Each seat tracks forward, aft and laterally and may recline all the way to horizontal in certain configurations to allow for a more comfortable cabin experience.

"The Cessna Citation CJ4" standard configuration for the CJ4 cabin is six-place center club seating, with a seventh seat across from the entry door.

The CJ4 features an attractive width of 58 inches, enhancing its cabin comfort. The CJ4 features separate temperature-control zones for the cockpit and cabin, and digitally managed pressurization that maintains a sea-level cabin up to an altitude of 21,067 feet.

Connect your laptop and have a working session, or relax during your light with your choice of CDs, Blu-ray Discs™, DVDs and games.

Cessna's entry-level light jet grown into such a performer? Well, it took about 17 years and four big steps to grow the original Citation Jet into the CJ4 I was flying.

In the early 1990s, the cost of the Pratt & Whitney JT15 engine that powered the light Citations had increased to the point that the company could no longer continue to build its Citation 501 entry-level airplane at a price that made sense.

The Citation CJ4 has technological advancements such as the VenueCabin Management System and a spacious cabin interior upgraded for style and comfort also distinguish this Private jet.

It is a very popular model make by the Cessna Private Aircraft Sector. They have one of the largest arrays of Private Jets.

The Citation CJ4 cost's $3,000 per hour and up to charter and you can buy one for $4 million and up.


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