The Epic LT six-seat single-engine turboprop began as a build-it-yourself kit aircraft about 10 years ago.

Now, the manufacturer is in the process of certifying the production version of that plane, the Epic Aircraft E1000, for which the company has begun taking orders.

The Epic E1000 is drawing attention for its sleek carbon-fiber design and intelligent engineering, producing the fastest turboprop available.

It comes with standard ice removal equipment, increasing the safety of flight.

This comes from a boot in the leading edge, joggled to prevent drag, something impossible to offer with metal frames.

This inclusion of the joggle ensures that there is no speed penalty for the deicing equipment’s presence.

The solidly built and incredibly lightweight carbon fiber frame has other benefits beyond making the plane incredibly fast.

The Epic can carry a total payload of 1,120 lbs on a full fuel tank of 288 gallons, granting it a maximum flying range of 1,650 nautical miles, roughly 500 miles further than the Cessna Citation Mustang and the Embraer Phenom 100.

Six passengers can be comfortably seated within the cabin. Changes to the interior design from the kit model grant a more comfortable ride in the cockpit.

Notably, the seats are redesigned to offer more headroom and provide armrests.

The Epic E1000 offers a phenomenal value for those looking for something akin to the private jet experience.

With an enhanced range over similar private jets, you can explore more of the globe with greater fuel efficiency.

THE EPIC E1000 has superior strength-to-weight ratio and capacity to mold complex curves and shapes makes composites the optimal material for producing aerodynamic forms and establishing a new standard of performance for many industries. At can be chartered for $900 per hour and up.


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