This new turbofan corresponded to the power plant needs of the Falcon 10. It reduced consumption by 50% at take-off, and by 33% at cruising speed compared to the ATF 3.

Dassault and Pan American quickly perceived the gain in range the new engine could offer, and signed a protocol agreement with its American manufacturer at the Paris Air Show of May 1969, where a model of the Falcon 10 was on display.

On December 31, one year before the maiden flight, Pan American made an order of 40 aircraft with an option on 120 more while Travel air, a subsidiary of the German Lufthansa ordered 15 to sell in the German Federal Republic and in Scandinavia.

After the first flights, those in charge of the program noted that although the performances were as expected, this aircraft formula posed certain problems.

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In fact, this ‘little’ aircraft’s performances were much like those of a fighter. Exceptional though this was, a fighter aircraft did not have to conform to civil regulations, while a civil aircraft had to conform to air transport norms.

Making this adaptation required a modification of the original airfoil, improvement of high speed stability, and perfecting the flight control parameters.

When the aircraft flew again in May 1971, the problems had disappeared, and the Falcon 10 had become the fastest business aircraft.

Falcon 10 02, re-motorized with the Garrett TFE 731-2 jet engine made its maiden flight in October 1971.


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