"Catering Services" of Any kind, Big or Small, we will have the Food and Drinks on the "Private Aircraft."

We also makes Premium Catering available on most flights at a nominal additional fee (depending upon both geographic availability and type of jet).

"Central Jet Charter Inc." will provide interested clients with information pertaining to all of its catering packages prior to departure.

Let us set up some really special catering for your "Private Charter Flight." "Private Charter Plane Cost" will include Special Catering at no extra charge in many cases.

Standard VIP catering is provided which is appropriate to the length of the flight and the time of day.

This would typically be a tray of sandwiches, fruit platter and pastries. On larger aircraft, hot food can be requested in advance, and the galley will usually have a microwave.

We have preferred catering providers for each airport location.

The catering will be arranged with Central Jet Charter Inc., and will be freshly delivered for your flight.

If Central Jet Charter Inc., members specifically request alternative catering arrangements, we can arrange this subject to time frame and availability.

it's possible to order any catering preferences and we will do everything possible to source and provide this.

If your flight is for a special occasion, it's also possible to arrange for special items such as having a birthday cake on board your private jet, flowers or other specialist.

Extra catering will usually involve an additional cost, quoted on request, but in many cases we will include it at no extra charge.

Alcohol is served on most aircraft, the exception being some flights within the Middle East. Tea, coffee and soft drinks are provided on all flights.

Champagne is available on some aircraft, and can be arranged on all aircraft by request.

On smaller executive jet aircraft, passengers usually help themselves to catering which will be laid out prepared.

Any regular airline passenger will tell you there is a special place in hell reserved for aero-plane food, but when you are paying upwards of $8,000 an hour to charter a large-cabin private jet, bad food is something that can no longer be excused.

There are a number of problems with serving food at 40,000 ft. For starters, your taste buds become less perceptive, as you lose your taste of salt by up to 50 per cent (although for newer private jets that have a lower atmospheric pressure, this is less of an issue).

A skilled chef can get around these problems by seasoning their food with sea salt, making better use of sauce and packing their recipes with rich flavor, using ingredients such as soy sauce, shiitake mushrooms and slow-cooked stocks.

Central Jet Charter Inc., will engage local restaurants and caterers wherever possible, expanding menu options and reducing the unnecessary expense of traditional airline commissaries

The standard stock on most jets is dry snacks, sodas and bottled water. There is typically no charge for these items.

They contract local airport catering companies to deliver the food to the jet just prior to departure.Airport catering companies offer a wide range of meals, and at the major airports, there are few requests that cannot be filled.


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