The 400A won FAA certification in June 1990, and deliveries began in November of that year. "The BEECHJET 400."CENTRAL JET CHARTER Inc. "Beechjet 400."

A number of optional or unavailable features on the "Beechjet 400A" became standard on the 400XP, including a 200-pound gross-weight increase, a nine-passenger seating arrangement, thrust reversers, vapor cycle air conditioning, TCAS II, and an emergency locator transmitter.

beechjet 400 private jet flights
By the mid-2000s, more than 400 were in "Private Jet Service." However, limited range and hot-and-high performance indicated that a re-engining program might be warranted. At can be chartered for $2400 an hour and up.

With these luxurious, powerful, and practical features combined, the Beechjet 400 confidently extends to you the vast number of non-commercial airports, with luxury and ease.


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