"If you are flying for business we offer a pay as you go system that allows you the freedom to fly when you want with no contract.

"Private Jet Charter Services"

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"We offer on-demand charter services for popular flights between 22,000 destinations on the largest owner-operated fleet of super mid-size private jets in the industry."
"Preferred Access provides priority access to our private jet fleet while letting you optimize your price by making a few simple choices about the travel options that matter most to you."
"Elite Access designed for flyers who have demanding schedules and minimal flexibility around how and when they fly.
"We work with flight departments, travel departments and procurement teams to design bespoke programs that meet your company's private aviation needs."
You can board the aircraft, get much accomplished and arrive at your destination refreshed and relaxed and ready for your meeting or presentation."

"Let our client service representatives help you before your trip, and you’ll be able to fully relax and enjoy your flight when the time comes, traveling to and from your destination in your "Private Jet Charter Aircraft" in total comfort and luxury."


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The Challenger 601 has one of the biggest and widest cabins in it's class.

We offer any type of private jet charter services.

The Phenom 100E is the upgrade from the original Phenom 100.