"100% Cost analysis of parts services and Maintenance Management. Maintenance tracking."

"All crew support services with full back ground check and drug testing."

"Fleet discount on Aircraft insurance by 20%."

"Hangar Services."

"Global handling."

"Contract fuel discounts."

"Monthly Private Aircraft activity report that includes all expenses and savings on parts, salary, payroll, Fuel, and maintenance."

"All services provided on credit basis as each Private Aircraft is provided with 100,000 USD credit monthly."

"Capability of managing Private Aircraft of any size and make."

aircraft management
Aircraft Management is something that we can do for you. We will show you a level of service that is impeccable and we can set up any type of Aircraft Management Program that suits your needs. Aircraft Management can be complex but we will work to help you manage your private jet.

"Oversight and Compliance: Stay ahead of intricate regulatory requirement savings in key operational areas."

"Protection and Confidentiality: Keep your flight activities private."

"Flight Operations: Operate your Aircraft with precision and efficiency."

"Risk Management: Find ways to reduce your operational, security, or financial risks."

"Flight Crew: Hire, train, and retain the best flight crew for all your missions."

"Finance Administration: Know where you stand financially with CJC at all times."

"Aircraft Maintenance: Make sure your aircraft is always in top flying condition."

We would love to help with your Aircraft Management so please contact us!

aircraft management services
Aircraft Management is something we can do for you, so please give us a try. You gain a 24/7 number providing direct access to your personal flight advisor.

"Management Services Available.

"Discounted fuel rates at some continental US FBO locations."

"Waived facility fees at some continental US FBO locations as well as at another large FBO chain."

"Reduced Aircraft insurance premiums through our extensive fleet policy with an industry leading insurance company."

"Discounted training programs with two of the major simulator providers."

"Preparation of monthly management reports and invoice reconciliation."

"Monthly Management summaries with detailed account analysis presenting all expenditures, revenues, fuel, maintenance, crew salaries, insurance and other associated costs."

"Maintenance discounts through some facilities."

"We will coordinate the details and ensure your Aircraft provides revenue instead of remaining idle."

Owning and operating a business jet is both costly and time-consuming. We can set it up so you can off set the cost by chartering the aircraft out during the times you are not using it.

aircraft management private planes
Aircraft Management with us gives you control to select the private aircraft of your choice with your personal flight adviser. We can do your aircraft management for you depending on the type of Aircraft you want.

Aircraft Management Services start’s at $200 per day and up. Aircraft Management Services.


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