The Falcon 10 Private Jet start’s at $2,000 per hour and up. The Falcon 10 Private Jet.



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Central Jet Charter Inc. & The Falcon 10 Private Charter Flights.

"Falcon 10 Private Jet Charter"
falcon 10, jet charter
In 1969, the Garrett Corporation decided to launch a smaller jet engine than the ATF 3, the TFE 731.

This new turbofan corresponded to the power plant needs of the Falcon 10. It reduced consumption by 50% at take-off, and by 33% at cruising speed compared to the ATF 3.

Dassault and Pan American quickly perceived the gain in range the new engine could offer, and signed a protocol agreement with its American manufacturer at the Paris Air Show of May 1969, where a model of the Falcon 10 was on display.

On December 31, one year before the maiden flight, Pan American made an order of 40 aircraft with an option on 120 more while Travel air, a subsidiary of the German Lufthansa ordered 15 to sell in the German Federal Republic and in Scandinavia.

After the first flights, those in charge of the program noted that although the performances were as expected, this aircraft formula posed certain problems.

"Falcon 10 Charter Flights"
falcon 10, jet charter, airplane charter flights
In fact, this ‘little’ aircraft’s performances were much like those of a fighter. Exceptional though this was, a fighter aircraft did not have to conform to civil regulations, while a civil aircraft had to conform to air transport norms.

Making this adaptation required a modification of the original airfoil, improvement of high speed stability, and perfecting the flight control parameters.

When the aircraft flew again in May 1971, the problems had disappeared, and the Falcon 10 had become the fastest business aircraft.

Falcon 10 02, re-motorized with the Garrett TFE 731-2 jet engine made its maiden flight in October 1971.

The Falcon 100, a Falcon 10 with an exterior-access luggage hold and an improved cabin, was the first certified business aircraft featuring EFIS-technology and color screens in the place of electro-mechanical cockpit instruments.

A total 226 Falcon 10s and Falcon 100s were delivered to customers including well-known orchestra conductor Herbert von Karajan.

In the late 1960s–long before speedsters such as the Hawker Beechcraft Premier I, SyberJet SJ30 and Cessna Citation X were a glimmer in some engineer’s eye–Dassault gave the world a flying bullet.

"Jet Charter Falcon 10"
falcon 10, jet charter, plane charter flights
The Falcon 10. Then, from 1983 to 1989, it produced the Model 100, a slightly heavier version with first-generation electronic display avionics, an extra cabin window and an external baggage compartment.

Certified in 1973, the 10 is basically a 70 percent scale model of the Falcon 20.

The shelf is about a foot tall, five feet wide and four feet deep and can hold 500 pounds.

A second, external luggage compartment is an aftermarket option on the 10 and standard on the 100. Combined, both compartments yield about 48 cubic feet of space.

By the time production ended in 1989, Dassault had built 189 Falcon 10s and 37 Falcon 100s.

A lavatory and 12 cubic ft of baggage storage space are also features of the Falcon 10’s interior.

The FALCON 10 by Dassault always brings the best-of-the-best Business Jet to the market. Falcon 10 owners love their Aircraft, which is evident by the 226 Falcon’s built between 1973 and 1989.

"Falcon 10 Exterior"
falcon 10, jet charter, aircraft charter
It incorporates highly swept wings, big fanjet engines (newly introduced by Garrett at the time and now part of Honeywell’s engine line) and airliner-style features such as full hydraulic flight controls.

"Jet Charter, in the FALCON 10"

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"FALCON 10, Private Jet Charter"

At the end of the 60s, Pan American, like the general staff of the Air Force, was interested in a small liaison aircraft with the performance of the Mystère 20 at a lower cost.

"Falcon 10 Jet Private Charter"
falcon 10, jet charter, private flights, charter aircraft
The Dassault team first planned to derive a Hirondelle twin Snecma Larzac aircraft from the Hirondelle MD 320 with twin Turboméca Astazou turboprops. The project was abandoned.

A new generation of small jet engines with one-ton thrust ratings and fairly attractive fuel-efficiency were developed in the late 1960s. Dassault’s bid on this segment was a mini Mystère 20, called the Mystère 10 and then Falcon 10.

With its unique wing design and lift capabilities - which enable high performance on smaller runways - the Falcon 10 offers quick and efficient travel to and from most all airports, including those that cannot be reached by large commercial carriers, making it one of the most efficient

Within the light jet class of aircraft, the Falcon 10 offers surprisingly generous cabin space and includes interior baggage storage as well as a conveniently located forward lavatory.

"Falcon 10 Plane Charter"
falcon 10, jet charter, plane charter, aircraft private fights
The Falcon 10's plush, luxury seats swivel and recline, and can be adjusted to almost any position with just the touch of a button. This allows travelers to position seating that fosters conversation and dialog with fellow passengers for business purpose or for more interactive family travel. And for those who prefer to use travel time for peace and reflection, seating can be arranged for more privacy.

And with a range of up to 1,750 nautical miles, the Falcon 10 can take you to your destination without stopping for refueling, making it a smart choice for both its speed -- and efficiency.

Outperforming its closest competitors on almost every level, the Falcon 10 is known for its unique design and is often lauded as one of the most nimble light jet aircraft on the market.

"Falcon 10 Charter Flights"
falcon 10, jet charter flights, aircraft charter flight
Sought by executives and other discerning travelers who desire a high performance aircraft that will take them to their destination in luxury, comfort - and speed.

Sophisticated (for its day) computers and a rugged build quality usually reserved for fighter jets.

"Falcon 10 Private Flights"
falcon 10 exteror, jet charter
The 10 is faster than the 20 and leaves Lear-jets and Beech-jets far behind in the contrails. Top speed is 492 nautical miles per hour–easily 10 to 20 percent faster than anything else in the Falcon 10’s class.

Climb-out is at a rocket-like 4,600 feet per minute and maximum altitude is 45,000 feet. Yet, because of its leading-edge wing slats, which deploy to increase wing area and lift at low speeds, and flaps that extend to 52 degrees.

Still, there are a few improvements, such as a soft-goods cabin refurbishment, that could make sense for this airplane.

"Exterior Falcon 10"
falcon 10, airplane charter, jet private charter
The inside of the 10/100’s cabin is tight: 12.9 feet long, 4.8 feet tall, and 5 feet wide. At 251 cubic feet, the volume is about the same as that of today’s entry-level jets.

A typical layout features a cabinet opposite the entry door housing beverage storage and a slide-out potty drawer (intended for emergency use only) followed by two to four small single seats and a three-place rear bench seat.

Private Jet Charter in a Falcon 10 is a good choice, and we promise you won't be disappointed with this Private Jet!

Behind and above the bench seat is a zippered fabric divider and cabinet door to the luggage shelf that sits atop the fuselage fuel tank.


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