This jet is a flawless union of technology and design. The very latest in user-friendly features complement the Legacy 450’s stylish and comfortable interior perfectly. Optimally placed windows and ergonomic seating are only the start.

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"State-of-the-art avionics, with superior capabilities and functionalities."
"Full fly-by-wire flight controls: unique in its class."
"Dark and quiet philosophy."
"Paperless operations capable."
"Large displays and cleaner cockpit design with side sticks."
"Ready for the upcoming CNS/ATM requirements."
With a high speed cruise of Mach 0.82, the Legacy 450 is the fastest mid-light jet in the air. It’s also capable of taking-off and landing on shorter runways, giving you more access to more airports around the world.

It has Standard: 7 passengers, or an Optional: Up to 9 passengers including optional items, such as forward 2-place divan, belted toilet and forward side facing seat. Wet or dry galley.

Seats are available with optional lumbar adjustment, heating, massage, leg rest and flexible wing.


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