The M2 is a brilliant recasting of the Citations Light Jets with a great air-frame with the latest quality-of-life upgrades.

On the outside, you can tell instantly that it’s an M2 and not a straight CJ thanks to the new wingtip extensions that are too subtle to be called “winglets.”

Inside M2 there are changes galore. Turn right upon entry through the classic CJ door, and you see the completely redesigned cabin.

Cessna Aircraft, the oldest member of the Textron Aviation family, is rebounding as a result of streamlined manufacturing processes, supply chain cost controls and expedited development of new products.

The biggest challenge was to win back market share by bringing new aircraft to market while keeping tight reins on development costs.

"Citation M2 Interior"

citation M2, private jet, charter aircraft
Fortunately, Cessna was business aviation’s long-time master of iteration.

It had a proven track record of developing low-risk, derivative models on lean budgets, making them more capable, more comfortable and less expensive to operate — thus boosting customer appeal.


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