The redesigned once more "ASTRA SPX was introduced in 1994 with new engines and winglets. Gulfstream eventually acquired the "SPX" and renamed it "G100" in 2001.


It is constructed almost entirely of conventional aluminum monocoque and integrates crucial drag-reducing winglets, a feature distinctive to the "SPX."
Its rectangular fuselage is identifiable on the ground as well as in the air, keeping frontal nose area to a minimum while maintaining a roomy cabin.
"The ASTRA SPX" relatively small cabin, 375 cubic feet, is typically configured in a club-and-a-half seating arrangement for six passengers.
However, it is certified for up to nine. Because of its design modifications, the cabin is able to accommodate an aft, full-width lavatory and a forward galley, and has a skylight window.
External baggage capacity is 42 cubic feet. Interior measurements are 4.8 feet wide, 17.1 feet long and a near unheard of height in a midsize jet of 5.6 feet.


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