed of sound which is one of the ways to increase the pace of business. High-speed connectivity is another.

The Gulfstream G650 offers a variety of ways to stay connected, whether with the Gulfstream Broadband Multilink high-speed data system, two multi-channel satellite communications systems or a wireless local network that provides onboard printing, additional Internet access and phone service.

"Interior Gulfstream G650"
interior gulfstream g650, Gulfstream Jet Charter, Private Jet Charter
To everyone’s amazement, Gulfstream granted every one of its customers’ wishes.

"GULFSTREAM G650, Corportate Jet Charter!"

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"Charter Flights, in a GULFSTREAM G650"

It also takes a lot of patience to get your hands on one. If you want one, you'll have to wait years for delivery after you place an order.

"Cabin Gulfstream G650"
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But once you're on board, you can fly around the planet faster and higher than on any commercial jet, in a cabin flooded with natural light and filled with air that is actually richer than what you breathe in cheaper planes.

With the G650, Gulfstream "established a new market segment for the whole industry." Until then,the G650 will remain the gold standard, and it's easy to see why.

And there won't be any real competitors until 2016/2017, when Bombardier's Global 7000/8000 is scheduled to go into service.

"Exterior Gulfstream G650"
gulfstream G650 outside, Gulfstream Jet Charter exterior, Private Jet exterior
The model is designated Gulfstream GVI in its type certificate,[4] and may be configured to carry between 11 and 18 passengers.

Gulfstream began the G650 program in 2005 and revealed it to the public in 2008. The G650 is the company's largest and fastest business jet with a top speed of Mach 0.925.

The aircraft project was named the 2014 winner of the Collier Trophy, for having strengthened business aviation through significant technological advancements in aircraft performance, cabin comfort, and safety.

The G650ER is an extended-range version of the G650.

"Gulfstream G650 Charter Flights"
gulfstream G650 inside, gulfstream g650 cabin, gulfsteam g650 interior
The G650 has a cruise speed of Mach 0.85 to 0.90, with maximum speed of Mach 0.925 and a range of up to 7,000 nmi (13,000 km).

It can be equipped with a full kitchen and bar and may be equipped with a variety of entertainment features including satellite phones and wireless Internet.

They did it all on schedule while developing the brand-new super-midsize G280 at the same time. To say that Gulfstream is on a roll is an understatement.

"Private Jet Gulfstream G650"
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In addition to the impressive new plant at the Gulfstream campus in Savannah, Georgia, which is home to the G650, Gulfstream created a new and more efficient way of building airplanes — something that it was already great at doing.

With bonding, it can be more optimally shaped (with an oval) for more comfortable seating areas — the G650 has the best Gulfstream cabin by far.

Bonding also makes for a stronger structure that is able to easily withstand higher pressurization values, giving the G650 a remarkably low cabin altitude; at 45,000 feet on our test flight, the cabin altitude was a strikingly low 4,100 feet, or approximately half that of older-generation biz jets.

The fuselage is also more cost effective to produce, so Gulfstream can actually build that better product more efficiently.

A new way of building airplanes into new products down the line doesn’t know Gulfstream.

The investment in new technologies and facilities will continue to pay off.

"Gulfstream G650 Charter Private Jets"
interior gulfstream cabin, Gulfstream Jet Charter cabin, Private Jet Charter cabin
The airplane they developed, the G650, is the biggest, fastest, most luxurious, longest-range and most technologically advanced jet — by far — that Gulfstream has ever built.


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