Central Jet Charter Inc.

Central Jet Charter Inc.
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Thursday, August 3, 2017

"ENGAGEMENT" Client referred to herein as “Client” or “you” hereby engages "Central Jet Charter Inc." New York City, New York, to act as a broker to arrange for the charter services described on the Quote, and Charter Itinerary. The Standard Terms and conditions are annexed on behalf of the Client from third party certified air carriers operating under Part 135 of the Federal Aviation Administration herein (FAA) Regulations (Section 14, Code of Federal Regulations).

2. "RESERVATIONS AND CANCELLATIONS" (a) All requests for services are subject to acceptance by "Central Jet Charter Inc." hereby expressly reserves the right to accept or reject any reservation at any time for any reason, or for no reason at all whatsoever. You Charter Itinerary will be delivered by email from Central Jet Charter Inc. providing a confirmation number and the details of the trip. There will also be a quote with the details of the trip and credit card authorization form which Authorizes us to charge the clients credit card if payment is not received. The itinerary will provide the specific dates and times of departure of the trip, flight segments, and specific time of departure for both legs, the aircraft type, and other requests specified by you when booking your flight. You will be requested to sign and return a copy of the Charter Quote and Credit card Authorization form along with this binding Charter Broker Agreement. You will be requested to sign this Charter Broker Agreement signifying confirmation of its contents and consent to the quote, credit card authorization form and to these Standard Terms and Conditions.