JET RENTAL" is a great option in a "Hawker 4000." To give the "Hawker 4000" a competitive edge, Hawker Beechcraft selected a carbon fiber fuselage, making the "Hawker 4000" the first "private jet" to use one.

"Hawker 4000’s" closest competitor, the "Challenger 300," is so similar in many areas that it seems the two "private jets" were designed with the other in mind. "Central Jet Charter Inc."

"RENT a PRIVATE JET" in the "Hawker 1000" and you get a cabin that is one of he most spacious n the "Super mid-size jet" Category. The interior of the Hawker 4000 measures 29.5 feet long, 6 feet high, and 6.5 feet wide. At can be chartered for $4,050 per hour and up.



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