Capacity: 4 – 6 People.

Speed 300 – 480 mph.

Range: 900 – 1,200 nm.

Rate 1,2000 – 1,500/hr.


When time is a primary concern, very light jets begin to look very attractive compared to regular Light Jets. In an Eclipse 500, is one of the top-selling "VLJ" thus far. They can seat up to four passengers very comfortably.

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Very Light Jets make time is a primary concern. A very light jet can do a flight from Boulder to Dallas with four passengers that would take just under 2 hours, with no security checks, ticket counter delays, parking fees for distant lots, and no unexpected flight cancellations.

The very light jet industry has been gradually shifting away from exorbitant flight costs, but the VLJ takes a sudden jump. Before Eclipse Aviation announced its goal of building an extremely economic jet, the cheapest business jets to be found cost more than $1,000 an hour to operate and had price tags of about $5 million.

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In an Eclipse 500 can do a flight from New York to Washington D.C. with four passengers would take just under 1 hour. But the best part is it comes with no security checks, and ticket check in delays.

"We will find the right private aircraft in record time with just one call."

"The flexibility of being able to use the OPTIMAL Aircraft available, not the only Aircraft available."

"The ability to react quickly to client’s needs: our clients can board the right Aircraft in under two hours notice."

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Very light jets are definitely the best priced of all private jets. Very light jets are also referred to as (VLJs) are small light private aircraft that typically hold a small group of 4 or 5 passengers comfortably.

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The Premier 2 private jet is a small, economical Jet approved for single-pilot operations and generally carry between four and six passengers.

The Prmeir II for those who are unfamiliar with the private jet industry, is a "VLJs" which is like a 40 mpg economy car debuting in a market of 8 mpg tanks.

The Citation Mustang is one of the best in this category. This compact very light Jet is a fairly new category of private aircraft.

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Thus they are equipped with the very latest in jet engine technology which delivers the seed, quality, and fuel efficiency that allow for a more cost effective means of private jet travel.

The Phenom 100e very light jet is a good choice because they are the best priced out of all the private jets. They are unlike other aircraft because of their small size and great value for private jet charter trips.

The Honda Jet has been described as the sports cars of aviation. These Private Aircraft are best employed for short flights of 300 to 500 miles – though they can actually travel as far as 1600 miles – and 40 to 80 minutes duration.

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The Honda Jet is a very light jet that has a new design with the engines attached above the wing to improve air flow. This revolutionary design improves air speed and fuel consumption. Honda jet charter in this very light jet can set up to 4 passengers comfortably and these are a relatively new category in the private jet industry.

Very light jet charter is something more and more people will do because it brings down the cost of the private jet. These Jets feature best in class performance, economics, and safety. "Very Light Jet Charter"

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The Premier 1As cabin is one of the biggest for a private jet of its size, seating six or seven passengers in a 315 cubic-foot cabin. Come see our private jet charter prices which are the best in this very light jet category.

There were several other VLJs in the works, but the global economy has put to rest many of those plans. So there are still plenty of personal jets to choose from to fit your price range, equipment requirements, and the amenities you wish to enjoy while you travel.

The Very Light Jets start at $800 per hour and up. The Very Light Jets.


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The Challenger 601 has one of the biggest and widest cabins in it's class.

We offer any type of private jet charter services.

The Phenom 100E is the upgrade from the original Phenom 100.