The BBJ Max is the fourth generation of the BBJ Max family, with the primary change being the use of the larger and more efficient CFM International LEAP-1B engines and modifications to the airframe.

As of June 30, 2016, Boeing has 3,218 firm orders for the aircraft. The 737 MAX first flew on January 29, 2016, nearly 49 years after the maiden flight of the 737 on April 9, 1967; the MAX is scheduled for first delivery in 2017 with launch customer Southwest Airlines.

Boeing expects the 737 MAX to meet or exceed the range of the Airbus A320neo. The first 737 MAX aircraft is scheduled to be delivered in 2017.



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The Challenger 601 has one of the biggest and widest cabins in it's class.

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The Phenom 100E is the upgrade from the original Phenom 100.