At the time, it was a revolutionary jet that was made possible by new 1,900-pound-thrust Williams FJ44-1A turbofan engines and a new laminar-flow wing perfected by Cessna.

With nearly straight wings, the CJ had relatively docile low-speed handling characteristics, a respectable top cruise speed of 381 KTAS and a range of 1,285 nm.

Right out of the gate, the CJ was certified for single-pilot operation, and it proved to be an instant hit with both owner-pilots and business operators.

In 2000, Cessna delivered the first CJ1, which added another 200 pounds of useful payload, and the CJ2, which stretched both the fuselage and the range.

The CJ3+ is equipped with a fully digital, dual-channel autopilot (AP) system equipped with many features for added safety, redundancy and reliability. Integrating data from the avionics system, the AP is built to inspire confidence while ensuring smoothness and comfort.

Recognizing the demand for even more room and range, Cessna also rolled out the first CJ3 in that same year.

The CJ3 featured FADEC, a stretched fuselage and more fuel capacity than the CJ2+.

The Citation-cj3+ cost's $3,000 per hour and up to charter and to buy it new would cost $4 million and up.

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