Passenger Capacity: 9

Lavatory: Full

Airspeed (M.P.H): 488

Range (nm): 3,824

Cabin Width: 8′ 2″

Cabin Height: 6′ 1″

Cabin Length: 28′ 5″

Baggage Capacity: 115 cu. ft.

The Challenger 605 Private Jet has a wide body that makes it a favorite for private jet charter. It is one of the roomiest Private jets available and the newest model by Bombardier. It has one of the biggest cabins in the heavy jet category and it can seat up to 9 passengers comfortably.

challenger 605
The Challenger 605 Private Jet is an airplane that is an infinitely intelligent business asset. Built to meet every requirement faced by pilots and business leaders today, while offering the flexibility to address the new demands you face tomorrow, this Private Jet is a nimble partner that helps you take your business to higher levels.

"Wide body space and comfort in the most productive, highly-evolved cabin in its class."

"Latest-generation avionics provide simplified functionality to further reduce pilot workload."

"Superior reliability and the cost efficiency of much smaller jets."

The Challenger 605 boasts incomparable mission capabilities and offers an exceptional flight experience for 9-12 passengers.

The high-speed cruise of Mach 0.82 speeds travelers to their destinations while the 4,000 nautical-mile (7,408 km) range lets them cross oceans and continental distances with unequalled ease and efficiency.

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The Challenger 605 Private Jet in a Challenger 605 makes this an efficient and reliable choice of aircraft with a fleet of over 4.5 million flight hours

This makes it a tried and true private jet which is highly-respected, all-around performer and an easy choice for business leaders who recognize great value.

The Challenger 605 Private Jet is perhaps its most successful line, has only become better with experience.

Because the original Challenger private jet was so successful, Bombardier continues to use its general design while incorporating up-to-date technology and improvements on well-received components.

challenger 605 cabin
The Challenger 605 is powered by two General Electric CF34-3B turbofan engines from the CF34 engine family that currently have over 80 million flight-hours.

Combined with the proven challenger aircraft airframe, these rugged, airliner-class powerplants set a new standard in corporate aviation for reliability and low maintenance costs.

The Challenger 605 Private Jet in which General Electric predicts the first unscheduled shop visit no sooner than 9,000 hours (on average), which is equivalent to 20 years of typical operation.

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The Challenger 605 Private Jet which has a wide cabin designed to provide passengers more all-around comfort, convenience and connectivity.

They not only have room to relax, they also have a space that encourages personal productivity and performance.

The CHALLENGER 605: It would be a challenge, pun intended, to fill the shoes of the "Challenger 604," the best-selling model in the heavy-iron category.

challenger 605, charter aircraft, private jets, private airplanes
The Challenger 605 aircraft is an impressive intercontinental corporate jet with outstanding mission flexibility.

The Challenger 605 customers’ comments and suggestions were at the forefront of the Challenger 605’s design, to create the ultimate "Private Jet" experience.

The Challenger 605 Private Jet start’s at $5,400 per hour and up. The Challenger 605 Private Jet.


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