cessna citation cj1 Plus

The CJ1+ needs only 3,250 ft. of runway when departing a sea-level, standard-day airport, and 5,890 ft. of pavement when departing B&CA’s 5,000‑ft. elevation, ISA+20C airport.

It can climb directly to FL 410 in 27 min. and cruise at 357-377 KTAS once level, depending upon weight and assuming ISA temperatures.

The aircraft is ideal for single-pilot operations and the upgrade to the FMS-3000 provides full 3-D navigation capability, including the ability to fly to published or pilot defined vertical waypoints.

Jeppesen electronic charts, SafeFlight angle-of-attack indexers and back-up FMS-3000 or Garmin GPS-500 are worthwhile options.

Stay with dual Collins FMS-3000 boxes and they’ll talk to each other.

But, the Garmin box is powered by the emergency battery buss, so it’s available in the event of a dual generator failure.

The cabin is 4.8-ft. wide with a rather narrow floor. All interior lights are long life LEDs. Each chair has a pair of cup holders in the side wall arm rail.

There is club seating for four with fore/aft and inboard/outboard chair movement and up to 45 degrees of seat back recline.

Another of the CJ1+’s strong points also contributes to its low operating cost: the simplicity (but reliability) of its flight systems. Its cockpit has been significantly improved from the CJ1 to offer the latest technology for situational awareness.


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