As the bottom of the Citation XLS used market starts to approach the top of the Citation Excel market, it is a good idea to know the differences between the airplanes, as the XLS may be a better value due to the additional features on the airplane.

While not all visible to the untrained eye, there are a few differences that make the XLS a much more advanced airplane.

A new level of luxury, sophistication and style are available when you travel on the Citation Excel.

Take your business meetings to an entire higher level and let the interior of the Citation Excel be a polished and fine conference room.

Equipped with a roomy eight passenger cabin, fully reclining leather seats, a two-place side-facing couch, a private aft lavatory, a deluxe refreshment center and a large baggage capacity area, the Citation Excel has been carefully crafted to suit your specific business needs.

Your company will longer need to compromise comfort or style. Indulge yourself and let the Citation Excel take you on your next business ride.

For example, the Excel wing was developed from the Citation Ultras, and the fuselage is nearly the same as the Citation VII, which the Excel replaced.


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