Passenger Capacity: 7 – 9
Lavatory: Full
Airspeed (MPH): 453
Range (nm): 2,271
Cabin Width: 5′ 1"
Cabin Height: 4′ 11″
Cabin Length: 17′ 2″
Baggage Capacity: 74 cu. ft.
The PHENOM 300 is a relatively new Light Private Jet that has just come on the scene, but it has excellent range and cabin space. If you choose this Aircraft we promise you won't be disappointed they don't get much better than the "Phenom 300 Private Jet."

phenom 300
The PHENOM 300 has been intelligently designed, and it’s not just the cabin that offers unprecedented space.

"Single-pilot operation flight management system."
"Three 12.4” interchangeable displays."
"Soft keys on displays minimize navigation time on menus."
"No overhead panel and reduced number of switches."
"Reduced pilot checklists thanks to smart system’s automation."
The "private jet" cockpit has been designed with a human factors philosophy and this jet has the largest galley, baggage and windows in its class. We do any type of Air charter!

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