The Falcon 50 is able to transport 8 to 9 passengers, non-stop from Palm Springs to Hawaii, and amazingly enough it is almost impossible to load the aircraft in such a manner that the aircraft weight and balance would not remain within center of gravity limits.

The Falcon 50 also is capable of amazing takeoff and landing performance, enabling it to operate in and out of short, high elevation airports with high temperatures, and is able to do so without sacrificing the fuel loading to achieve such performance.

"Falcon 50 Information"

"Spacious luggage facilities."
"8-10 seat configuration."
"Built in restroom."
"Long flight range."

The Falcon 50 EX is part of the super-mid jet class. It offers the range and comfort of a much larger jet.

With a sophisticated, large stand-up cabin, supple leather seats and a full-service mini galley, it provides exceptional travel enjoyment and comfort.

The 9 passenger seating configuration is generally laid out with, one four seat club arrangement and a separate section of two facing seats and a three-seat divan.

The Falcon 50EX is great for those trips that you need extra storage for your luggage with a total baggage capacity of 115 cu. Ft.

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